The annual Upward Bound Spring Workshop will be here before... As an active participant in the The Spring

The annual Upward Bound Spring Workshop will be here before you know it. The Spring
Workshop is being held April 4 – 6, 2014 in Rhinelander. As an active participant in the
UWSP Upward Bound Program, you are REQUIRED to be in attendance at the upcoming spring
workshop unless an excused absence form has already been submitted. Please read below
for information regarding transportation to and from the workshop as well as a
tentative agenda and other details you need to know ahead of time.
Transportation to Rhinelander on Friday, April 6th – Students will be transported by
either bus (all students south of Rhinelander) or van (Eagle River and Minocqua area students)
to Rhinelander. Please plan to meet at ONE of the following locations at the designated times:
Lincoln High School (Main Entrance)
UWSP Nelson Hall
John Muir Middle School – Wausau
Tomahawk High School
Lakeland Union High School
Northland Pines High School
3:15 PM
3:45 PM
4:30 PM
5:15 PM
4:30 PM
5:15 PM
Please be on time! The bus or vans will wait no more than 5 minutes at each
Transportation home from Rhinelander on Sunday, April 6th- Students will be dropped
off at their same pick up locations according to the following approximate schedule:
Northland Pines High School
Lakeland Union High School
Tomahawk High School
John Muir Middle School - Wausau
UWSP Nelson Hall
Lincoln High School
10:40 AM
11:10 AM
10:30 AM
11:15 AM
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
Tentative Fall Workshop Agenda - The Spring Workshop activities will start with dinner and
an alumni panel at Nicolet College on Friday evening. There may also be a community service
project on Friday evening as well. On Saturday morning, students will be transported to
UWSP’s Treehaven facility for a full day of workshop sessions focusing on such topics as testtaking strategies, increasing awareness, tolerance and acceptance of diverse
populations, budgeting for college and STEM careers. The Treehaven staff will also
be doing some outdoor programming with students as well. Saturday evening
activities will be reserved for the Movie Theater and free time for swimming at the
hotel pool. Students will depart the hotel on Sunday morning after breakfast and a wrap up
What to Bring to the Spring Workshop . . . as well as What NOT to Bring. In addition
to a change of clothes and personal items for the 2 overnights, students should pack sturdy
and sensible shoes (tennis shoes, boots) and a jacket for outdoor activities
at Treehaven. The weather could be anything in April so bring or wear a
sweatshirt or other other outerwear that can easily be put on and/or taken
off. Students who want to go swimming at the hotel should bring a swimsuit as well.
The Upward Bound dress code will be in effect for the duration of the workshop and footwear
must be worn when going to and from the pool area. Students will be allowed to bring their
cell phones and other personal electronic devices, but they must be silenced and not in use
during any of the workshop sessions. Students who violate this policy will be given one
warning and then will have their phone or electronic device confiscated by a UB staff person or
chaperone until Sunday morning. Optional items for students to bring include a camera, study
materials and laptop computers. However, it is recommended that students not bring
expensive personal belongings to the workshop that they do not want to risk getting lost,
damaged or stolen. In any case, Upward Bound is not responsible for students’ lost or
stolen personal items.
Lodging and Meals. Students will be provided with meals on Friday evening, all day Saturday
and Sunday morning. The Upward Bound Program is providing lodging on both Friday and
Saturday nights at the AmericInn in Rhinelander. The AmericInn is located at 648 West Kemp
St. and their phone number is 715-369-9600.
Student Expectations. All Upward Bound students are expected to be on their best behavior
and follow all Upward Bound rules and regulations throughout the Spring Workshop. Students
are to come prepared to participate, to act respectfully, responsibly and maintain a positive
attitude. Students will be required to attend all workshop activities unless an illness or injury
occurs. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own personal belongings.
Late Arrivals/Early Departures to and from the Spring Workshop must be approved ahead
of time by contacting Judy Young via email at or telephone at 715-346-2940.
Driving Personal Vehicles/Transporting other UB students in personal vehicles.
Students who drive their personal vehicle to the Spring Workshop must surrender their keys to
a UB staff person upon arrival to the workshop. Students driving personal vehicles
may NOT transport other Upward Bound students under the age of 18 in their
vehicles. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Contact Information. In the event you need to cancel your participation in the Spring
Workshop due to a family emergency or illness, please contact Judy Young as soon as possible
at 715-346-2940 (office) or 715-340-1319 (cell). After noon on Friday, April 4th, please call
Judy’s cell phone only. Due to driving, the transporting of students and coordinating workshop
activities, reading or responding to text messages will not always be possible during the Spring