Additional Scholarship & Funding Information funding opportunities:

Additional Scholarship & Funding Information
UNCW provides information and opportunities to qualify for federal, institutional, and departmental
funding opportunities:
School of Nursing (MSN):
North Carolina Nurse Education Scholarship Loan Program
Department of Health and Human Services Rural and Urban Family Nurse Practitioner
Traineeship Grant Program
State of North Carolina (MSN):
The North Carolina Nurse Scholars Program, Master’s Program (M-NSP). The M-NSP application
deadline is May 1st.
The Nurse Scholars Commission meets in mid-June to select M-NSP recipients. For information,
please contact: NC Nurse Scholars Commission, North Carolina State Education Assistance
Authority, PO Box 14223, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; (919) 549-8614.
Twenty-five new full-time awards of $6,000 can be made each year. Part-time awards at $3,000
a year can be made if funds are available. Full-time awards may be renewed for one year; parttime awards may be renewed up to three years.
Additional opportunities:
-The Minority Presence Grant Program
-Loans/Federal Work Study Program