First Year Experience at WCU 2012-13 Glenda Hensley, Director

First Year Experience at WCU
Glenda Hensley, Director
In the big picture…
Carol Burton
(Assistant VC for
Ricky Lanning
Mardy Ashe (Director
of Career Services)
Jessica Ross (NonWork Study Student
Peggy Tompkins
Mike Despeaux
(Associate Director of
Career Services)
Chesney Reich
(Director of Writing &
Learning Commons)
April Perry
(Interim Associate
Director of Writing &
Learning Commons)
Glenda Hensley
(Director of First-Year
Janina DeHart
(Coordinator of
Academic Success
Carrie Hachadurian
Nory Prochaska
(Director of Math
Tutoring Center)
Lane Perry
(Director of Service
Jennifer Cooper
(Assistant Director of
Service Learning)
Jen Nickel
David Goss (Director
of Undergraduate
Dryman(Coordinator of
NC Campus Compact)
Steve Baxley
(Associate Director of
8 Academic Advisors
Robert Boylan
Office for Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Studies is a unit of The Office of the Provost.
Administrative oversight for the following programs and units:
– Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Implementation
– Liberal Studies Program
– eBriefcase
– Advising Center
– Career Services
– Center for Service Learning
– First Year Experience
– Math Tutoring Center
– Writing and Learning Commons
FYE Mission
The Office of First Year Experiences aims to foster opportunities that will
empower students to not only succeed with their transition to college life, but
to also discover a passion for learning as they become the co-creators of their
collegiate experience.
We will collaborate with the WCU community and with the regional
community to enhance our students’ pride of place, civic responsibility, and
sense of connectivity as they discover the intersections along their
educational pathway.
We aim to facilitate conversations and partnerships among faculty, staff, and
students that engage productive conversations and challenge us to action
with intentionality and purpose.
FYE Goals
• Foster opportunities and environments for a successful and
holistic college experience for our students.
• Facilitate collaboration and partnerships among faculty and
staff that is inclusive of diverse perspectives.
• Focus students towards intentionality – in the classroom and
• Facilitate integrated and engaged initiatives aimed to
enhance students’ ability to synthesize learning experiences.
FYE Overview
The Office of First Year Experiences aims to foster a holistic approach that will
empower students to succeed as they transition to college life and discover a
passion for learning.
Access & Success
Communication Networks
Guides on the Side
Holistic Learning & Experience Model
First-year Academics
Co-Curricular Opportunities
Personal Development & Wellness
Celebration and Engagement
ASP – First Generation – Learning Contracts
Academic Success Program (ASP)
Many institutions offer transition programs that allow students to begin their college
experience early and receive additional support.
ASP begins with a six week summer program offered to conditionally admitted students.
This program is designed to foster a successful transition to college life and enhance
the first-year experience.
Students earn seven hours of course credit during the program and are involved in an array
of exciting activities that include service learning, class field trips, and workshops.
ASP empowers students to maintain high standards in their academic and personal life
and holds them accountable for demonstrating attitudes and behaviors that are
congruent with their goals and values.
First Generation - First Year
• First generation students comprise approximately 26% of the
first-year enrollment.
• Support for these students is not new to WCU.
• Coordinated campus-wide support planned with
collaboration and intentionality is our goal.
A steering committee has been charged to document the
current status of support, assess needs, identify options, and
prepare recommendations for an enhanced and coordinated
effort to support these students.
Learning Contracts
• A program for first-year students on probation at the end of
their first semester.
• Administered by Undergraduate Studies.
• Supported in collaboration with the office of Academic
Initiatives in Residential Living.
• The goal is to improve our retention and student persistence;
to help these students gain control of their academic career
and make the changes necessary to succeed in college.
FYE Journal – Notepad – Message Board – Website – Phone
News for FY folks
Communication is Key
• FYE Journal is an annual publication intended to capture
highlights of the year gone by and a offer a glimpse of what is
to come.
• FYE Notepad is an electronic newsletter for faculty and staff
of first-year courses – a bi-monthly.
• FYE Message Board is an electronic newsletter for FY
students – it is a weekly publication.
• The FYE website aims to provide in depth information and
resources for students, families, faculty, and staff.
• Western Calling U! – a new initiative this fall with the goal to
contact each and every FY student individually.
Guides – Goals - Guarantees
Guides – the FYE Cabinet
• Who we are…. The FYE Cabinet is a body of committed
faculty and staff who share the common focus of "studentcentered " in intent, goals, actions, outcomes.
