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Tox on Tap
"A fun place to eat, drink,
and Talk about science"
7:00 pm
Tuesday November 18
On Tap this month:
Dr. Ken Coates
The empowerment of Aboriginal people through court decisions
has changed the dynamics of resource development and holds
the potential for positive and constructive partnerships with
Indigenous Canadians.
Canada Research Chair in
regional Innovation
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate
School of Public Policy, and
Director International Centre
for Northern Governance
and Development
For Western Canadians, where the resource economy is the
primary engine of economic growth and prosperity, concern is
often expressed that Aboriginal engagement will interfere with
development. In contrast, there is substantial evidence that
Indigenous peoples are excellent partners in development,
providing the first opportunity in more than a century for a real
sharing of prosperity with Aboriginal communities in Canada.
Moderator: Dr. Steve Wiseman
Research Scientist, Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan
What is Tox on Tap (ToT)?
ToT aims to bring the public and scientific community together in an informal setting to discuss
relevant toxicology related issues.
• Lively events in a pub, open to everyone, featuring an engaging conversation with a scientist about
a particular environmental toxicology topic.
• Encourages conversation, debate, interaction, and dialogue between scientists and the public.
• Reaches out to all audiences