HR User Group

HR User Group
• DBS checks – ensuring the right level of check is
undertaken and related updates
• Shared Parental Leave - update from workshops / further
issues or comments arising from Departments
• Immigration - update on recent/forthcoming rules changes
• Policy updates
DBS Checks
New form is being trialled, some issues emerging
Seeking feedback on what needs to be clarified
Developing a workshop to explain DBS checks
Volunteers for involvement?
Shared Parental Leave
• Policy, procedure, forms and FAQs on website
• 13 workshops delivered – 145 attendees
• Additional comms through faculty newsletters and
presentation to PACT, Athena Swan groups, etc.
• IoE adopted all changes
• Forms updated with feedback
• Annual leave staying outside of process
• Calculator in development
• Continue to welcome feedback/ideas when applying
policy/forms in practice
Immigration (1)
• Minimum salary thresholds increased from 6 April
• Cooling off period won’t apply to previous Tier 2 grants of
3 months or less
• Small changes to occupational shortage list (mainly digital
technology sector)
• Immigration health surcharge introduced on 6 April. £200
for each year of visa for non EEA nationals. Australian and
NZ nationals exempt.
• Registered Traveller’s Scheme
Immigration (2)
Biometric Residents’ Documents
Changes to Visitor Routes
Visa Fees increased
Still awaiting Home Office response on sector
submission re student term dates
Additional Policy Updates
• Induction and Probation Policy
all staff consultation after Easter
• Staff Survey 2015 – starting planning!
• Overtime Policy – new document reflecting
existing T&Cs
• Non Smoking Policy – e-cigs/vaping included