February Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2013
10:00 – 12:00 UC 330-331
Welcome & call to order: President Darlene Samson called the meeting to order at 10:00
Roll call: Carol Bates
Attendees: Senators: Andi Armstrong, Carol Bates, Jay Bruns, Lisa Coon, Kennden Culp,
Molly Fishburn-Mathew, Phillip Flukas, Geri Fox, Gary Hagler, Chuck Harris, Natalie HillerClaridge, Maggie Linder, Michael Maas, Maria Mangold, Denise May, Jaylene Naylor,
Maryann Robison, Darlene Samson, Sharon Schneider, Hannah Singleton, Jimmy Stevens,
Kathie Tattory, Brandie Terpe, Maureen Ward, Angela Weisenberger, Administrative
Assistant, Judy Wellert
Excused: Kristine Csorosz, Becky Maier, Sandi Nelson, Kelly Wasson
Guests: Roger Strobel, Maintenance Supervisor II, University Center Administration
Approval of January Minutes: President Samson presented the minutes of January 9,
2013. No discussion. Motioned to approve; seconded; motion carried.
Financial Report: Financial Officer Coon reported there had been no changes to
the financials during the past month. Motioned to approve; seconded; motion
Senator Gary Hagler, Custodial Supervisor, School of Extended/Lifelong
Learning & Roger Strobel, Maintenance Supervisor II, University Center
Administration, both representatives of the UM Green Cleaning Work Group, gave a
presentation on the overall use of Green Cleaning products on campus. The working
group was started three years ago to aid in UM’s shift to using “green products”.
Hagler stated, “Custodial supervisors are charged with ensuring that our community
is only exposed to safe and limited levels of commonly used and widely accepted
institutional cleaning products. The recent ‘Green Movement,’ however, heralded an
on-going re-examination of whether the cleaning products we’re using are, indeed,
both safe and efficacious.”
Strobel reported that green products are typically not as effective and cost more.
Where possible they are trying to substitute “green” for something currently in use.
There are many different kinds of buildings and different reporting lines/supervision
on campus, so it is challenging to be consistent. They have an open working group
and invite new attendees to share information on what products work well.
Staff members are encouraged to ask questions of the custodial supervisor in their
buildings as to how they may help in the process.
FUNDRAISING Chair, Senator Mangold, requested discussion regarding fundraising
activities. When should money from fundraising activities be pre-designated?
Currently, most money from fundraising goes into the scholarship fund which has
traditionally been available for staff dependents. Is there a way we can better support
more staff rather than just dependents? Historically, proceeds from the fall raffle
have gone for scholarships. Fundraising dollars during spring semester has been
used by CVC. Do we want to revisit previous fundraising decisions?
More SS activities during the past year have increased visibility. But, are we doing
too much? Are we not doing enough? A suggestion was made to narrow down where
the money is going prior to an event. Should a list of funding priorities be created?
Currently, there is nothing in the bylaws regarding fundraising. The bylaws, CVC and
fundraising committees will meet prior to the next SS meeting. A proposed addendum
to the current bylaws, to include language about fundraising, will be brought before
the senators for a vote of acceptance.
Guest Speaker: Bill Johnston, Alumni Relations, & Lobbyist for UM
joined the meeting to provide updates from the legislative session. He gave
an overview of the legislative session’s top three priorities: 1) HB2 – the
Appropriations bill for all state agencies is moving forward along with a pay
plan. The system has pledged to come up with a pay plan. If the plan is
accepted, instate tuition will be frozen; 2) HB 13 – the Pay Plan: 5% and 5%
pay increase is proposed. The Commissioner wants the state to fund a pay
raise in some form. If the plan is approved, tuition will be frozen. If it is not
approved, tuition could increase to support an increase in pay; 3) HB 14 –
the Bonding Bill was amended and is moving forward.
Bill reported a lot of activity in the legislature. Seven or eight of the Montana
campuses have projects in the bonding bill. Most objections to any of the
proposals are debt related. He reported that there is a surplus now but that
many are vying for a piece of it. There are 150 different legislators with
equally as many different views.
February 28th marks the half-way point of the legislative session. Senators
were encouraged to thank their legislators and let them know what you
think. They are working hard. Also, feel free to contact Bill with questions
and comments.
AUTUMN 2012 SURVEY: Committee members shared a power point presentation
of the autumn 2012 Staff Survey results that had been previously prepared for the
Regent’s meeting in January. The information focused on Overall Job Satisfaction.
Committee member Harris provided narrative to explain and support the findings
in the presentation.
Following the presentation, Senators were split into groups to discuss the
findings. They were asked to brainstorm concrete ideas as how UM work itself can
be improved. The Survey Committee will compile the suggestions for inclusion in
the final report for the administration.
Fundraising: Committee chair Mangold passed around a flyer promoting
Community Tap Night Fundraiser at the Tamarack March 5th sponsored by Staff
Senate. 75 cents from every pint sold goes to SS.
No other committee reports were provided due to time constraints.
Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.
Next meeting: March 13, 2013