Inside this issue: Mid-Semester is Friday October 19

CBA Newsletter
Fall 2012
Published by
Delta Sigma Pi
In cooperation with
the Dean’s Office &
the Small Business
Development Center
Volume 30 No 1
Fall 2012
138 W. Carl Wimberly
Inside this issue:
Dean’s Office
Mid-Semester is Friday
October 19
Departmental Updates
Information Systems
Small Business
Development Center
Student Organizations
CEO Club
American Marketing Assoc.
Beta Alpha Psi
Beta Gamma Sigma
Delta Sigma Pi
Financial Management Assn.
Society for Human Resource
Information Systems Assn.
Student Advisory Council
CBA Administration
Applications for admission to the
Business Program are due. All
business majors who will be eligible,
and who are planning to start
advanced (300-400 level) business
courses in winter session or
spring 2013, MUST APPLY for the
program. Applications are available
at the Dean’s Office. Late
applications may not be accepted.
Applicants who are completing
some of the admission
requirements during winter (Jterm)
session, here or elsewhere, must
also apply by this deadline. Not
sure about the requirement? Check
the CBA Advising website:
All major and minor changes are
due. Changes to students’ majors
and minors are done only through the
Dean’s Office. Changes will be
accepted up until mid-semester to
facilitate the registration process and
assignment of advisors. No changes
will be done after that date until
registration is over in early
Students planning to change to
another college (Science and
Health or Liberal Studies) must file a
“change of program” form at the new
college dean’s office. These are also
due by mid-semester, and will not be
processed after that date until
registration is complete in early
December. Program change forms
are available at the CBA Dean’s
Faculty advisor assignment is noted in the
WINGS Student Center. Students should
check to confirm their assignment,
particularly new transfer and reentry
students, and those who’ve recently
changed majors. Students are expected
to visit with their advisors at least once a
Advising does not take place only at
registration time. Students are
encouraged to visit with faculty advisors
at any time. Most faculty post office
hours on their doors. If these hours are
incompatible with a class schedule,
students should talk with their advisors
about arranging another time.
Advising Information
on the Web, etc.
Check out the registration and course
scheduling information for CBA students
at our web site:
Choose “Undergraduate Students” from
the left-side menu. Click on “Advising” for
basic information about registration
advising, and scheduling business core
requirements and majors. This
information is helpful to review before
meeting with your advisors.
The departments also have information
about their programs, careers, faculty,
student organizations, etc. You can link
to their websites from the CBA home
Checksheets outlining all degree
requirements (General Education,
Business Core, all business majors and
minors) are also available. Check the
dispensers near room 226 in Wimberly
Hall, or pick them up from the Dean’s
Office in 138 Wimberly.
Your Academic Advisement Report (AR)
degree audit is always available to you
and your faculty advisor in your WINGS
Student Center.
CBA Newsletter
Fall 2012
Dean’s Office, in advance, if you
want to transfer the course back
to your program here.
Repeating courses may be done
only at UW-L.
Registration for Spring 2013
Registration begins in mid-November.
Some instructions for registering are sent
to your email address by the Registrar’s
Office in late October. Winter session
registration will take place a couple days
before Sem. II, 2012-13 registration
Registration advising will be available
from faculty advisors, usually by
appointment. Advisors should have sign
up sheets for appointments at this time, or
you’ll receive other information about
appointments from them. Students should
schedule appointments well in advance of
their registration time and day. Students
majoring in Accountancy and
International Business are required to
see their advisors before they may
register, and some other CBA faculty
may also restrict registration until an
advising session has taken place.
May 2013 Graduates
Students planning to graduate are
required to get a “credit check” with
Ms. Dittman before registering for their
final semester. Call 785-8090, or stop by
the office, to schedule an appointment.
Graduates must also file an "intent to
graduate form" through the WINGS
Student Center. It’s found under “other
academics.” This should be done now, if
you haven’t already done so.
IS 220, BUS 205 and 230
Restricted Enrollment
The CBA has restricted enrollment in IS
220, IS for Bus. Management; BUS 230,
Bus. and Economic Research, and BUS
205, Legal and Ethical Environment of
Business, to students officially
declared as business majors.
Thinking about studying
abroad next year? Check this
website for all the information
about the deadlines, various
program opportunities,
scholarships, etc.
The CBA strongly encourages
this type of international
experience, and there are
opportunities for study anywhere
from three-weeks to a full
academic year…in English and
non-English speaking areas of
the world.
Hoeschler Graduating
Senior Award
The prestigious Hoeschler Award is given
each year to an outstanding CBA
graduate from the academic year classes.
Graduates from the 2012 August and
December classes, as well as the May
2013 class, are invited to apply.
Applications may be obtained from the
Dean’s Office, 138 Wimberly Hall. They
will be due by the first week in March
2013. The cash award is presented at
the May commencement ceremony.
The Hoeschler Award recognizes a
business graduate who has demonstrated
outstanding achievement in their
undergraduate program, with emphasis
given to those who have been involved as
leaders in special projects, community
and entrepreneurial endeavors, and
organizations, and who have
demonstrated a creative approach to
identifying, planning and executing one or
more projects.
Welcome: New Faculty
This fall the department welcomes Dr.
Steven Thornburg, Dr. Eddward Herron
and Professor Julie Ancius. Dr. Thornburg
received his Ph.D. from the University of
Central Florida. He also has a master’s
degree from UCF and a bachelor’s
degree from the University of Alaska –
Anchorage. This fall he is teaching
Intermediate II and Principles of
Managerial Accounting. His research
interests include professional regulation
and public affairs.
