Inside this issue: Mid-Semester is Friday March 9

CBA Newsletter
Spring 2012
Published by
Delta Sigma Pi
In cooperation with
the Dean’s Office &
the Small Business
Development Center
Volume 29 No 2
Spring 2012
138 W. Carl Wimberly
Inside this issue:
Dean’s Office
Mid-Semester is Friday
March 9
Departmental Updates
Information Systems
Small Business
Development Center
Student Organizations
CEO Club
American Marketing Assoc.
Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Gamma Sigma
Delta Sigma Pi
Financial Management Assn.
Society for Human Resource
Information Systems Assn.
Student Advisory Council
CBA Administration
Applications for Admission to the
Business Program are due. All
business majors who will be eligible,
and who are planning to start
advanced (300-400 level) business
courses in summer or fall 2012,
MUST APPLY for the program.
Applications are available at the
Dean’s Office. Late applications
may not be accepted. Applicants
who are completing some of the
admission requirements during
summer session, here or
elsewhere, must also apply by this
deadline. Not sure about the
requirement? Check the CBA
Advising website:
All major and minor changes are
due. Changes to students’ majors
and minors are done only through the
Dean’s Office. Changes will be
accepted up until mid-semester to
facilitate the registration process and
assignment of advisors. No changes
will be done after that date until
registration is over in early May.
Students planning to change to
another college (Science and
Health or Liberal Studies) must file a
“change of program” form at the new
college dean’s office. These are also
due by mid-semester, and will not be
processed after that date until
registration is complete in early May.
Program change forms are available
at the CBA Dean’s Office.
Faculty advisor assignment is noted in the
WINGS Student Center. Students should
check to confirm their assignment,
particularly new transfer and reentry
students, and those who’ve recently
changed majors. Students are expected
to visit with their advisors at least once a
Advising does not take place only at
registration time. Students are
encouraged to visit with faculty advisors
at any time. Most faculty post office
hours on their doors. If these hours are
incompatible with a class schedule,
students should talk with their advisors
about arranging another time.
Advising on the Web
Check out the registration and course
scheduling information for CBA students
at our web site:
Choose “Undergraduate Students” from
the left-side menu. Click on “Advising” for
basic information about registration
advising, and scheduling business core
requirements and majors. This
information is helpful to review before
meeting with your advisors.
The departments also have information
about their programs, careers, faculty,
student organizations, etc. You can link
to their websites from the CBA home
Checksheets outlining all degree
requirements (General Education,
Business Core, all business majors and
minors) are also available. Check the
dispensers near room 226 in Wimberly
Hall, or pick them up from the Dean’s
Office in 138 Wimberly.
Your Academic Advisement Report (AR)
degree audit is always available to you
and your faculty advisor in your WINGS
Student Center.
CBA Newsletter
Spring 2012
must obtain permission from the
Dean’s Office, in advance, if you
want to transfer the course back
to your program here.
Repeating courses may be done
only at UW-L.
Registration for Summer and
Fall 2012
Registration begins in mid-April. Some
instructions for registering are sent to
your email address by the Registrar’s
Office in late March. Summer
registration will take place a couple days
before Sem. I, 2012-13 registration
Registration advising will be available
from faculty advisors, usually by
appointment. Advisors should have sign
up sheets for appointments at this time, or
you’ll receive other information about
appointments from them. Students should
schedule appointments well in advance of
their registration time and day. Students
majoring in Accountancy and
International Business are required to
see their advisors before they may
register, and some other CBA faculty
may also restrict registration until an
advising session has taken place.
August and December 2012
Students planning to graduate are
required to get a “credit check” with
Ms. Dittman before registering for their
final semester. Call 785-8090, or stop by
the office, to schedule an appointment.
Graduates must also file an "intent to
graduate form" through the WINGS
Student Center. It’s found under “other
academics.” This should be done now, if
you haven’t already done so.
IS 220, BUS 205 and 230
Restricted Enrollment
The CBA has restricted enrollment in IS
220, IS for Bus. Management; BUS 230,
Bus. and Economic Research, and BUS
205, Legal and Ethical Environment of
Business, to students officially
declared as business majors.
Dropping a Class? The last
day to drop a full-semester class
is March 23. Drop forms may be
obtained from the Dean’s Office;
they require the instructor or
student’s faculty advisor
signature. Students may not
drop courses after this date.
Thinking about studying
abroad next year? Check this
website for all the information
about the deadlines, various
program opportunities,
scholarships, etc.
The CBA strongly encourages
this type of international
experience, and there are
opportunities for study anywhere
from three-weeks to a full
academic year…in English and
non-English speaking areas of
the world.
Class Scheduling
Summer 2012
Online offerings: Accounting Principles I
(ACC 221) during Summer I, Accounting
Principles II (ACC 222) during Summer II,
and Accounting Information Systems
(ACC 327 – writing emphasis) during
Summer III. Advanced Accounting (ACC
421) will be offered face-to-face during
Summer I.
During Summer III, the department will
offer online: The Legal and Ethical
Environment of Business (BUS 205) and
BUS 415 – Current topics in Law. The
topic this summer will be Employment
Law. BUS 415 counts as an elective in
the Management major.
Fall Semester 2012
The Department will offer all required
courses in the ACC major. In the Fall, the
department also offers ACC 301,
Taxation for Non-Accountants, an elective
in the ACC minor.
Professor Kastantin will again offer ACC
422 on International Financial Reporting
Standards. The course introduces IFRS
as a GAAP basis of reporting. ACC 421
or its equivalent is a prerequisite or it can
be taken concurrently. ACC 422 includes
financial reporting under the present IFRS
Framework and specifically addresses the
basic international financial reporting
Be sure to apply for the scholarships for
accounting majors offered through the
Department of Accountancy. You can find
the application form under Scholarships
on the department’s website at Accounting
scholarship applications were due to the
department office (412A CWH) March 1,
2012. Attendance at the banquet is a
condition of receiving a scholarship.
