Special Report

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Special Report
Please remind your students of the many resources in place to help them succeed and to prepare for their
second semester of college and to attend a very special opportunity on Tuesday afternoon--ReCalibrate Your Compass! --- Tuesday - October 23, 4-6pm at the Catafount!
We are half-way through the semester, and it's time to help your students ReCalibrate their Compasses! Do your
students need a refresher on the campus services that will help them finish out the semester strong? They can
receive priceless information from the Advising Center, Career Services, First-Year Experience, Math Tutoring
Center, Service Learning Center, Writing & Learning Commons, Library, Residential Life, and Technology
Commons along with FREE food, prizes, and more! Please encourage your students attend!
The Writing & Learning Commons
The Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) is now located in Belk 207. Please review the “WaLC Tutor
Assignments” document to see a complete list of our outstanding student staff and their specialty areas.
Advising Day is October 30!
The approved list of Liberal Studies courses, as well as other resources about Liberal Studies, is available here.
Liberal Studies Advising Workshop sessions are now scheduled for this semester. This one-hour workshop
will cover the basics of the Liberal Studies program and is designed especially for new advisors and others
who feel they may need a refresher on the program before we begin advising students for spring semester.
Contact Steve Baxley to register for one of the two sessions, both held in Killian Annex 136:
 Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 8-9:30 a.m., or
 Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 3:30-5 p.m.
The First-year Seminar: Freshmen may enroll in a first year seminar during the fall or spring semester of their
first year. We enrolled freshmen in either a first year seminar (<prefix> 190-199 course), OR ENGL 101 during
their first semester and will enroll them in the other course (FYS or ENGL 101) in the spring.
Note: ENGL 202 (formerly 102) is now a second year composition course.
Student Leadership
A full list of all clubs and organizations recognized through the Student Government
Association and Office of Leadership and Student Involvement can be found on
OrgSync at: https://orgsync.com/browse_orgs/138. We encourage all students
and Faculty/Staff Advisors to join OrgSync so that they can browse RSO’s and
become familiar with opportunities on campus. Register at www.OrgSync.com.
Front Line
Paul Loeb to Lecture -- October 24 --- 6:00-7:30 pm in the UC Theatre
“Paul Loeb is one of the most widely and well respected activist-scholars involved in American education. His
book - Soul of a Citizen - is, for millions of readers, a can’t-put-it-down read. Take a quick glance at his website:
http://www.paulloeb.org/index.html. I deeply encourage you to include yourselves and your students in his
visit. I also recommend this recent co-authored article to you and your students: ‘My Vote Doesn’t Matter’ (by
Paul Loeb, Alexander Astin, and Parker Palmer) from Inside Higher Ed.” Courtesy of Marsha Lee Baker
Optional instructional support:
The C&C Steering Committee has composed two assignments (to save you time) that could be included
in your class. Please visit Paul Loeb Assignments to view:
FYE Message Board:
E-publication for first-year students and with contributions by first-year students
This e-publication provides timely information (one message) each week to help students
stay current and to foster a successful transition to college. This week we launch a new
addition that has been in the making since school began in August. Students from Brad
Reisinger’s English 101 class have been busy visiting and writing reviews for local restaurants, shops, and places
to go. What a wonderful way to introduce students to our local area and engage them in critical thinking and
writing! We will publish student reviews (about 2 per week) in the FYE Message Board each Monday. Please
encourage your students to read what their peers have to say. Perhaps your students will want to be published
for something they have to share (not only reviews). I use the weekly tip, for example, as a small ‘Class pass’
homework assignment – students must read and respond to the latest weekly post. Let’s get students talking to
each other and writing about their journey!
FYE Message Board is published each Monday here: http://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/PDFs/fyemessenger.pdf
Announcing: The Classroom Speakers Catalog
Good news for FYE instructors looking to inject some
outside perspectives into their courses. The Coulter
Faculty Commons is pleased to introduce The
Classroom Speakers Catalog.
