University Library Committee Meeting Minutes 3/10/14 Communication Items:

University Library Committee Meeting Minutes 3/10/14
Members present: A. Armstrong, M. Baldridge, B. Brown, E. Plant, S. Shen, G. Stanley, M. Triana R.
Members absent/excused: B. Clark, R. Hazen, L. Muir, T. Ravas,
Ex-officio member: S. Zhang
The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m.
The minutes from 2-10-14 were approved.
Communication Items:
Dean Zhang distributed the Connections Newsletter to members. It is sent to the Library
donors. The online version will be available soon. The newsletter is produced and
distributed twice a year.
The Library has both physical (Archives, level 4) and online “Women in Montana
Politics” exhibits. There will be two events related to the exhibits. On March 12th from
5:30-7:00 p.m. Diane Sands, women’s history scholar and former Montana State
representative will give a lecture and on March 26th from 1:10-2:00 p.m. the Leading the
Way exhibits opens with a UM Women’s Chorus performance. The Committee
suggested that these events be entered on the University events calendar.
On April 14th the library will collaborate in hosting one of a 3 part session on Creative
Research in conjunction with Innovation and Imagination (II 2014) activities coordinated
by the Vice President of Research and Creative Scholarship. The library is hoping to have
dancers perform as well.
The library participated in the 2014 Service Learning Colloquium on March 6th .
Professor Stark gave a session on bridging academic information and service
Karen Jaskar, Assistant Professor, was awarded funding to participate in Research Design
in Librarianship at the Loyola Marymount University Library.
The library is responding to student comments that there are not enough quiet study
spaces by adding additional quiet space. New tables and chairs will be purchased with
gift funds for the Poetry Corner and the Theta Rho Room. The comments were made
during the strategic planning process. There is a trend for students to work in groups and
talk loud. The existing study rooms need upgrades so the sound does not carry.
The library invited International Programs Office Director, Paulo-Zagalo-Melo and
Disability Services for Students Director, Amy Capolupo to meet with the Library faculty
and staff to discuss their services and how the library can better serve international
students and students with disabilities. Director Paulo-Zagalo-Melo recommended a
reference book to guide the library. The scanner has a function that adds Optical
Character Recognition (OCR) to PDF documents.
The library has invited a Native American Storyteller to help increase awareness and
sensitivity when serving Native American Students.
The library is also working to plan for next year’s budget cuts. The main cut will be from
collections given the library’s small operating budget.
For the last three years there has not been much effort in terms of fund raising. The
newsletter was started last July as a way to recognize donors. Dean Zhang’s previous
library had active Friends of the Library Group with many donors at different levels.
UM’s Friends of the Library Group was previously dissolved. Dean Zhang has talked
with former members, and is not sure yet whether to reconstitute the group. She also met
with the UM Foundation’s Development Officer to work on a framework for donations.
Fundraising is difficult because the library does not have graduates or alumni. There is
also the need for fundraising for the learning commons. The Dean offers tours of the
Library during homecoming week and other UM events.
Business Item:
The revised Bylaw language sent via email for vote will be on the Faculty Senate agenda
this week. It was revised to address concerns brought to the Executive Committee of the
Faculty Senate by senators from the library.
The meeting was adjourned at 4:50p.m.