All accountancy majors are required to
meet with their advisors before registering
online. Carefully review your Advisement
Report before scheduling your advising
appointment and registering. Additional
information regarding advising will be
Accountancy Minor
The Twenty-ninth Annual Spring Banquet
is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25,
2012 at the Cleary Alumni & Friends
Center. All accountancy majors are
encouraged to attend. This is an excellent
opportunity to network with firms,
businesses, and UW-L alum. The
Department of Accountancy awards its
scholarships at the banquet. More
information will be forthcoming.
Advising and Registration
The accountancy minor consists of
thirteen credits: ACC 321, plus three
additional 3-credit ACC courses
numbered 300 or above. Courses taken
to satisfy the minor may be used to meet
elective requirements in other College of
Business Administration majors.
Accountancy Tutors
If you need assistance with your ACC 221
or 222 classes, tutors are available in 327
CWH. Hours are Mondays from 5:30-7:30
p.m. and Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00
Planning to complete a course
at home over the summer? If
you’re thinking about completing
a course somewhere other than
UW-La Crosse, please note you
CBA Newsletter
Spring 2012
Faculty News
Professor Kim Houser presented her
paper (co-author R. Rosacker) “A fireside
chat: The foundations of social security –
an historical and judicial assessment” at
the International Academy of Business
and Public Administration Disciplines
meeting in Florida in January.
Professor Joseph Kastantin’s paper (with
co-authors W. Maas and J. Gardner)
“2010-2011 revisions to Circular 230” was
published in the January 2012 issue of
The Tax Adviser. The three also had their
paper “Integrating Circular 230 into the
tax curriculum” published in the February
issue of The Tax Adviser.
Professor Kim Lyons presented her paper
(co-authors B. Knowles and L. Sherony)
“The accounting principles practice set:
An unstructured approach” at the 13
Annual UW-L Conference on Teaching &
Learning in September 2011. In addition,
Professor Lyons has been chosen to
represent UW-L as the 2012/2013
Wisconsin Teaching Scholar.
Professors Vivek Pande and William
Maas will be presenting “The doctors who
commit Medicare fraud” at the 2012
Business & Health Administration
Association Conference in Chicago this
Dr. Kris Rosacker presented her paper
“Business school curriculum and
corporate governance” at the Decision
Sciences Institute National Meeting in
Boston in November. In addition, her
paper (with co-author R. Rosacker) “A call
for collaborative academic and
practitioner efforts to address remoteaccess voting methods” has been
accepted for publication in the Journal of
Transforming Government: People,
Process & Policy.
Dr. Bob Rosacker presented his paper
“Audit committee financial expert: Impacts
of restatements of financial statements” at
the American Society of Business and
Behavioral Sciences meeting in Las
Vegas in February.
New Faculty
The Economics department recently
completed a successful search and
screen season during two new faculty
members, Adam Hoffer and Sheida
Teimouri, were hired. Both Adam and
Sheida graduated from West Virginia
University located in Morgantown, WV.
They will join current department member
Nabamita Dutta, to bring the total to three
WVU grads in the department.
Adam’s dissertation research focuses on
the political economy and spatial aspects
of cigarette excise taxes. In his work he
tries to explain why in 2007, the per pack
tax rate on cigarettes ranged from a high
of $2.58 in New Jersey to low of $0.07 in
South Carolina. In the spring in addition to
teaching ECO110 Adam will be teaching
ECO 320: The Economics of Sports on
Monday and Wednesday, 3:55-5:20 p.m.
Sheida’s research focuses on currency
crises and economic recovery. In her
work she tries to discern the causes of
crises which result in permanent losses in
output from those that result in temporary
losses. In the spring in addition to
ECO120, Sheida will be teaching ECO
305: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:5510:50 a.m.
Class Scheduling
The Economics of War and Peace will be
offered in the fall of 2012 under ECO 474:
Economic Forum. The course was
offered once before in the fall of 2009.
There will be three themes to the course:
(1) An examination of a War Economy,
including the Iron Law of War (an
assertion that war is good for the
economy. A new book by Adam Tooze,
The Wages of Destruction: The Making
and Breaking of the Nazi Economy will
also be considered.
(2) An examination of how the economics
of peace contribute to war. We will read
from the book that made John Maynard
Keynes famous, The Economic
Consequences of the Peace, written after
Keynes left the Treaty of Versailles
negotiation after WWI. This theme will
consider economic integration,
reparations, sanctions and appeasement
and this leads to war or peace; and
(3) The interaction between strategy and
economics. Economics analysis can help
to understand the conduct and outcome
of a war. If time permits a final topic will
include measuring the costs of war,
including some interesting analysis by
economists on the war in Iraq and
Afghanistan (for example, The Three
Trillion Dollar War, by Joseph Stiglitz and
Linda Bilmes). For more information see
Professor Glenn Knowles.
Professor John Nunley will be teaching a
course in Fall 2012 that has not been
offered in a few years: Eco 307 –
Introduction to Econometrics, Forecasting
and Time Series. The course will take an
applied approach to investigating a
number of interesting empirical questions.
What is the benefit of an additional year
of schooling? Do smaller class sizes
positively affect test scores? Is the
adoption of laws that made it easier to
divorce in the 1970s responsible for
skyrocketing divorce rates observed over
the same time period? In addition, a
portion of the course will focus on
forecasting, including making predictions
about where the stock market will be next
month and whether the economy will
expand or contract over the next quarter.