• What is our function?….
o Foster opportunities and environments for a successful
and holistic college experience.
o Facilitate collaboration and partnerships.
o Focus students towards intentionality – in the classroom
and beyond.
o Model live-long learning within the spirit of collaboration.
Academic Affairs
Administrative Oversight: Carol Burton - Assistant Vice Chancellor for
Undergraduate Studies
Cabinet Chair: Glenda Hensley - Director for First Year Experience
Undergraduate Student Representative: Gabby Robinson
Janina Dehart - Academic Success Program
Will Shivers - Advising
Mardy Ashe - Career Services
Jennifer Cooper - Service Learning
Nory Prochaska - USI Coordinator + Math Tutoring Center
Robert Crow - Coulter Faculty Commons
John Habel - PSY Faculty + ALC + FYS
Margaret Bruder - English Faculty + ALC + FYS
Rebecca Lasher - Social Work Faculty + USI
Murat Yazan - WRCS Dir. + ASP + EB +FYS
Student Affairs
Administrative Oversight: Sam Miller - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Stephanie Sue Helmers - Academic Initiatives, Residential Living
Patrick Frasier - Admissions
Josh Whitmore - Base Camp, Outdoor Recreation
Brian Boyer - Case Manager Residential Living
James Felton -Intercultural Affairs
Tacquice Wiggan - Leadership + LEAD Coordinator
Tammy Haskett - Orientation
Mandy Dockendorf - Recreation & Wellness
Laura Ansley - PEAKS
Arika Morison - Counseling
Justin Barker - ARC, GA in Residential Living
FYE Learning Goals
Discover College:
Adapt to new environments and responsibilities - discover
and use the resources available to you!
Be Involved:
Identify and act upon your role and responsibility as an engaged
citizen - be an active participant in your learning experiences!
Connect the Dots:
Connect your personal interests and abilities, academics,
and co-curricular activities as you make sense of the world.
Think First:
Identify complex issues or problems – evaluate your options to
make an informed decision - reflect on the implications of your choice.
Exchange Ideas:
Communicate appropriately and respectfully in a variety of
formats and contexts.
Calibrate Your Compass:
Examine your values and goals - take
responsibility for your own learning and development - act with integrity.
FYE Bookmark Journey
Lesson Objective:
To help students discover
and use campus resources
and networks.
Student Learning Goal:
Discover College!
Bookmark--- (Definition):
To mark your place; enable you to remember
important parts; enable you to return with ease
Guarantee – Assessment of the FYE
• The assessment plan was developed by the FYE Cabinet
during 2011-12 and includes a full data audit.
• The first round of analysis will be complete this year.
• It is a cyclical model designed to assess the fullness of the
first year learning experience from a theoretical and practical
perspective using multiple data streams across programs and
across units.
• It is designed to be responsive and to keep its focus on what
is in the best interest of students to enhance their college
experience and intended outcomes.
Classroom – Community - Celebration
The Classroom
The Office of First Year Experiences aims to foster a holistic approach that will empower
students to succeed as they transition to college life and discover a passion for
First Year Academics
• First Year Seminars
• Transition Pathways Courses
• Learning Communities
FOCUS: FYE Service & Learning --- Citizenship & Civility
First-year Opportunities for Community & Campus Service
To authentically engage students in
meaningful service learning and civic
engagement experiences during their first
weeks of college and to continue to build
on the foundation through meaningful
service to their campus community as well
as to the local community
Student Learning Goal:
Be Involved
Outcomes of the first FYE Day of Service
In all we had 141 first-year student volunteers, 13 staff members,
and 3 student workers helping with 7 projects.
These groups
helped 43 people register to vote;
wrote 124 letters and cards to soldiers, veterans, & senior citizens;
picked up thousands of cigarette butts and other pieces of trash;
helped finish a section of our new multi-use trail;
planted flags to increase awareness of the Red Zone campaign;
weeded overgrown sections of the campus garden; and
documented the volunteers and their projects on video.
EYE on FYE: Celebrate the Creed
EYE on FYE: Celebrate the Creed
Description/Contest Theme:
Citizenship & Civility
To help students connect primary course
objectives related to their role as university
citizens and to synthesize learning and
experience as they creatively express new
understandings and refine their communication
To synthesize learning and experience with a
holistic framework.
Collaborations every step of the way
What do WCU First Year Students have to say…
For more information contact:
Glenda Hensley
Director, First Year Experience
The Office for Undergraduate Studies
Western Carolina University
[email protected]