FYE Scavenger Hunt
FYE Transitions: Fall 2015
Go to the following locations/do the following activities, take a
picture/video, and hashtag it #DiscoverCollegeWCU and then
tag @WCU_FYE to earn points.
The contest begins at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, August 18th and ends at 5:00 pm on Saturday, August
22. No points will count prior to 8pm on Tuesday evening. The team to earn the most points in
the shortest in the allocated time will win.
If you have questions, contact the First Year Experience office via email -- [email protected]
The winning team will win gift bags with tons of WCU bling and fun!
1. Form a team of at least 5 members from your FYE transition class.
2. Set up an Instagram account for your team and give it a team name.
3. Send an email notice of your intent to compete to: [email protected] and make sure to include
the name of your team and the name & section number of your class. Eg:
a. USI 130-section #
b. USI 101- section #
c. COUN 140- section #
d. LEAD 15X
4. For points to count, you must
 use the hashtag: #DiscoverCollegeWCU
 and the tag: @WCU_FYE
 Include your team name
5. You do not have to go in order on the list.
6. You cannot leave anyone in your team behind---all team members must travel together.
7. Do not post pictures/videos with vulgar symbols or anything else—that will not start your
academic year or record well.
8. Include the number of the activity in the caption of the photo. (Ex: Running through the
fountain is #40)
9. Not everyone has to be in every picture, (we know one of you needs to be the photographer
– but take turns! All team members must be in some photos)
10. Do NOT drive to locations.
11. Do NOT go off campus.
12. Do NOT run out in front of cars…..look both ways.
13. If doors are locked, do NOT enter them.
14. If someone included is busy, do NOT interrupt them.
15. Be safe and make good choices as you DISCOVER COLLEGE
16. Be creative, supportive, and smile.
Double Points If You…. (2 points)
Make a pyramid
Climb the tree
If you make Catamount Claws
Photo (1 point)
End zone of the Football Field
Find the hiking trail
Go to the catamount in the front entrance (Stay
on the sidewalk!)
Go under the Blue Ridge/Balsam arch
Find the spot where Ronnie Carr took the first
NCAA 3 point shot
Run up the Ramsey center stairs
Find the FYE office
Find the volleyball court at the village
Find the oldest academic building on campus
Find the hunter library
Go to the bridge over the highway
Find the intramural fields
Go to the truck tunnel entrance of Ramsey
Go to the outside of the bird building
Go to the Campus Rec center
Go to intercultural affairs – outside the door
Go to the track
Go to the pond at Norton
Go to the EMS base
Find a study room
Walk the whole way across
You pretend to play baseball
Yell go cats
Do a yoga pose
Video 5 people doing jumping jacks
Hug a friend
Video two people racing 400 m
stick your toes in
Take a picture with the ambulance – but do
NOT Touch the ambulance
Get the officer to take a picture with you
Find your residence hall on the map and point
to it in the photo.
Spell out WCU with your arms – standing
outside on the steps.
Spell WCU with your body
Jump in the picture
If you get a picture with the lifeguard
Wear a western shirt
If they have a Chaco tan
Get in with them (with their permission!)
Video your best radio voice
They are an alumni
Take a picture with art
Play frisbee
Read your Wes Moore book in front of the
building --- outside on steps
Pretend you are all in a car
Pet the dog (with permission only!)
Knock on the door
The CatTran is there
Sit on the balcony
Take a picture with the elephant or giraffe
Triple points if you run through it
20. Find a police car on campus
21. Find the visitor center
22. Go to the HFR Administration Building
Go to Breese gym
Go to the bell tower
Find the Reid pool
Find the bookstore
Find a person wearing Chacos, not in your group
Find a person in a eno hammock
Find the home of the campus radio
Find a person wearing a WCU shirt, not in your
31. Go to the Bardo Arts Center
32. Go to the picnic grounds
33. Find OneStop
Find one of the Freshman parking lots
Find a person with a dog
Find the cabin beside the softball field
Find a CatTran Stop
Go to the UC
Go to the quad
Go to the fountain (save for last)
Video singing the fight song
You pretend to shoot from that spot
Take a video with a Rocky moment
Have Glenda Hensley take the picture with you
Make a sand castle
Read your Wes Moore book in front of it