Virginia Tech English Education Course Requirements

Virginia Tech
English Education
Course Requirements
Students may enter the program on several different tracks: 5th Year Program (Dual
Status) or 2 Year Program.
Dual Enrolled and Accelerated Status Information can be found at:
To clarify: graduate coursework taken during the semester of dual registration may only be designated for
use in the graduate degree when it is not used to meet bachelor's degree requirements (i.e., each course
taken during the final semester is specified as being for either the bachelor's or the master's degree)
A student who is dual enrolled takes courses in their final year at Virginia Tech that count toward their
graduate degree only. The classes taken for the graduate program cannot be counted for the
undergraduate program and vice versa. The graduate classes taken will only be counted for the MAeD
degree and the undergraduate classes will only be counted for the BA degree. To have classes count
toward both an undergraduate and graduate diploma, a student must be enrolled in accelerated status. In
the case of accelerated status, the classes taken can count for both degrees.
Required Courses for English Education Program (both tracks)
Foundations: (9 credits)
EDCI 5104: Schooling in American Society
EDEP 5154: Psych Foundations in Education
EDCI 5554: Educating Exceptional Learners
Research: (3 credits)
EDEP 5194: Research on the Assessment of Student Achievement
Concentration: (9 credits)
EDCI 5724: Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School I (English)
EDCI 5744: Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School II (English)
EDCI 5444: Teaching Adolescent Readers
Cognate: (6 credits)
EDCI 6264: Comprehension Processes and Content Area Reading
EDCI 5454: Teaching Composition (Preferred)
EDCI 5524: Behavior Management in K-12 Classrooms
EDCI 5614: Digitally Mediated Learning
EDCI 5124: Gender in Education
Field Experience: (12 credits)
EDCI 5964: Field Experience, 3 credits, fall
EDCI 5754: Internship, 9 credits, spring
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NOTE: These are the courses required by the program for the candidate to be eligible for
certification. There are other electives that can be taken in addition to the above courses. These
electives are provided below.
Virginia Tech School of Education (Possible) Electives
NOTE: The semesters these courses are offered may be subject to change depending on
enrollment and instructor availability. This serves as a guide, but the courses offered and when
they are offered may change depending on year.
EDEP 5114: Learning and Cognition (Fall)
Course description: Psychological theories and models which serve as a basis for educational
models and practice. Emphasis on conceptions of learning and cognitive process. Pre-requisite:
Graduate standing required.
EDCI 5134: Gender and Education (Fall)
Course description: Introduction to gender in the context of education. This course is intended to
raise awareness of how gender is implicated in teaching and learning in K-12 schooling and
higher education. School policy as it relates to gender equality and sex education. Theoretical
frameworks for gender analysis in education. Pre-requisite: Graduate standing required.
EDCI 5784: Topics in Diversity and Multicultural Education (Fall)
Course description: Selected topics in curriculum and instruction, supervision, educational
foundations, special education, research, and evaluation.
EDCI 5174: Informal Learning and Youth
Course description: Overview of learning theories and empirical research on the influence of
home, community, and museums upon learning in K-12 schooling. Practical application through
visits to museums and after school programs. Pre-requisite: EDCI 5104
EDCI 6034: Education and Anthropology
Exploration of anthropological ideas and findings relevant to educational institutions and the
teaching/learning process. Emphasis on how sociocultural patterns affect what is taught and
EDIT 5614: Digitally Mediated Learning (Spring)
Course description: Critical examination of the design, adoption, and use of a digital media
(digital games, simulations, social networking technologies) for primarily P-20 education.
Applications to formal and informal learning environments.
EDCI 5784: Philosophy of Education Technology (Spring)
Course description: Selected topics in curriculum and instruction, supervision, educational
foundations, special education, research, and evaluation.
EDCI 5784: Schooling and Post-Civil Rights (Spring)
Course description: Schooling and Post-Civil Rights/Millennium Generation
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