Financial Services Division Report Description

Financial Services Division
Report Description
Report Name
Report Number
College Accounts Receivable Summary
Report Description/Purpose
This report provides a summary of all Chart 1 accounts receivable balances for a
college or major administrative unit as of the date of the report.
Intended Audience
Deans and those individuals who have been delegated authority to view funds on their
Report Availability
This report is updated at the end of every month. Year end reports will be retained in
Report Elements
The College responsible for the financial activity is identified in the report heading.
This report identifies accounts receivable based on the ownership of the fund rather
than on the “org” codes used to post individual transactions. Information is sorted by
the Financial Manager of the fund and then by fund number. The balance in each
accounts receivable account code is identified for each fund listed on the report.
Additional Notes
This report should be reviewed by Dean’s Office staff on a monthly basis in order to
identify outstanding accounts receivable that require review and follow up to ensure