Figuring out the Future Workshop, 9 June 2015

Photo credit: Tserendondogiin Erdenechimeg
Figuring out the Future
Emerging subjects and the flux of the
economic present
Workshop, 9th June 2015
UCL – Department of Anthropology
What subjects emerge in radically uncertain political
While some suggest that the precariousness of the
capitalist world has become so persuasive that there is no
alternative but to be resilient (and possibly suffer), this
workshop will explore a different focus. ​New visions of the
future are being invoked in order to actively bring different
realities into being, avoid current calamities, and
negotiate new ways of working within existing economic
We ask how are these ‘prefigurative subjectivities’
constituted? We will explore what role the past plays when
the future is constantly re-negotiated; and trace the kinds
of spaces and concepts that are being created out of these
temporal ambiguities.
All welcome!
Please RSVP: [email protected]
Department of
Daryll Forde
Seminar Room
9th June 2015
9:30 – 17:00