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Onslow Extension Site
Orientation FAQ’s
What if I cannot attend the scheduled orientation?
o Orientation is mandatory for all new UNCW undergraduate students. You will
not be able to register for classes until you have completed Orientation. If you
are unable to attend the scheduled program, please contact Karla Blanton at
[email protected] for instructions on completing the make-up Orientation.
Please note: makeup sessions can only be done after the scheduled Orientation
and after all new students have registered for class.
When will I register for classes?
o You will register for classes the night of Orientation.
Will I have to pay for classes at Orientation?
o No. Students will receive an e-bill once they have registered for class. If you are
receiving financial aid/VA benefits, your total bill will be subtracted from your
award. If there is money leftover, you will receive a refund. You will be
responsible for any remaining balance.
Can I use my financial aid to pay for textbooks?
o Bookstore Dollars are available to add to your student account to utilize financial
aid to pay for books. Please review the Bookstore Information available in the
Orientation Resources.
When do classes start?
o Please refer to the UNCW Calendar of Events.
Where are UNCW Onslow Extension classes held?
o All seated courses are currently held at Coastal Carolina Community College.
Classroom assignments will be updated on the Onslow Extension website each
Can I bring guests to orientation?
o Due to space limitations we ask that you do not bring guests (parent, spouse,
children, etc.) to the Onslow Extension Site Orientation.
Updated 2/15/2016