1. Who can apply?
In general, any student can apply. One requirement is that all students must have
completed more than one full semester of residence hall living or related experience.
2. Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, as many as you are comfortable applying for, and of course qualify for.
3. If I apply to be an (FIG)ARC and another position do I need to attend both group
Yes, the ARC group process is separate from the group process that is held for all other
positions together.
4. What questions will be asked on the application?
Click on the appropriate job title for an overview of the questions.
5. I am currently studying abroad or am planning to, what should I do?
If you are currently abroad and want to apply for next semester, apply as normal, noting
within the application that you are currently abroad. A phone interview will be set up or
waived depending on the situation. If you are planning to be abroad next semester (Fall
2013) but want to be a staff member the following semester (Spring 2014), apply now as
normal, complete the entire process and your name will be kept in the pool until the next
selection process.
6. Do I need to complete the application and references in one sitting?
7. How will I know if I’ve completed it?
You will receive an email that includes all of your answers. Make sure that your answers
are accurate.
8. Can I change my answers after I completed the application?
Yes. If you want to make any changes to your answers, just log back in and make the
changes. Always make sure you click ‘next’ or ‘done’ at the bottom of the page to which
you are making changes to. That will ensure that your new answers are saved. Changes
can be made up until applications are due.
9. What if I have other questions not listed here?
You have two options. You can ask your hall director or email the Student Staff Selection
Committee at [email protected]