Expression of Interest for self-funded PhD students

Expression of Interest for self-funded PhD students
This form will used to match your research interests with the appropriate staff at the
UCL School of Pharmacy. Further application forms will be required if this matching
process is successful.
Personal Details
Contact email address
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1. List two Research Clusters that you are interested in
2. Have you had any previous communication with a potential supervisor or are you
interested in a particular supervisor’s research:
3. Highest level of qualification(s), e.g. BSc or MSc or equivalent:
4. Subject studied and specialism, e.g. Pharmacology or Chemistry:
5. Highest level of English language qualification, e.g. GCSE or IELTS:
6. Source of funding:
a. Personal/ Family Resources:
d. Employer:
b. Loan:
e. Sponsorship:
c. Studentship/ Scholarship:
f. Other (please specify):
7. UCL's tuition fees are set annually and cover registration, tuition and supervision for
each academic year, or part of the academic year that you are enrolled. Tuition fees
are subject to annual increase, which should be accounted for when you are
applying for a programme. Details about fees for 2014/15 can be found here:
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UCL School of Pharmacy
29-39 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AX (Programme Code RRDPHMSING01)
Furthermore, your research may be subject to an Additional Fee Element (AFE)
which is levied to cover the additional costs related to consumables, equipment etc.
The AFE is determined by the academic supervisor and ranges from £1,000 £10,000+.
Please tick the box to acknowledge that you are aware of the fees that are
involved (above):
8. Please provide a short personal statement (max. 1,000 characters):
9. Please attach a CV (max. 2 pages) to this form.
Please complete this Expression of Interest form and return it by email to Mr Victor Diran
([email protected]).
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UCL School of Pharmacy
29-39 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AX