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LifeStyle Health Systems, Inc. is a full service paramedical firm serving all of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Lifestyles is
a nationally recognized affiliate of ExamOne, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics. Established in 1996 it has fifteen
employees and a network of 100+ Independent Contractors that provide services for all aspects of the medical requirements
for insurance underwriting needs. This staff is also utilized for the Occupational Wellness Division which provides
health assessment screenings, educational review of results, on site employee education, vaccinations, etc.
Currently LifeStyles provides services using several assessment tools for large and small companies. Most companies
begin their process with the assessment, review their aggregate data, and plan education and financial incentives
for improvement. This varies tremendously according to budget constraints but almost all clients include a financial
component to encourage employee participation. Monetary incentive is also used to promote improvement in individual
health scores. Other ideas include monthly coaching options for all employees, specific high risk coaching and
nutrition suggestions. Most any employer budget can provide ideas and incentives for their employees to think healthy
and want to change their behaviors to meet that goal.
The employee I am looking for will need to manage all aspects of client relations, coordinating and report delivery
health coaching. No two days would be the same and I would anticipate this to be a full-time position. I would like
resumes submitted to my email:
Thanks and please let me know of any questions.
Kathy Schultz
LifeStyle Health Systems
2551 Continental Ct #1
Green Bay, WI 54311
800-830-1038 fax