Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will

Together we learn, together we succeed, and together we will
make a positive difference!
Second Grade News​
Friday October 16, 2015
Oct. 20 Fall Picture Make-up
Oct. 12 - Dec. 2 - Yoplait Pink Lid Collection
Oct. 21 - 28 - Usborne Book Fair
Oct. 22 & Oct. 28 - Conference Night
Oct. 29 - Fall Harvest Party
Oct. 30 - No School
Reading/Writing Workshop
This week students celebrated “Words Authors Use” during writing workshop. Mentor texts were used to
introduce Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Rhyme, Rhythm, and Repetition. Students kept a notebook and were able to
describe attributes and key ideas. There will be an assessment on Monday. During reading workshop students
continued to develop comprehension strategies with wearing different “HATS”. We enhanced vocabulary skills and
found important information from a text while wearing an “explorer hat” & self-monitored skills with fix-up
strategies (understanding what we read as we read it) when putting on a “construction worker hat”. Students also
use time with the teacher to practice fluency and refine skills.
This week in math we began geometry. The students have enjoyed learning about two-dimensional shapes. We’ve
discussed their features, how to create new shapes from old shapes, and began talking about dividing shapes into
halves, thirds, and fourths. We finished our week with learning how to partition rectangle into equal sized squares.
Please make sure you are completing your homework and return it every Wednesday!
Social Studies​
Students enjoyed learning about our final habit this week, Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw. We listened to the read aloud, Nothing
to Do, and then wrote about what we like to do when we have “nothing to do”; such as play outside, write poetry, or read a book.
Ask your child how he/she likes to Sharpen the Saw. We also celebrated Christopher Columbus Day on Monday with a Scholastic
News titled, “Why Do We Explore?”
Word Study-
Students explored a new word list this week in Word Study! We are focusing on some of our most commonly misspelled high
frequency words, as well as long vowel/short vowel words. Your child will be tested over these 12 words next Friday, October
23rd. Please make sure they are studying these words nightly, as well as applying these words in the “real world” (when
reading/writing). This week, a student shared that since they know how to spell took and going, they can now spell looking (- ook
from took and –ing from going). Word Study words: was, said, trip, going, they, took, playful, take, drip, ship, shape, slug
Monday - Library
Tuesday - P.E.
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Art
Friday - Library
We, the students of Thomas Elementary, proudly practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. 1. Be Proactive
Think Win WIn ​
Synergize 2. Begin with the End in Mind ​
Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood 3. Put First Things First ​