Dr. Yonghui Wang Associate Professor Department of Engineering Technology

Dr. Yonghui Wang
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering Technology
Explore Computer Vision and Embedded Computing
From literatures, computer vision is defined as a field that includes methods for acquiring,
processing, analyzing, and understanding images and, in general, high-dimensional data from the
real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g., in the forms of decisions.
The key technology in computer vision is object detection. Image/Video object detection is the
process to find real-world objects such as vehicles, faces, etc. in images or videos. Object
detection algorithms typically use extracted features and learning algorithms to recognize
instances of an object category. It is commonly used in applications such as image retrieval,
security, and surveillance systems. Object detection in image/video involves verifying the
presence of an object in image sequences and possibly locating it precisely for recognition. In
this project, students will have the opportunity to work on designing computer vision systems
based on both general computers and embedded systems. Students will be involved in all the
stages of designing a computer vision system, especially an embedded computer vision platform.
Such platform will be based on popular embedded boards, such like Raspberry Pi, and will be
served as testing platforms for future teaching and research activities. Specifically, first, students
will study and select hardware components, including embedded system boards and cameras,
based on various applications; second, students will research learn how to program the embedded
boards; and third, students will work on construction of computer vision system with the selected
hardware and software.
Expected outcomes:
After the project, students will 1) get familiar with computer vision technology; 2) understand
the principles of operation and the methods of application for embedded boards and camera; and
3) be able to design a simple embedded computer vision system.