James Randall, School of Music Green Thread Modification

James Randall, School of Music
Green Thread Modification
One of the sustainability themes explored in the Green Thread workshop was the
importance of emphasizing local and indigenous cultural products. Art and music
help us value the uniqueness of local and regional culture, and, implicitly, the
damage done if this uniqueness is lost. Additionally music and art help us make
sense of the immediate world around us and promote a sense of shared community
and responsibility for shared resources.
I emphasize the above ideas throughout my Music of the World’s Peoples course
(syllabus attached). The students’ first assignment is a Musical Identity Essay, in
which students consider the role of music in shaping and reflecting their own
personal beliefs and sense of self. Question three in the attached guidelines deals
particularly with the relationship between students’ musical tastes and their
geographic surroundings and the cultural communities to which they belong. I use
students’ responses to this question as a springboard for exploring how music can
either connect us or disassociate us from the places in which we live. What are the