An important component of the course is
for students to learn how to use the
software package STATA, which is used
by researchers in many disciplines.
Learning to use STATA is a skill that
many employers value, making it a nice
addition to one’s résumé. Students will
learn many applied skills, including data
management, how to create and
manipulate variables, and how to
estimate and interpret the output from
various statistical models. While the
course requires some technical skills
(e.g., knowledge of elementary statistics),
it will be accessible to students from any
Faculty News
On the research side, Professor Nunley is
working with Adam Pugh, an
undergraduate student at UW-L, on a field
experiment investigating the impact of
gaps in work history and industry-specific
skills on employment opportunities. While
the project is in its early stages, Dr.
Nunley and Adam will be collecting data
over the next academic year and expect
to complete the project by Spring 2013.
Professors James Murray and Mike
Haupert of the Economics Department
are conducting research on Major League
Baseball (MLB) labor markets. Over the
CBA Newsletter
past year their work has been presented
at conferences in the U.S. and France,
and this summer another paper will be
presented at the World Congress of
Economic History in South Africa. The
first paper has been accepted for
publication in the journal Cliometrica and
will be forthcoming this summer. The
research focuses on the the causes of the
growth of MLB player wages and the
impact of large scale crises on that
growth by employing a regime switching
regression model applied to a unique data
set of baseball salaries. The data set
allows Murray and Haupert to match the
salaries of several thousand player-years
with specific measures of player
performance over a time period of nearly
a century. Over the course of the
20 century American wages increased
by a factor of about 100, while the wages
of professional baseball players increased
by a factor of 450. But that increase was
neither smooth nor consistent. In
particular, disruptions caused by two
world wars and the Great Depression
altered the path of wage progression
during the century.
Finance student receives
Congratulations go to Matt Nighbor who
applied for and received an
undergraduate research grant in the
amount of $1,185 for the research project
“A Practical Application of Relative
Strength.” Matt is being advised by Dr.
Van Dalsem. Matt has a double major in
Accountancy and Finance. The funds will
be used for stipend funding and software.
Well done, Matt!
Student Opportunities
It Make$ Cents!
Dr. Van Dalsem is a member of the It
Make$ Cents! program committee. The
goal of the committee is to implement a
university-wide financial literacy program.
If you are interested in volunteering
toward this effort or learning about the
program, please contact Dr. Van Dalsem.
Spring 2012
Gordon Spellman Fund
Through a generous alumnus donation,
finance students have the opportunity to
manage and invest real money! Students
in Portfolio Management (FIN 475) review
and present investment alternatives for
inclusion in the Spellman Fund. The
students then interact with a committee of
successful investment professionals to
finalize the Fund’s investment choices.
Advanced Financial Analysis (FIN 447)
The course is designed to prepare
students to take Level 1 of the Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. The CFA
certification is the most prestigious
professional finance certification
available. All students in the course
receive complimentary course materials
from Kaplan-Schweser, the international
leader in CFA training. This is a unique
opportunity for UW-L students as KaplanSchweser is headquartered in La Crosse.
This course is usually offered spring term.
Please contact Dr. Graham for more
Temte Scholarships
These scholarships, established by Dr.
Andrew Temte, CEO of Kaplan
Schweser, cover expenses related to
taking the CFA Level I exam and are
available to students enrolled in
Advanced Financial Analysis (FIN 447).
Scholarship winners receive course
materials, exam fees and tuition
reimbursement valued at almost $2,500.
Congratulations to Shiyan Chen, Dung
Nguyen, and Hoang Vo as this year’s
scholarship recipients.
CFA Global Investment Research
Through this competition, students
receive real-world training in equity
analysis. Business and finance students
interact with investment professionals and
top firms while getting real-world
experience in equity analysis, sell-side
research report writing, and presentation
skills. The members of the team
competing this spring are Brennen Clark,
Kelsey Kadrlik, Thao Nguyen, and
Christian Wiese. Please contact Dr. Van
Dalsem for more information.
Class Scheduling
Summer Term Courses
All summer 2012 offerings will be offered
online and offerings are contingent on
Summer I: (May 21 – June 15)
Personal Finance (FIN 207), is open to
students in all colleges and can help you
acquire the tools you need to reach your
financial goals. Also, the course is
included in the General Education
curriculum as a component of the Self
and Society category. Delivery for the
summer session will be online. Topics
covered include investing, fringe benefits,
taxes, buying a house and/or an auto,
credit, and budgets. Please contact Dr.
Van Dalsem for more information.
Principles of Financial Management (FIN
355), a requirement of the CBA core,
introduces the financial management of
the firm. Topics covered include financial
statements, working capital management,
cost of capital, capital budgeting, capital
structure, types of capital, and the time
value of money. Prerequisites include
ECO 110, ECO 120, and ACC 220.
Please contact Professor Tempski for
more information.
Summer II: (June 18 – July 13)
Principles of Insurance (FIN 360), open to
all CBA majors, students learn about a
variety of risk management concepts,
insurance industry practices, and
common insurance contracts. Although
the course is primarily an introduction to
the topic of risk management for the firm,
some attention is given to personal
insurance for the home, automobile, life,
and health. The prerequisite for FIN 360
is completion of ACC 221. The course is
a writing emphasis course. Please
contact Dr. Tippins for more information.
Summer III: (July 16 – August 10)
Money and Capital Markets (FIN 390), a
finance major requirement, provides an
overview of financial securities, financial
markets, and financial institutions.
Students will consider the risks inherent in
financial securities and financial
institutions and analyze those financial
securities and processes available to
hedge risk. The factors influencing
interest rates will also be discussed. FIN
355 is a prerequisite. Contact Dr. Wolf for
more information.
