Syllabus for Math 1220 (Calculus II) Section 4 Spring 2011 General Information

Syllabus for Math 1220 (Calculus II) Section 4
Spring 2011
General Information
• Class meets: MTWF 12:55-13:45 in AEB 350
• Instructor: Remi Lodh
Office: JWB 223
Phone: 585-1853
• Office Hours: TF 11:55-12:55
• Class webpage:∼remi/teaching/1220Spr2011/1220Spr2011.html
Course Content
• Textbook: Calculus with Differential Equations, 9th edition, by Varberg Purcell and
• Material Covered: Chapters 6-10 of the textbook: transcendental functions and their
inverse functions, solutions of 1st order differential equations, integration techniques, limits
and indeterminate forms, infinite sequences and series, calculus in polar coordinates.
Course Structure
• Lectures: I will lecture in class, following the structure of the textbook, but I will try to
be more succint (i.e. shorter notes). Also examples will be given.
• Homework:
Structure: There will be weekly homework, due each Wednesday at the end of class.
The homework problem list will be posted on the class webpage.
∗ No late homework will be accepted.
∗ Homework sheets must be staples together or there will be a points penalty.
∗ Your 3 lowest homework scores (including missed homework assignments) will be
dropped when calculating the final grade.
• Exams: There will be 3 midterm exams and a final exam (more below).
• Structure: Homework: 30%, Midterms: 30%, Final: 40%
• Check your grades: on webct:
• Location: All exams will take place in our classroom.
• Dates:
1st Midterm: Wednesday 16th February 12:55-13:45
2nd Midterm: Wednesday 16th March 12:55-13:45
3rd Midterm: Wednesday 20th April 12:55-13:45
Final Exam: Thursday 5th May 1:00-3:00 pm
• Exam policy:
– All exams are closed book (i.e. no books, no notes) and no calculator.
– Make-up policy: There will be no make-up exams if you miss a midterm exam, unless
there is an emergency. In that case, official documentation (e.g. doctor’s note) is
required. There will be no make-up for the final exam, even in emergency
Your responsabilities
• It is your responsibility to check your university email regularly as important emails concerning exams or class will be sent there. Also check the class webpage regularly.
• It is your responsibility to prepare for class by reading the notes taken in the previous class
and going over the examples.
• It is your responsibility to begin homework assignments as soon as they are online and
prepare questions for the office hours.
• It is your responsibility to form study groups to discuss the material and problems with
your classmates.
Guidelines for Success
• Do many problems, in addition to the homework. It’s the only way to learn math.
• Come to class and take notes. This is very important for several reasons, the most obvious
being that some part of the text might be left out and will therefore be non-examinable,
so you want to have a solid basis for studying what will be in the exams.
• Discuss the course material with your fellow students and form study groups.
• Come to the office hours, preferably in groups. Do not leave open problems unanswered.
• Work regularly throughout term. Do not leave the homework for the night/hours before
the deadline.
• Ask questions. Class is a good place for this, but office hours are better.
Disabilities Statement
Students with documented disabilities or special needs that require special accomodation must
register with the Center for Disability Services. Please contact me at the beginning of the
semester to discuss any such accomodations for the course.