Organization Management

Organization Management
 What is it?
Part of the Banner Chart of Accounts which drives the Integrated Banner
Administrative Systems commonly referred to as the “ORG”
 Why is it so important?
Affects Banner Finance for access, security and reporting
Affects Banner HR for HR Online, Leave Reporting, Positions, Budgets and Funding
Affects access to subsystems (PAC’s, Travel, E-Print, Decentralization feeds)
 Who and what is involved?
Every department that has any changes in organizational structure (i.e. when unit or
area changes in who they report to or who reports to them, changes when department moves
to another unit or division, changes when department is deleted, added, split or moved).
 What are the steps when changes take place?
1. Contact Organization Management Committee to schedule meeting
2. Develop new organization chart
3. Review the UNCW Policy “Department Structure” 2.120 (Government & Administration
Organization Management Cont’d
 What are resources to help facilitate the process when changes occur?
Organization Management Committee – Chair Jan Riemersma
Committee Members- Cindy Hucks (Budget/Positions), Carole Wilson, Diana Rivenbark, Cindy
Retchin (Systems-Security), Kathy Dennis, Sandy Anderson Controller’s , Andrea Powell , HR
systems), Sherri Batson Academic Affairs, Panda Powell (Contracts & Grants)
Organization Management policy/procedures and checklist 2.120
Committee currently working on changes to procedures , flow chart and updating HR 3.30 and
other forms
When are organizational changes made in the Banner system?
• Changes are made effective in beginning of new fiscal year. (July 1)- the process of
meeting with the Organization Management committee should begin in January for changes
effective July 1.
Issues to consider when changing Orgs
Salary positions (permanent and student) HR3.30, 1.35. 1.60 may be needed
Banner funds will need to change org number (historical data will remain in former org)
Banner budgets in affected org will need to change
Banner security and access may change
Travel system, Purchasing Card, auxiliary services (printing, post office, telecomm) will need to be
Open purchase orders may need to be modified