Fall Term Courses
Finance Group I Electives
Advanced Financial Planning (FIN 407)
covers a variety of personal financial
planning topics such as retirement
planning, educational planning, mutual
fund investing, taxes, and estate
planning. The course is a requirement for
the Risk, Insurance and Financial
Planning Concentration, but may be taken
by any finance major with senior class
standing. The prerequisites for this course
are FIN 355 and senior standing, but FIN
207 and FIN 360 are useful. Contact Dr.
Wolf for more information.
Financial Modeling (FIN 437), available to
any finance major, focuses on the
CBA Newsletter
development of Excel-based models to
analyze a variety of personal and
professional finance problems. Specific
topics include creating programs in Visual
Basic, asset pricing techniques, and
sensitivity analysis. The prerequisite for
the course is FIN 355. Talk to Dr. Van
Dalsem if you would like more
Portfolio Management (FIN 475), which
has FIN 380 as a prerequisite, provides
students with a more in-depth
investigation of the concepts of risk and
risk reduction through portfolio
construction, as well as various methods
for measuring an investor’s return on
investment. Additional attention is paid to
derivative securities (primarily options and
futures) that are frequently mentioned in
the financial press. Students enrolled in
Portfolio Management manage the
student-directed Spellman Portfolio.
Contact Dr. Thomas for more information.
Finance Group II, Elective Principles of
Insurance (FIN 360) Please see the
course description under Summer Term
Courses: Summer II.
Finance Group III Elective Principles of
Business Sustainability (FIN 400, also
cross-listed with ECO 474 and MGT 400)
is an introduction to sustainable business
management. The relationships between
social, environmental, and business
systems are explored and the tools,
techniques, and practices of sustainable
business management are introduced.
Challenges to existing business theory
will embrace a new ecological perspective
of business that includes an introduction
to complexity theory, systems thinking,
evolutionary economics, and biomimicry.
The specific topics of the triple-bottom
line, full-cost accounting, green
marketing, human rights and social equity
are explored within the context of local
and global ecosystems and a broadened
mission for “sustainable” business in the
21st century. Guest speakers and visits
to local businesses on the sustainability
cutting-edge are planned. This course will
be taught by Dr. Anderson from the
Economics Department.
General Education Elective Personal
Finance (FIN 207) See the course
description under Summer Term Courses:
Summer I. This fall, Personal Finance will
be offered face-to-face. Please contact
Professor Brye, Professor Tempski, or
Professor Tippins for more information.
Advising and Registration
The department will email informational
material on advising and registration at
the end of March. Please carefully review
Spring 2012
your Advisement Report, available on
WINGS, before scheduling your advising
appointment and registering.
Faculty Notes
Dr. Wolf published “Religious Giving as a
Guide to the Principles of Good Taxation,”
in Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy,
2012 [Volume 13, No. 1]. Dr. Wolf serves
as a community member on the AssetLiability Committee for Marine Credit
Union. He also serves on the UW System
Tax Sheltered Annuity Investment
Dr. Yang presented “Information Horizon
and Informed Trader’s Order Choices” at
the Southwest Finance Association
Meeting in New Orleans.
Dr. Graham is a member of the Select
Committee on Internationalization at UWL. She also is the advisor for Delta Sigma
Pi Professional Business Fraternity.
Dr. Tippins is the President of the Board
of Directors at the Viroqua Food
Cooperative and serves on the
NeighborWorks Insurance Alliance Board.
Dr. Tippins is also the advisor for
Financial Management Association
Student Chapter and the UW-L Lacrosse
Club. Please note opportunities for
involvement with the FMA student chapter
elsewhere in the newsletter.
Professor Tempski will be attending the
MBAA annual meeting in Chicago at the
end of March. She also serves as the
advisor for the College Republicans.
Tutors & Other Assistance
If you need a little help to understand your
latest finance assignment or lecture, we
urge you to visit our tutors located in
406E Wimberly Hall. Thao Nguyen will
be pleased to help you with your
questions. Administrative assistance can
be obtained from our program assistant,
Ms. Maureen Spencer, whose office is in
404 Wimberly Hall.
No Personnel Changes
There has been no faculty or staff
turnover in the Information Systems (IS)
Department since the last release of the
CBA newsletter in fall 2011. Since the
Department did not receive any new
faculty position from all rounds of the
GQ&A Initiative, no recruitment activities
have taken place.
Summer Course Offerings
Mr. David Annino has developed an
online version of the IS 220 course which
is under departmental consideration of
being offered in the coming summer. A
decision on this new course offering will
be made before the spring break, in time
for summer course registration.
Fall Course Offerings
With the anticipation of a larger than
usual CBA sophomore class this fall, the
Department is planning to offer 8 sections
of IS 220, providing up to 240 seats for
CBA students only. However, due to
faculty shortage, one evening lecture
section and 5 discussion sections will be
taught by adjunct instructors. Two
sections of IS 330 will be offered by Dr.
