College of Arts, Education, and Sciences Award Recipient Final Report

College of Arts, Education, and Sciences
Award Recipient Final Report
CAES Research/Support Funds
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Enter academic year of award:
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Dean’s Faculty Support Fund
Research Hub
Award Recipient:
Amount awarded: $
Title of project:
2. In one paragraph, summarize your original proposal.
3. What has been the outcome of your project to date?
(Is it complete, published, under review, etc.?)
4. Do you foresee that it will lead to future research or provide future professional benefits,
and, if so, how?
5. Amount spent (submit itemized budget on separate page). $
6. If there were extenuating circumstances that impacted your original proposal that could
not be explained in item 3, please attach a one-page narrative.
7. Were any items purchased as part of your project? If so, how are they accounted for and
what purpose are they serving beyond the initial scope of the project?
Save the completed document as “lastname, firstname_CAES report.” Use the title of the
document as the subject of your e-mail when you submit to Caitlin McKeighan,
[email protected]
The Dean’s office requires electronic copies of how the grant was used. Please attach
electronic copies of submitted essay or article, performance bill, results of juried competition,
NOGA (Notice Of Grant Award), visual and/or audio copies of art or music production, or other
documentation that supports the use of Dean’s Faculty Support Fund and Research Hub Mini
Grant monies in the current grant cycle.
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Updated 3/18/16