MOPA Discovering a Creature’s New World

MOPA museum of pinney art
Discovering a Creature’s New World
State Standards
This year the 2nd grade students are discovering a new world for an imaginary
3PE Compare the form, materials and
creature that came to Pinney this fall. This past trimester, the students were
techniques in selected works of art using
working on creating a 3-D world for the creature to inhabit. As an introduction to
descriptive language.
the building process, the students used Imagination Playground blocks to
brainstorm three-dimensionally, as well as practice collaboration skills which will be
essential to the building process. To begin the lesson, we looked at the work of
several contemporary artists that deal with spaces and architecture in their work.
The next step, was to brainstorm broad categories that would be beneficial to our
2PR Envision what cannot be observed
directly and depict it visually.
new creature friend. Areas such as health, shelter, play and learning are a few of
the categories the students came up with. Within each category, the students
generated a list of places that the creature might need. Some spaces are from our
world and others are made up entirely based on their knowledge of the creature
they learned along the way. Around the midway point, we stopped to assess where
we were in the building process. What needed improvement? What needed
added? What was missing? These were some of the questions we asked to help
make adjustments to this new world. In the end, the students created a wonderful,
imaginative, creative world that anyone would love to be a part of. This lesson
represents the act of discovery, and the ability to make the imaginary… real!
1RE Use basic self-assessment
strategies to improve their artworks.