Dai and two sections of IS 401 will be
taught by Dr. Haried, while Dr. Wen will
continue to offer the IS 410/510
(Information Security Management)
course, which can be taken by IS majors,
minors, and the MBA students as an
International Programs
As a part of his effort in program
maintenance and student recruitment for
the joint MBA programs with the National
Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
(NKUAS) and the National First University
of Science and Technology (NKFUST) in
Taiwan, Dr. Wen visited these two
universities in November 2011. He made
presentations to promote the programs
and also met with prospective students
who have expressed interest in joining
our programs. With the continuing support
of Dr. Wang of the NKUAS and Dr. Sun of
the NKFUST, these two programs are
sustaining and prospering. We are
hopeful that once CBA’s new MBA and
International Programs Director takes
over program administration in the near
future, the join programs will be further
At the front end of his Asian trip in
November 2011 Dr. Wen visited two
universities in Xi’an, China: Eurasia
CBA Newsletter
University and Xijing University. The
purpose of the visit to Eurasia was to
continue our collaboration in building a
2+2 undergraduate degree program in
Finance. Dr. Wen made on- site teaching
evaluation in 3 accounting classes as well
as in one business English class. The
discussion on the details of the curriculum
has been on-going. During his visit to the
Xijing University, a memorandum of
understanding was signed by President
Ren. Under this established relationship
UW-L and Xijing were to first develop a
non-degree exchange program at the
undergraduate level. This program
building task was subsequently carried
out by Dr. Wen with assistance from the
Office of International Education, after his
return from Asia. As of this writing, an
exchange program agreement with Xijing
University is ready to be signed by both
universities and the first Xijing students
can come to the CBA as early as in the
coming fall.
Online Program Updates
The long awaited UW consortium online
program in healthcare information
management and technology (HIMT) was
approved by the State last December and
is now slated to start in the coming
September. Although UW-L will not offer
the degree of this program, the IS
department as a program participant is
responsible for offering six new courses
to the program. For fall 2012, Dr. Yang
will offer the IS 321/HIMT 320 course
(Survey of Information Technology in
Healthcare) and Dr. Wen will offer the IS
340/HIMT 340 course (Ethics, Security
Management, and Compliance). The
remaining four courses will be offered by
Drs. Dai, Haried, and Wen between
spring 2013 and spring 2014. As to the
online Health and Wellness Management
(HWM) program, of which UW-La Crosse
is a member campus, Dr. Yang is
teaching the HWM 330 course in the
current semester. This is a sister course
of the IS 321/HIMT 320 course that the IS
department offers as a service to the
HWM program.
While the fact that the six online courses
the IS department will offer to the HIMT
program are not available to the UW-L
students might obscure the purpose of
this departmental effort, our true cause for
the undertaking has been in repositioning
the Department. As we have identified
health information technology
management as our new strategic focus,
we are carrying out a department-wide
faculty capacity building program that
includes acquiring subject area expertise
via attending various academic as well as
industry conferences, workshops, and
symposiums, receiving online course
Spring 2012
training, and engaging in related research
activities, in addition to the development
of the six online courses. We are
confident that our concerted effort will
prepare us well to play a major role in
supporting the CBA’s strategic initiative of
offering a healthcare administration
program which will inevitably
encompasses a heavy component in
health information technology
management. However, for the next two
years, our intermediate goal is to
establish an attractive IS major with
healthcare information technology
management concentration and a useful
minor in the same area by utilizing the onsite versions of the six new online
courses. A design of the proposed
programs had been shared with CBA
dean’s office last semester and we are
still waiting for the support from the
Faculty Research Output
Refereed JOURNAL
Dai, H., Salam, A. F. (2011),
“Antecedents and Consequents of
Service Consumption Experience in
Electronic Mediated Environment:
Empirical Evidence from Electronic
Service Industry in China,” Journal of
System and Management Sciences
(JSMS), Vol.1, No.1, pp.131-139
Dai, H., Haried, P., and Salam, A. F.
(2012). Antecedents of Online Service
Quality, Commitment and Loyalty, Journal
of Computer Information Systems,
Accepted (Sept. 2011) and Forthcoming.
Hu, T., Zhang, X., Dai, H., Zhang, P.
(2011) “An examination of gender
differences among college students in
their usage perceptions of the internet,”
Education and Information Technologies,
Haried, P., and Dai, H. (2012). “The
Evolution of Information Systems
Offshoring Research: A Past, Present and
Future Meta Analysis Review,” Journal of
International Technology and Information
Management, Accepted (Sept. 2011) and
Conference Proceedings
Peng, K., Wen. K. and Fu, J. (2012),
“Relationship Bonding In Garment
Retailing - The Moderating Role of
Channel Type,” in Proceedings of the
2012 Western Decision Sciences Institute
Annual Meeting, Forthcoming.
Book Chapters
Yang, K. and Lee, S., In Kim, J. K. (Ed.),
The Gap in Adopting among Developing,
Newly Developed and Developed
Countries in South Korea: Economics,
Political and Social Issues. Nova.
Staff Updates
A chance to say farewell and thank you
for a job well done: After 20 years of truly
dedicated service, Dr. Leticia Pena will be
retiring from UW-L at the end of this
semester. Please take the time remaining
to thank her for her inspiring teaching and
generous giving, and to wish her well on
her well-earned retirement. Her good
cheer and graciousness will be sorely
Good news to report on our two
departmental searches. We were
successful in both and look forward to
welcoming both Christa Kiersch and
Henry Pertersen to the department this
Fall. Christa’s energy and efforts will be
focused primarily on the areas of
organization behavior, leadership, and
human resource management, with a
touch of Yoga thrown in! Trust me . . .it all
connects! Meanwhile, Henry’s focus will
be primarily on our capstone course,
sustainability, and the interface of
business experience, electrical
engineering, and cellular-molecular
biology! Ok, I am only partially kidding.
But Henry does have a fascinating
background with lots of exciting
connections to be made for our students
and for our department. More details to
Special opportunities for
Under the heading of “back by popular
demand,” Dr. Gullekson, along with Dr.
McManus in Marketing, will again be
helping lead a group of students to
Bratislava, Slovakia, as participants in the
Global Consulting Program. In this 16-day
summer abroad program (June 28-July
14), students from different countries and
backgrounds work together on project
teams, with real companies, to research
and propose solutions to real business
problems. Scholarships are available and
interested parties should contact Dr.
