Minutes 2011 Sustainability Council

Minutes 2011
Sustainability Council
March 11, 2010
10:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.
UC - Cardinal Room
Energy Management Updates:
$717K ARRA grant – retro-commission HFR Administration – Ads for bids 3/23/11
Performance Contracting – SCO approval, finalizing contracts
Updates from the group?
 Schlittentag Showdown – Recycle Sled Competition – Spring 2011 – First Big Snow – Where’s the Snow?!
http://www.wcu.edu/12579.asp. Where’s the snow?
 Recycle Mania 2011 – weekly updates on 90.5 FM
 Save the Date! Earth & Wellness Day 2011 – live music, zumba, wellness area, health screening, vendors, local
farmers (produce & CSAs), corn hole, ladder ball, free food (Aramark), 90.5, WCU orgs., hula hooping and more!
Ideas from Council: - Promote local farmers market on campus.
- Send invite via meeting request to faculty & staff.
- Tomato plastic bottle planting activity provided by S. Council or Eco CATS.
- Send out volunteer signup sheet for S. Council table.
- Send Sauna Young information about event to promote for family weekend.
- Talked about moving Schlittentag Showdown to boat race in Reid Gym pool. Nicole Parrish
from CRC mentioned that outside boats are not allowed in pool. There are strict rules against
contaminants in the pool
 More Facility Tours in Spring – New Health Building (May max 6)
Subcommittee Updates: No updates. Groups did not meet during meeting.
 Programming & Outreach
 Education & Academic Integration
 Planned & Natural Environment
Idea Bank – divided by subcommittee:
 Programming & Outreach - awareness programs, campus events, etc.
o Education & behavior change
o Create list of service opportunities
o Create a WCU sustainability policy
 Education & Academic Integration – academic curriculum
o Course offering data collection
o Get more faculty involved
o Working w/ Faculty Center to offer green work shops
o Use meeting schedule template for fall to adapt to faculty schedules.
 Planned & Natural Environment – waste reduction & recycling, green building, dining services, energy
management, operations & maintenance, etc.
o Review existing policies (Pay for Print & Purchasing)
o Virtual green tour
o Goodwill trailer at move out
o Water quality advocacy