Deans’ Council Meeting September 4, 2014

Deans’ Council Meeting
September 4, 2014
Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, S. Rosenberg, E. Saiff, S. Rice, L. Chakrin, S. Perry. L.
Siecke, C. Romano.
Academic Integrity Procedure
Vice Provost proposes a revision to the procedure to make explicit how members are chosen
and trained for service on the board. Deans were in approval of this change. Vice Provost will
take the proposed change to Provost’s Council.
Suggestion to update link to library website: Citation Manuals and Style Guides.
IRB - and policies governing the use of human subjects or animals in research – deans would
like to be informed of approvals given and students involved in the study. The Provost agreed
to have a notice of approved IRB projects sent to the deans.
2014-15 Academic Plan and Flex Statement
Provost asked deans if they wanted to revise the FLEX statement.
Discussion of criteria; Deans felt that definition is too broad -- Provost agreed to have S.
Rosenberg and S. Rice rework the statement and make a proposal to Deans’ Council.
The academic plan must be completed once all unit plans are in. Target date is the end of
October. A retreat will have to be scheduled to make sure that all this semester’s plans are in
Future Meeting topics
Cahill – Information on Co-ops and resume approval by school.
GE Task Force II –update
Reports from task forces on Faculty Development and Instructional Technology
Surveys (NSEE, Delaware, CLA etc.) update and review and discussion of data s
N. Salter and data from new faculty orientation.
Registrar Updates and timeliness of review of graduation applications.
New degree audit system
Sharing Legislative updates
Planning Calendar that is completed by September 1 with goals and outcomes.
Faculty taskforce on Data Analysis