Gullekson for further details.
CBA Newsletter
Future course offerings
Summer Course Offerings: The
department will again be offering MGT
449, MGT 393 and MGT 308 in the first
session of Summer School (May 21—
June 14). Dr. Ross will offer MGT 308, MF, from 8:30—11:50, for 3 weeks. Dr.
Stapleton will offer MGT 393, M—F, from
11:00—2:20, for 3 weeks. Dr. Shabana
will teach MGT 449, M—Th, from 7:45—
10:15, for 4 weeks.
Quick look ahead and heads-up to IB
student advisors: MGT 484 International
Human Resource Management will be
offered as an elective in the Fall, and will
be taught by Dr. Gullekson. (Tuesday
evenings, 5:30—8:15).
Spring 2012
Senior Marketing Student
Monica Bohl, Named Top
Salesperson in Midwest
Competition, will Compete in
National Collegiate Sales
Dr. Gullekson also published the following
Gullekson, N. L., & Tucker, M. L. (in
press). An examination of the relationship
between emotional intelligence and
intercultural growth for students studying
abroad. Journal of the Academy of
Business Education.
Tucker, M. L., Gullekson, N. L., &
McCabridge, J. (2011, December).
Assurance of learning in short-term,
study abroad programs. Research in
Higher Education Journal,
Gullekson, N. L., Tucker, M. L., Wright,
S., & Coombs, G. (2011). Examining
intercultural growth in short-term study
abroad programs: Too good to be true?
Journal of Teaching in International
Business, 22(1), 91-106.
A local competition is being planned for
early fall semester 2012 to select UW-L
marketing students for next year’s Great
Northwoods Sales Warm-Up to be held
November 8-10, 2012.
Marketing Professors
Offering Summer
Educational Experiences in
China and Slovakia
Knowledge of other cultures, crosscultural communication skills, and
experience in international business are
among the top skills sought by companies
involved in global business.
Dr. Ross collaborated once again with
Drs. Chen and Yang to publish a paper,
“Personality and Motivational Factors
Predicting Internet Abuse at Work,” in
Cyberpsychology: Journal of
Psychological Research on Cyberspace.
(Vol. 5, No. 5)
Campus Connection, November 17,
2011) Monica will compete in the National
Collegiate Sales Competition in
Kennesaw, GA in early March.
Monica Bohl (middle) shown with
runner ups from Baylor University
and Illinois State University. Photo
courtesy of UW-Eau Claire
The Marketing senior from Muskego was
named overall champion at the fifth Great
Northwoods Sales Warm-up collegiate
competition Nov. 10-12 at UW-Eau Claire.
Bohl brought home a trophy, $1,500 and
a $1,000 custom Tom James business
suit. She also received several job offers.
The competitive sales event included 48
students from 16 universities in nine
states. Runner-ups were from Baylor
University (Waco, Texas) and Illinois
State University (Normal, Ill.) The two
other UW-L students in the competition
were Kristen Anderson and Lindsey
Sjobeck. Sjobeck was named school
champion, which excluded overall
winners, and received an iPad, $150 and
a trophy. The three were given marketing
cases from Hormel and SuperValu in midOctober before role-playing in front of
judges at the competition. Bohl and the
other two finalists then took a new
challenge. They were given 30 minutes to
prepare and then role-played in front of
judges while the other competitors
watched via TV. Associate Lecturer of
Marketing Susan Whitewater, who
coached the UW-L students, says her
team entered the competition prepared
and motivated. “They worked together as
a team even though at the event they
competed against each other,” she notes.
“All three did well and I’m proud of how
they finished.” (Article edited from
China -- Dr. Stephen Brokaw, in
conjunction with International Business
Seminar Tours (IBS Tours), will be
offering an opportunity to experience
China in the summer of 2012. The
purpose of the program is to allow
students the opportunity to be exposed to
the international business environment
and practices outside the United States.
The seminars provide insights into the
cultural, social and political environments
of each country visited. This is a unique
way for individuals interested in pursuing
a career in international business to view
first-hand international business practices
while experiencing the excitement of
traveling outside the United States
The China program has been
preapproved by the CBA International
Business Advisory Committee (IBAC) to
meet the “Out-of-Country Experience”
requirement for IB majors, and is open to
all CBA juniors and seniors. Interested
students may learn more by visiting Dr.
Brokaw in CWH 33E; by email at:; by visiting the UWL
Office of International Education website;
or the IBS Tours website.
IBS Tours is an international travel and
business firm with over 30 years
experience offering such opportunities to
business students. Dr. Brokaw traveled
with IBS Tours to London, Brussels and
Paris during the Winter break as a
member of the “Winter 2” program in
preparation for offering this opportunity to
UW-L students.
Slovakia – Drs. Kristy McManus and
Nicole Gullekson (Management) will be
leading a group of students on the Global
Consulting Program (GCP), a 16-day
CBA Newsletter
study abroad program in
Bratislava, Slovakia, June 29-July 14,
2012. This program will bring together
students from different countries and
backgrounds to work together in teams to
research and propose solutions for real
local companies and to apply their
academic knowledge in real-life situations
while gaining international consulting
experience. This program is open to
Junior or Senior CBA majors and will
count for 6 credit hours in either
Marketing or Management (MGT/MKT
400; MGT/MKT 499). The CBA will
provide $1,500 scholarships to help
defray expenses associated with
international travel for qualified students.
For more information on the program go
to: or contact
Kristy McManus at (Marketing) or
Nicole Gullekson (Management)
First Annual Marketing Banquet
to be Held in April
The Marketing Department, along with the
American Marketing Association student
organization, is planning to host the first
annual Marketing Banquet to honor top
marketing students, outstanding AMA
members, graduating seniors and
marketing Beta Gamma Sigma inductees.