The CSC is a web resource that will allow instructors to
search the many talented and diverse Classroom
Speakers that the WCU community has to offer. It also
represents a venue for those same Speakers to
advertise their availability and expertise.
Prospective Classroom Speakers are encouraged to contact the CSC, so that this exciting new tool can continue
to grow to represent the multitude of experts in the campus community. Instructors are encouraged to take a
look at the CSC’s website, browse the available speaking topics, and find a voice that will bring something
valuable and new to students new to the university.
The CORE --- Service defines who we are
FOCUS – First-year Opportunities for Community & University Service
FOCUS was launched to make service opportunities easily available to first-year students – to help them
understand that is part of who we are as Catamounts. There is still time to engage your fall classes. WCU has
purchased thousands of bulbs, now ready for fall planting. What better way to enjoy the rewards of their
stewardship than to see new flowers next spring that they planted this fall! To learn more about involving your
class, please contact Jennifer Cooper in the Center for Service Learning, [email protected]
Make a Difference Day (Saturday, October 27th, various locations)
Make a Difference Day will be the last Day of Service of the fall semester—if your students will be doing service
for your class, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to get involved. A variety of projects will be scheduled
throughout the morning. For more information or to sign up, please contact Jennifer Cooper at
[email protected]
Construction Management Program in Action
“Several students in Western Carolina University’s construction management program
working with Robert Ford, visiting assistant professor, have had their hands full with handson service learning in the Western North Carolina community this year. WCU’s long
relationship with The Community Table led to opportunities to help frame out an herb
garden plot by the kitchen at its new facility on Central Street in Sylva across from Poteet
To learn more, please read the full article by Keith Brenton in his Reporter article here
This Week & Next
Election Happenings *Updates brought to you by the Citizenship and Civility initiative
 10/22-11/1- EARLY VOTING – Catran shuttle to Jackson County Polls running from 10:00 a–5:00 pm
departing from behind the UC (look for a “marked Catran” can’t miss it) – no excuses, vote like a champ
 10/22- 8:30p Obama vs. Romney – Final presidential debate starts at 8:30 pm in the UC Theater
 10/23- 7:00p Rogers vs. Meadows – Congressional Debate for the 11th District of North Carolina starts at
7:00 pm in the UC Theater must have a ticket.
 10/24- 6:00p Paul Loeb – Author, Scholar, and Expert of Citizenship & Civility--6:00 pm in the UC Theater
 10/25- 5:30p Voter Education Program – Starts at 5:30 pm in the Blue Ridge Multi-Purpose room
 10/27 – Make a Difference Day! Join us for the last Day of Service of the fall semester!
 11/1- 8:00p Mock Debate – Come see the “campus” Republicans and Democrats debate their party’s
platforms! Starts at 8:00 pm in the Turner Auditorium
 11/6- SHUTTLE VOTING – Catran shuttle to Jackson County Polls running from 9:00 a–6:00 p departing
from behind the UC (look for the “marked Catran” can’t miss it) – no excuses, vote like a champ
 11/6- 7:00p Election Watch Party –Food, drinks, games, and fun -- Starts at 7:00 pm, location TBD
 11/6-7- Why did you vote? –All day Nov. 6-7 at the Catafount!
20 Annual Adventure Education Conference
Friday the 2nd November here at WCU. Registration is $25 and this covers breakfast and lunch. There will be a
mixture of indoor and outdoor workshops, a keynote speech, exhibiters and door prizes. Organized by: The
Parks and Recreation Majors Club. Contact Maurice Phipps for more information.
Career Services
 WCU Graduate School and Fall Career Day, Thursday, October 25th, 2012, 2-5pm, UC Grand Room;
 Health Sciences Career Fair, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, 4-6pm, UC Grand Room:
Please click on this link to access the list of participating companies/institutions. Contact Career Services
CEO Reminders
Student Life Calendar: For a complete listing of what's going on for students from intramurals, to concerts and
lectures, to organizations, arts and culture, and so much more....
