Lutheran Theological Seminary

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



NOTE: Students wishing to conduct self-directed study projects should familiarize themselves with the regulations outlined in the Student Handbook. Such projects must require approximately as much work as is demanded by courses which are listed in the Seminary Calendar, and the work to be done must be such that it can be graded. Such projects can be approved only if a member of the STU faculty is willing and able to supervise the work and to submit a grade for it.

A copy of the approved project proposal will be given to each of the persons concerned, and the original proposal will be placed in the student's file.

1. Name of Applicant

2. Subject of the Course

Name of Instructor

4. Brief Course Description

5. Rationale

Explain the need and purpose of the course.

Relationship of this Course to other Courses

Indicate whether (and in what way) the content of this course will parallel or overlap that of

7. Student's Qualifications for Undertaking the Study

Indicate what previous studies have prepared you to undertake this study project.

8. Participants

Indicate whether it is anticipated that other students (and if so, who) may wish to take this course together with you.


9. Schedule of Implementation

Indicate the time period which you propose to devote to this course.

Give the date by which all requirements for this course must be completed.

Provide sufficient detail to show that this project will involve approximately as much work as do regular

Seminary courses. As a guide you may wish to use regular course outlines as supplied by professors.

Continue on opposite page, if necessary.

12. Method of Delivery

a) Amount of reading to be done (state also how comprehension of the reading will be measured): b) c) d) e)

Hours (and nature) of lectures to be attended:

Number and frequency of tutorials or seminars:

Specific passages (and the total number of verses) to be translated:

Number (and nature) of other assignments to be handed in:


13. Means of Evaluation

State how the final grade will be determined: a) Written final examination b) Oral final examination c) Periodically submitted assignments



14. Bibliography

Please supply a bibliography of required and recommended reading.

(continue on opposite page, if necessary)

Qualifications of Instructor

(relevant to this course)

Required Personnel, Facilities & Equipment

Indicate whether this course will necessitate arrangements not presently in place regarding the use of: a) faculty, b) space, and c) equipment

Estimate what additional financial expenditures the Seminary is likely to incur if this project is approved.





(Instructor's signature, indicating willingness to supervise the project)


(Dean's signature, indicating reception of the study project on behalf of AGC) reading/forms