The date is tentatively planned for April
20, 2012. More information will be
forthcoming. We hope to see you there!
American Marketing
Association Members
Attending International
Collegiate Conference
Spring 2012
New Orleans, LA in late March, along with
faculty advisors, Kristy McManus and
Susan Whitewater. The theme of the
conference is Marketing: Always
Evolving, and will feature a wide array of
speakers providing information on how
marketing has evolved for them and what
students can do to improve their own
skills. The conference also includes
leadership sessions on how to improve
your chapter and yourself, along with
networking events.
Dr. Kristy McManus will present the
paper, "Gone but Not Forgotten:
Exploring the Underlying Meaning and
Motives in Gift-Giving to the Deceased" at
the 2012 Academy of Marketing Science
Annual Conference in May in New
Future Course Offerings that
may be of Interest to Students
MKT 309, Marketing Principles,
will be offered online in summer
2012. The class will run from May
21 – June 29, 2012. Marketing
Principles is a prerequisite course
for all other courses in the MKT
MKT 400, Sustainable Marketing,
is a new course that will be offered
in fall 2012. Sustainability is a
growing issue in society and
business. It impacts marketing in
many ways – new product
development, promotion,
packaging, pricing, product
disposal and environmental
impact. Green Marketing, or
sustainable marketing, is a branch
of the sustainability concept and is
a marketing strategy that
emphasizes protecting the natural
environment. This course is a 400level university elective for
marketing majors.
MKT 445, International
Marketing Strategies, is planned
to be offered in fall 2012. MKT 445
is a study of policy and strategy
formulation in the context of
international marketing. Emphasis
is placed on both the theory and
application of international
marketing decision processes. This
course is an elective course for the
IB major and a 400 level university
elective for Marketing majors.
Faculty Scholarship
Danielle Wiedmeyer (left photo) and Cara
Conway (right photo), American
Marketing Association members, will be
attending the 34th Annual AMA
International Collegiate Conference in
and Value Estimation Pricing." It will be
published sometime in 2012.
Dr. James Finch and Dr. Maggie
McDermott, had a paper accepted for
publication in the Journal of the
International Academy for Case Studies.
The title of the article is: "Pricing REI
Membership: The Use of Segmentation
Do You Want a Career in
Global Business?
Globalization is exciting and filled with
tremendous career opportunities. Global
marketing, global management, trade
finance, and supply chain management
are several of the growing fields. To help
prepare business people within the 7
Rivers Region and upper Midwest, the
UW-La Crosse Small Business
Development Center (SBDC) is again
offering its Certified Global Business
Professional (CGBP) Series on MondayThursday, May 14 - 17. The CGBP Series
also serves as a preparatory course for
the CGBP exam. Visit for details. Grant
funding may be available to provide
access to this valuable international trade
The CGBP credential fosters global
business practices and is a nationally
recognized international business
credential. Four members of CBA faculty
have already earned the credential: Barb
Eide, Accounting; Stephen Brokaw,
Marketing; Gail Gillis, Management, and
Lise Graham, Finance.
CBA Newsletter
Spring 2012
The Collegiate Entrepreneurs
Organization (CEO) provides UW-L
students with networking opportunities
with businesses and entrepreneurs in the
La Crosse and tri-state area. CEO is a
national organization that provides
stakeholders with an opportunity to learn,
first-hand from professionals, how to start
a business or distinguish yourself
amongst your peers. Meetings will
include speakers who will discuss how
they got started on their business, how to
avoid the mistakes they have made, etc.
Business plan competitions will be held
and students will have the potential to
draw investor interest in their business
ideas. E-mail Jon Holthaus
( or search for
“La Crosse CEO Club” on Facebook if
you have any questions or have interest
in joining.
The American Marketing Association
(AMA) provides students with the
opportunity to be part of an on-campus
group interested in current marketing
practices, gaining leadership experience
and applying classroom knowledge,
which enhances members’ marketing
Spring 2012 is off to a great start! AMA
has grown significantly in the past year
and has a busy semester ahead. Events
planned include hosting professional
speakers, a blood drive, an end of the
year Marketing banquet, the annual
Alumni Panel, and much more. Members
remain active in the community by
volunteering at the Children’s Museum
and serving meals at the Salvation Army.
Not only is AMA about hard work, but
having fun is important as well! Socials
planned for the spring include skiing,
paintballing and bowling.
For more information come to the weekly
general meetings on Wednesday nights
at 6:00pm in Centennial RM 2212. It’s
never too late to join! If you are interested
in joining and/or want to learn more
please email us at
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is a national honors
fraternity for financial information
professionals. Accountancy majors as
well as IS and Finance majors with an
accountancy minor, are welcome to join
BAP. Students are eligible to become
members after earning 60 credits,
obtaining at least a 3.0 GPA, and
completing Intermediate Accounting (ACC
321). BAP is an excellent opportunity to
meet people, network with professionals,
enhance your resume, learn more about
career opportunities, and get involved in
the community through a variety of
service projects. This year, members will
have the opportunity to attend the
regional meeting in Chicago, IL and the
national meeting in Baltimore, MD.
Meetings are held Wednesday evenings
at 5:30 p.m. in 2205 Centennial Hall. At
the meetings, students will have the
opportunity to interact with professionals
and gain knowledge about the business
world for their future endeavors. For
information on upcoming meetings, look
for BAP signs. If you are interested in
learning more about our organization,
please visit our website at
We have a lot of great speakers and
activities planned for this semester.
Come check us out!
Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society
associated only with AACSB-International
accredited business programs. It is
nationally recognized as the business
education counterpart of liberal arts and
science education’s Phi Beta Kappa.
Beta Gamma Sigma is open to business
majors who rank in the top 10% of the
junior and senior classes, and top 20% of
the MBA program.
Invitations to membership will be sent out
in late March. If you receive one, we
strongly encourage you to accept this
special acknowledgement of your
academic achievement.
Questions about Beta Gamma Sigma can
be referred to chapter president,
Professor Thomas Hench,
Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a co-ed
professional business fraternity organized
to foster the study of business in
universities and the association of
students for their mutual advancement by
research and practice. DSP is one of the
largest and most well known professional
business fraternities, having more than
300 collegiate and alumni chapters and
over 235,000 members nationwide. The
Eta Rho chapter here at UW-L is one of
the largest collegiate chapters within DSP
with 64 active members and 20 pledges
this semester. Delta Sigma Pi is a perfect
opportunity for business majors to get
involved in the campus community, make
new friends, and advance both personally
and professionally.
Each semester, DSP performs community
service projects such as Adopt-AHighway, Polar Plunge, and Relay for
Life; fundraising efforts such as brat barns
and assistance with Family Fest; and
professional activities such as lecturers,
company tours, and Prep For Success.
Whether you are interested in
participating in these activities,
networking with other business majors
and business professionals, or becoming
a part of something significant and
meaningful, DSP is just the organization
for you.
By becoming a member in Delta SigmaPi,
you will learn valuable lessons and make
long-lasting friendships that will provide
you with great memories and meaningful
experiences which will serve you well into
the future. As the current 64 members in
DSP will readily agree, joining Delta
Sigma Pi is one decision in your college
career that you will not regret! To learn
CBA Newsletter
more about DSP and how to become a
member, visit
The Financial Management Association
(FMA) is a campus club for finance
majors and other dedicated business
majors to expand their knowledge of
finance and improve their leadership
capabilities through multiple club
sponsored events and gatherings
including: guest speakers, volunteer
activities, club challenges, and social
events - among others.
The FMA is comprised of a dedicated
group of welcoming members that intend
on improving their business and finance
knowledge and enhancing their UW-L
experience. This year, the Financial
Management Association is striving to
improve their significance to the UW-L
and La Crosse community and make a
name for the club on campus. If you
would like to be a part of this ongoing
commitment, please contact Brennen
Clark ( or Linglong
Wang ( for more
information and upcoming club activities!
Spring 2012
caters to all majors because HR skills are
critical no matter what industry or career
you are in. Participation in this group
helps students develop personal jobseeking skills and advice about what
employers are looking for!
A huge
congratulations goes
out to the group for
receiving the 20092010 Merit Award as
well as the 20102011 Superior Merit
Award! They have worked extremely
hard to develop an
effective student
chapter and received
specialized plaques
to display in the
Department. UW-L
SHRM will be
recognized in national publications and at
its conferences.
SHRM members have the opportunity to
meet employers by attending state
conferences, volunteer at various
locations in the La Crosse area, listen to
professional speakers, receive help
preparing for the PHR exam, participate
in the group’s application for this year’s
Merit Award program, network with HR
professionals, and much more!
Meetings are held every other
Wednesday at 5:30 pm in 2201
Centennial Hall. Look for SHRM signs
and e-mails for upcoming meetings. If
you are interested in learning more about
our organization, contact Jessica Subach
at or Greg Wirtz
at We are looking
forward to another great semester and
hope to see you at the meetings!
The Society for Human Resource
Management (SHRM) is the world’s
largest association devoted to human
resource management. Representing
more than 250,000 professional and
student members in over 140 countries,
the Society has more than 575 affiliated
professional chapters and more than 450
student chapters within the United States.
The UW-L SHRM Chapter provides
information to students through activities,
speakers, and networking opportunities
with business professionals. SHRM
Under the supervision of Dr. Haried, the
Information Systems Association (ISA)
has planned a number of speaker
presentations and activities for the Spring
2012 semester. Speakers will be
discussing information systems (IS)
careers, internships, experiences, and
new developments in the information
systems (IS) field. Be on the lookout for
flyers describing our guest speakers from:
Federated Insurance, LSS Data Systems,
TekSystems, TDS and Xylo
IS majors/minors and all CBA students
are strongly encouraged to join and
participate in ISA. Our meetings are
excellent opportunities for networking as
well as gaining first-hand knowledge of
the IS field and its critical impact on
Contact Dr. Haried
@ or the ISA
president Hoang Vo
@ for more
The Student Advisory Council for the
School of Business (SAC) is a student run
organization on campus that actively
works with the CBA dean’s office.
Members of SAC develop professional
skills, network with faculty, staff, and local
businesses. SAC also has great
leadership opportunities to help students
gain experience and to become more
active on-campus. This semester we will
be doing business tours, workshops,
polar plunge, and helping with graduation.
We meet every Monday at 7:15 p.m. in
104 CWH, feel free to stop by anytime. If
you have any questions, or would like
more information please contact Emily
Rainey at
CBA Newsletter
Spring 2012
Accountancy ............................................................................................... Dr. Barbara Eide
Economics ...................................................................................................... Dr. TJ Brooks
Finance ....................................................................................................... Dr. Lise Graham
Information Systems ..............................................................................Dr. Kuang-Wei Wen
Management ................................................................................................. Dr. Tom Hench
Marketing ........................................................................................... Dr. Gwen Achenreiner
Small Business Development Center .............................................. Anne Hlavacka, Director
Assistant to the Dean .................................................................................... Amelia Dittman
Associate Dean .............................................................................................. Dr. Bruce May
Dean ................................................................................................... Dr. William Colclough