Undergraduate Research Assistant Application

Undergraduate Research Assistant Application
Dr. Van Camp – Translational and Applied Behavioral Science Lab
Eligibility and Lab Requirements
Minimum 3.0 GPA
Completion of PSY 217, PSY 317, or PSY 417
Minimum of two-semester commitment
Attendance at weekly lab meetings
PSY 291 - Introductory Research and PSY 491- Directed Individual Study
Satisfies University Studies V: Explorations Beyond the Classroom
Fall and Spring Semesters: 1 hour of credit = 3 hours/week of work in the lab
PSY 291 – 4 credit hrs max (total)
o Freshman or sophomore standing
PSY 491 – 9 credit hrs max (total)
o Junior or senior standing required
Student Information
Student ID:
Class Standing:
E-Mail Address:
Phone No:
Expected Graduation:
Indicate the semesters for which you are applying and the number of credit hours you’d take in
PSY 291 or PSY 491 each semester:
Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Fall 2017
Spring 2018
Indicate when you are available each day during the first semester you’d be in the lab:
Summer 2016
If there is an opportunity to help with research, it would be over Summer Session 1 for a
maximum of 1 credit hour of DIS. This would require 40 hours of activity. The research schedule
would actually be from finals week (April 28th) through the first week of June. Please indicate if
this is something you’d like to do, if it is available.
Relevant Coursework in Behavior Analysis
Please list all relevant coursework in behavior analysis (Psychology or Education):
Course #
Course Title
Please describe any previous research experience you may have (list the lab and mentor as well):
How did you hear about our lab? What interests you most about being a part of this lab?
What are you future career plans?
Being part of a lab requires a great deal of commitment. Research assistants must be reliable, punctual,
and attentive. Please carefully consider your course load, work load, and any other factors that might
influence your ability to attend lab meetings and research sessions consistently. Once you have been
accepted into the lab and assigned to a research site and time slots, it is imperative that you attend
those sessions. If you feel you are up to this commitment, please submit your completed application to
vancampc@uncw.edu We will be getting back to you shortly via email.