Events Calendar: Information on arts and culture at WCU - plays, concerts, art exhibits, films, and more...
Service Learning: Current Events
ACE: Arts and Cultural Events Calendar
IT Training & Workshops: Calendar - For upcoming training and events, including Black Board, eBriefcase, and
more and make sure to note Blackboard day on September 6th
Potty Times: PEAKS communication with FY students. For more information, contact Laura Ansley.
“North Carolina Glass 2012: In Celebration of 50 Years of Studio Glass in America”
from Sunday, Oct. 28, through Friday, Feb. 1 hosted by WCU’s Fine Art Museum
Reception at the Fine Art Museum (in the Bardo Arts Center)
Sunday, October 28th from 2:00pm-5:00pm
“‘Snow Apples,’ solid glass with murrinis and lattacino on etched glass and steel
bases by Richard Ritter (16 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches, 2010), is one of the works on exhibit at ‘North Carolina Glass 2012.’
Ritter is one of three artists in the upcoming show who also exhibited in the 1974 inaugural show. …. Gallery
talks will include “Early Years in Studio Glass” (2:45 p.m.) by Fritz Dreisbach, who spent time at WCU in 1974 as a
visiting artist and built a glass furnace on campus; and “The North Carolina Glass Exhibit Series” (3:30 p.m.) by
Joan Falconer Byrd, WCU professor of art who curated the show with museum interim director Denise Drury.
Dreisbach also will hold glass-blowing demonstrations from 10 a.m.-noon and 3-6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 29, at the
Jackson County Green Energy Park in Dillsboro. All events are free and open to the public.” To read more about
this exhibit, please visit the full story in the Reporter here.
Join the Bag It movement and decide for yourself how plastic your life will be.
November 13th at 7:30pm in the University Center Theatre. Q&A after film with actor, Jeb Berrier and free
refreshments to follow. Part of the 2012-2013 Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers Bag It has
been garnering awards at film festivals across the nation. What started as a documentary about plastic bags
evolved into a wholesale investigation into plastics and their effect on our waterways, oceans, and even our
bodies. Information at ACE.wcu.edu and bagitmovie.com .
International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and
exchange worldwide. If you or your department is interested in a presentation, contact Chris Pedo.
Resource File
Blackboard --- reference and participate in the Transition Pathways Course site....
Education Briefcase – resources and information for students and for faculty and
staff looking to use eB in your course.
First-Year Seminar: Liberal Studies – resource guide for faculty teaching the
first-year seminar …
Transition Pathways: An instructor resource - resource guide for FYE
transition course instructors …
CFC on the Web --- help with teaching, technology, and more--- helping you do
what you do better!
FYE on the Web --- many resources and network links to help you along the way …..
QEP on the Web --- discover the possibilities - find the resources you need - find
your path.....
OrgSync -- https://orgsync.com/login/western-carolina-university --- the place for student clubs and
organizations and other co-curricular opportunities ..
FYE Message Board – A weekly e-journal for students with content provided by WRCS students.
The intent is to engage students in the conversation of learning and experience – with each other!
TRANSITION PATHWAYS: The Blackboard Commons: If you teach an FYE Transition course, you will see it
on your Blackboard menu under organizations. Questions: contact Glenda Hensley at [email protected]
The Education Briefcase (eB) is now open to ALL undergraduate students!
For information please contact Nory Prochaska, Chair of the eBriefcase Implementation
Team, or Freya Kinner in the Coulter Faculty Commons. For general information about eB, visit
the website. See the feature by Nory Prochaska in the FYE Journal on page 4.
The next regular publication date is November 5, 2012 --- please let me know if you want to share updates
about programs, events, or other opportunities for teaching and learning in FYE!
Glenda Hensley, FYE Director