District Planning Committee October 28 , 2011 District Office [811 Wilshire]

District Planning Committee
October 28th, 2011
District Office [811 Wilshire]
Present: Anna Badalyan (Trade-Tech), Kristi Blackburn (Harbor), David Beaulieu (District),
Karen Daar (East), Alfred Gallegos (East), Ran Gust (East), Tom Jacobsmeyer (Valley),
Deborah Kaye (District), Sarah Master (District), Ed Pai (City), Maury Pearl (District), La Vergne
Rosow (Valley), Jim Stanberry (Harbor), Ferris Trimble (Southwest)
1. Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the Oct. 7th meeting were not available.
2. Committee Self-Evaluation: There was discussion concerning participation and updated
committee membership. Ed Pai suggested that the committee address this as part of its annual
self-evaluation, in which it would examine committee membership and attendance, agenda
items, and effectiveness in addressing its charge. This evaluation will be done at next DPC
using the governance committee self-evaluation worksheet.
3. Accreditation and Planning Update: Deborah Kaye reported on the Strengthening Student
Success Conference (Oct. 12-14, 2011) that she recently attended and shared notes organized
around themes from sessions that she attended. The themes included: improving dialogue and
communication as a component of the institutional improvement; ideas for simplifying and
improving SAO assessment; research focused on improving student outcomes; documenting
discussion of student learning; tools for understanding planning and plan integration; ACCJC
expectations and evaluation of fall 2012 SLO proficiency.
Jim Stanberry and Kristi Blackburn reported that the recent mock accreditation visit at Harbor
was productive, helping the college reveal problems in the draft document, gaps in evidence,
and resulting in much constructive feedback. They suggested that DPC consider the visits as a
best practice for the next round of accreditations and that these be conducted in the fall
preceding spring site visits.
Deborah is developing a District response to accreditation standard 4B for college mid-term
4. District Strategic Plan (DSP) Update: Maury Pearl and David Beaulieu updated committee
members about the most recent DSP meetings. The DSP Committee reviewed internal scan
data and David felt that there was insufficient time for the committee to deliberate on this
information; he suggested that additional DSP Committee sessions in November and December
would be needed before beginning the process of revising current District goals. Ed Pai
recommended that the DSP Committee review recommendations from the 2010 summative
assessment and also develop a coordinated college-District planning framework and schedule.
Adriana Barrera suggested a joint meeting of DPC and DSPC to capture input from DPC and
facilitate the work on the DSP.
5. Focus Group Data: Sarah Master and Maury Pearl briefed the committee on the status of
the focus group data. Most focus group participants were appreciative of being asked to
participate in this process. The research office will categorize and code the focus group
comments into SWOT or thematic categories and permit quantitative analyses of this
information. After categorization and recoding, the data will be returned to the colleges so that it
can be validated and used to support college planning.
Next Meeting:
Friday, November 18, 2011, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
District Office, 811 Wilshire, 2nd Floor Conference Room