Student Government Association Fall 2015 Application Panther Aid Application Packet

Student Government Association
Fall 2015 Application
Panther Aid Application Packet
The spirit if PVAMU is made up of those who carry the torch as well as those who have
left the University their legacy. Join SGA and leave your legacy.
August 31, 2015
Dear Freshmen Candidate:
Thank you for expressing your interest in the Student Government Association, this
organization is excited to have new enthusiastic and dedicated leaders join the team.
As in every democratic institution, the student government association is open to all
students regardless of age, sex, color or national origin. We value your participation, and
regardless of who emerges as a winner in this election there will be no victor, no
vanquished. Only the free will of students will prevail.
My team and I have put in place water tight plans to ensure a hitch free election season
and to serve this purpose, rules guiding these elections from filing to campaigning and
even to the declaration of results have been set out in this package. You are responsible
for the information therein and none of these rules shall be compromised in the course of
this election. Any candidate that is found violating any rule shall be appropriately
sanctioned; and the elections committee shall see that justice is not only done but it is
seen to have been done.
I personally commit myself to be fair, firm, and just. There will be no exceptions. Kindly
help us so that we can help you.
I wish you good luck in your endeavors; especially in this selection process. Once again
thank you for your interest in representing the freshmen class of 2019, as well as Student
Government Association.
Thank You.
With Best Regards,
Jacolahn Dudley
SGA President 2015-2016
Prairie View A&M University
Student Government Association
Candidate Information Sheet
Read all the information contained in this packet carefully. Violations could render an application invalid.
***Must be legibly hand written***
Name_________________________________________________ Student ID (Last 4 digits) ___________
Campus Address (Place and Building) _______________________________________________________
Classification_______________________________ Major_______________________________________
Panther Aid Position (One position) ________________________________________________________
Which Branch of SGA is this position? (Circle one)
Please attach typed responses to the following questions; please do not exceed 3-4 sentences per
question. All answers should be double spaced 12 font Times New Roman.
What is your definition of leadership?
What are your greatest strengths? What is your greatest weakness?
Why do you want to be a leader on campus?
If you had a private jet for the day where would you go and who would you take with you?
Please attach resume to the application.
Turn in applications to the Presidents Box in the SGA Office located on the second floor of the MSC on
September 14, 2015 by 5:00 pm.
Please Read Carefully Before Signing Below
Release of Personal Information
I hereby authorize with my signature below for Prairie View A&M University and the Director of Student
Activities and Leadership or designee to review and verify all personal records (i.e. academic, financial,
citizenry, etc.) relevant to requirements for membership into the Student Government Association.
*** Applications that do not meet the requirements set by Prairie View A&M University, the Department of
Student Activities and Leadership, or the Student Government Association will be denied and you will be
considered ineligible for Student Government Association Panther Aid.***
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