THE MEDICAL UPDATE GROUP  In collaboration with  The Department of Medicine,  Faculty of Science, 

THE MEDICAL UPDATE GROUP Website: In collaboration with The Department of Medicine, Faculty of Science, University of Mauritius are pleased to invite members and students of the medical, pharmaceutical, and paramedical profession to a talk on Theme: “Consommation de tabac de la patiente enceinte‐ Dépistage, prise en charge, traitement, orientation” Speaker: Professeur Michel Delcroix : PUPH en gynécologie obstétrique Lille, Président de l'APPRI ‐ Maternité sans tabac Moderator: Dr (Mrs) M. Timol, Director Health Services, Ministry of Health and Quality of Life Venue: Burrenchobay Hall, University of Mauritius Date & Time: Wednesday 06 November 2013 as from 19.30 p.m Sponsor: SANOFI