Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Franco Rodriguez
Computer Science, Hartnell College, Salinas, CA 93908
John (Dainen) Sobelman, Information Technology Specialist , GI-282
The purpose of the project at the Naval Post Graduate
School was to create a virtual desktop pool for the
Mechanical Engineer Distance Learning (MAEDL). The first
step is creating a desktop image using VMware vSphere.
During the image creation process a new “snapshot” was
created each time an application was added to the operating
system. Once the image was complete and tested, a “pool“
of copies of the image was created in VMware View Admin.
The final step was to give “entitlements” to users.
Using the Vmware suite can save the IT professional a lot of
time and improve the quality of the user experience.
Materials and methods
• First Draft pool was sent to teacher but needed upgrades
on new versions of matlab2012a and ANSYS 14
• Second Draft sent to teacher: some functions of
SolidWorks were not working properly
• Virtual pool created and ready of use for next fall semester
for Mechanical Engineering Distance Learning (MAEDL)
• In this software you can create as many pools as you want
if you have the necessary resources. Once you create the
pool you will see all the process in vSphere.
Other Projects
One of the cool things about this software is that it will push files
and software in silent mode. In other words, users my not see any
installation progress bar in their screens LANDesk will
automatically give the necessary bits to the computer. Once it is all
done user will see the icon on their desktop. LANDesk removes
software in the same way. If the computer is off for some reason or
disconnected form the network when the computer boots up the OS
or re-connects to the network, the computer will ask LANDesk if
there are any packages pending silently updates. Most of the
software is pushed by executing a msi file or creating a bat file that is
going to point to the specific location on the server or sometimes
also the license. Another useful feature is to assign privileges to
certain computers.
Making snapshot in vSphere and then deploying them in
View Admin can be easier and faster compared to
imaging computers one-by-one as well as maintaining the
software and driver updates. The IT specialist can save a
lot of time by using View Admin to create pools of
desktops and LANDesk for sharing files or installing
software silently. The down side is that if the network goes
down there is no desktop for the end user or file sharing.
Snapshot and images created must be as clean as possible
build and start virtual desktops faster and must not have
any other icons on desktop except for the recycle bin.
Vmware Thinapp can encapsulate a software and then
copy the file to the desktop or just be launched from a
server. That way there is no install or uninstall process.
Using this approach makes the image smaller.
Figure 1. Main window during the internship
Figure 4. icon for a bat file.
Figure 5. icon for a msi file.
Literature cited
Other project assign was to create thinapps of software such as
Office 2010 or Adobe Pro. A thinapp is like a software app that can
be carried on a USB and double click and launch it in any computer.
For more performance in the pools, the software it is not installed.
The app is just pushed as another file to the computer that way the
image is not to big and will be faster to launch and create.
Figure 1 Brand of the main Software use during the
Figure 2. Connection or IP for the connection server
Figure 2 Symbol of VMware view
that is use to create and view desktop
Anther project assigned during the internship was setting up
computers for students or professors. Starting from going into the
pc shop and imaging the hard drive with the OS that was requested
and assigning a tag number. Finally loading drivers if needed it and
getting the computer ready to go for a student or professor on the
campus network.
Dainen Sobelman, Ryan Bereji, Alison Kerr
Joe Welch, Andy Newton, Kelly Locke
This internship was funded by a Title V Strengthening
Transfer Pathways Grant.
For further information
Figure 3 Symbol of VMware
vSphere that was use to
create the first image for a
Figure 6.
Figure 3. Login Screen for student to enter information
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