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Yes, I would like to become a member of
The Killian Society
As a member of the Killian Society, I commit to
contribute $125 per year for five years.
making an impact
Alumni who graduated within the past five years may join Killian
Society by making a gift of $25 for five years.
On the other side, indicate the scholarship to which
your donations will be directed.
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WCU Office of Development
Attn: Jamie Raynor
201 H.F. Robinson | Cullowhee, NC 28723 |
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WCU is a University of North Carolina campus and an Equal Opportunity Institution | 16-236
College of Education
and Allied Professions
“I took my job as head of the department most seriously. It occurred
to me that if we could improve what is going on in the public school,
improve the learning process by just one percent — what this could
do for our country and the world? This was the spirit that makes
me want to stay at this school — the fact that everywhere the
opportunity for trying out new ideas was unlimited.”
Dr. Carl Dan Killian
__ Carl Dan Killian Memorial *
Teacher Education
Dr. Carl Dan Killian Sr. became head of the education and
psychology department at Western Carolina Teacher’s College
in 1935. The Killian Building is named for him. In celebration of
Western Carolina University’s 125th anniversary, the College
of Education and Allied Professions launched a campaign to
honor Dr. Killian and all those who proceeded and followed him
in making an impact on teaching and in the allied professions in
western North Carolina, across our state, and across the nation.
The Killian Society will be made up of individuals who believe
in the goals of the College of Education and Allied Professions
and who have committed to donate $125 per year for five
years (a total of $625) for scholarships for students majoring
in programs in the College. This relatively modest goal of
individuals committing only about $10.50 per month for five
years shows the power of what we can do when we work
together. If 125 people join the Killian Society and commit to
donating $125 per year at the end of our five year goal, we will
have generated over $78,000 for student scholarships.
There is already evidence of a growing commitment to
providing scholarships for students in the College. To date
there are 56 fully endowed scholarships that are providing
awards to students in the College. Additionally, there are two
scholarships building towards endowment. Members of the
Killian Society will be able to designate to which scholarship
their contributions will go.
WCU Foundation | 828.227.7124
__ Gurney & Ann Chambers
__ Mary Alice Gambill Shuford &
Dr. David F. Shuford
__ Ed & Bertha Henson Reed
__ Region 1A NC Retired
School Personnel
__ Duane & Wanda Reid
__ Michael Dougherty Family
__ Robert Lee & Ella Richards
Madison __ Katherine R. Reich &
Emma H. Russ __ William A. & Patricia L. Ledford
__ Stephanie Stow
__ Morrill Family Fund
for Research
__ Soaring High
__ Jessie Lindsay & John
Donivan Hales
__Dr. Janice H. Holt
__ Teach for Tomorrow
__ Beta Lambda Sorority
__ Reagan Lee Hartley
__ Lee C. Phoenix Memorial
Honors College
__ Lewis J. Smith
__ Henry Galloway
__ William and Inez Smith
Math and Science Education
__ Dwight & Jessie Ryland
__ Genevieve & E. J. Whitmire
__ John & Anna McFadden
Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
__ Guy and Jo Edith Burchfiel
__ Dixie L. & Miles S. McGinty
Inclusive/Special Education
__ Little E. J. Whitmire
__ Jane Schulz
__ Betty Jo & Mark A. Knott
__ Steven C. Jones
__ Rosemary Cameron
__ Kevin J. Bradshaw
__ Dr. John Franklyn Jacobs
Health and Physical Education
__ Otto Spilker
__ Women in Physical Education
__ Claxton Family
Elementary and Middle Grades
__ Capps Family Memorial
__ Elizabeth “Beth”
Tyson Lofquist __ Fanny Green Yost
__ Linda Reep
__ Myrtle Olivia Whitmire
__ Pamela M. Sekulow
__ Rachel R. Williams Sweet
__ Taft B. & Malvery
__ Ed & Bertha Henson Reed
__ Carolyn West
__ L. Milton Hauser
__ Carole Hearn Curtis
__ Mary Deck “Break by the Lake”
__ Daniel L. Saddler
Gifted, Creative and Innovative
__ Sharon Dole, Ph.D.
Early Childhood Special
__ Hoyt & Lora Ponder
__ Linda Elaine Glenn
__ Hedy & Vanessa White
__ John H. Wakeley
Human Service Training
__ Mary & Charles Wayte
Parks and Recreation
__ Phipps, Tholkes, Singleton *
* denotes scholarships that have
not yet reached the minimum
endowment level.