Dr. Herron recently completed his Ph.D.
at Oklahoma State University. He has two
master’s degrees from Southern Illinois
University and a bachelor’s degree from
Florida Southern College. This fall he is
teaching Principles of Financial
Accounting. His research interests include
auditing, fraud examination and financial
institution supervision and regulation.
Julie Ancius joins us after many years in
the corporate world. Most recently, she
was Director of Corporate Taxation for
Reinhart Foodservice, LLC, La Crosse.
She has a Master’s of Business Taxation
from the University of Minnesota.
Currently she is teaching Principles of
Financial Accounting, but this spring she
will be sharing her extensive tax
experience by delivering a special topics
course in tax (ACC 400).
In addition to welcoming three new
faculty, the department welcomes back
Dr. Ken Winter after a year’s leave of
absence to teach at the University of
Wisconsin – Madison.
Dropping a Class? The last
day to drop a full-semester class
is October 26. Drop forms may
be obtained from the Dean’s
Office; they require the instructor
or student’s faculty advisor
signature. Students may not
drop courses after this date.
The Department of Accountancy office is
now located in 415 CWH. The move
necessitated the relocation of several
faculty in Accountancy and Business Law.
Faculty offices are located in 223 and 339
CWH, in addition to the 412 suite.
Planning to complete a course
at home over the winter
session? If you’re thinking
about completing a course
somewhere other than UW-La
Crosse, please note you must
obtain permission from the
CBA Newsletter
Course Scheduling
Winter Intersession 2013
The Department of Accountancy plans to
offer both ACC 221 (R. Rosacker) and
ACC 222 (K. Lyons) online during the
Winter Intersession 2013.
Spring Semester 2013
Other than ACC 421, all required ACC
courses will be offered. ACC 327 and
ACC 430 are writing emphasis courses.
ACC 350 – Income Tax Practicum (2
credit elective) will not be offered this
spring. In its place the department will
offer ACC 400 – Special Topics in Tax
(3 credit elective). The course will run for
the entire semester meeting on Monday
and Wednesday afternoons. The course
includes the instruction and practical
application in areas of taxation affecting
individuals and businesses, reinforcing
some ACC 330 tax concepts, introducing
several concepts covered in ACC 430,
and introducing new tax topics.
Prerequisite is either ACC 301 or ACC
BUS 205 and BUS 305 will be offered this
spring. BUS 405 is currently being offered
this fall and will not be offered in the
Advising and Registration
All accountancy majors are required to
meet with their advisors before registering
online. Carefully review your Advisement
Report before scheduling your advising
appointment and registering. Additional
information regarding advising will be
Accountancy Tutors
If you need assistance with your ACC 221
or ACC 222 class, tutors are available in
210 CWH. Hours are Monday evenings
from 4:00 – 6:00 pm and Wednesday
evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
Faculty News
Gardner, J., Eide, B., May, B., and May,
D. (2012). Interpretations of SSTS No.1,
Tax Return Positions. The Tax Adviser,
43(5), 318-325.
Fall 2012
Lyons, K. and Eide, B. “I don’t understand
why they don’t understand: An
assessment tool to find and fill the
potholes in accounting principles
courses.” Paper presented at Conference
on Teaching and Learning in Accounting.
Washington, D.C. (August 2012).
Maas, W., and Wolf, R. “Maximizing
Investor Return and Wealth Using Asset
Location Strategies.” Paper presented at
2012 Academy of Finance Conference.
Chicago, IL (March 2012).
Pande, V. and Maas, W. “The physicians
who commit Medicare fraud.” Paper
presented at 2012 Business and Health
Administration Association Conference.
Chicago, IL (March 2012).
Rosacker, K., Rosacker, R., and
Zuckweller, K. “Internal control
implications of Cloud computing.” Paper
to be presented at Decision Sciences
Institute Annual Meeting. San Francisco,
CA (November 2012).
Rosacker, R. and Rosacker, K. "Financial
Literacy Training for College Students – A
Matched Pairs, Repeated Measures
Analysis: Overall Effectiveness and the
Potential Influences Associated with
Demographics." Paper presented at
Decision Sciences Institute - Western
Regional Meeting. Big Island, HI (April
Winter, K. Book review of “Wins, losses,
and empty seats: How baseball outlasted
the Great Depression” by David Surdam.
Journal of Economic History, 72(1), 268269.
The Thirtieth Annual Spring Banquet is
scheduled for April 24, 2013 in the Cleary
Center. All accountancy majors should
plan to attend. Last year the Department
of Accountancy awarded roughly $40,000
in scholarships at the banquet.
Applications for scholarships will be due
March 1, 2013. Click the Scholarship
button at for an
application form. Attendance at the
banquet is a condition of receiving a
150-hour Curriculum and
CPA Candidates
Passing the CPA examination is part of
the process to become a licensed CPA.
Wisconsin and Minnesota require 150
college credits to sit for the examination.
The department recommends that all
students complete their 150-hour
curriculum before starting employment in
any jurisdiction. Students heading to other
jurisdictions should verify where that
jurisdiction is in the 150-hour process.
Students planning to sit for the CPA exam
prior to graduation now need to get their
course registration verification form
signed and sealed by the Registrar’s
Office. Students can sit for the exam 60
days prior to graduation.
The Economics Department would like to
welcome two new faculty, Adam Hoffer
and Sheida Teimouri. Both Adam and
Sheida come to us by way of West
Virginia University’s Economics PhD
program. They join Nabamita Dutta to
bring our tally of mountaineers to 3!
Adam Hoffer has a wide scope, having
taught multiple courses –
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics,
Intermediate Microeconomics, and
Independent Study – in a variety of
formats, teaching online and courses with
from 20 students to 331 students. He is
currently teaching ECO 320, The
Economics of Sports. His research
interests lie in political economy,
experimental economics, sports
economics, and economics education.
Sheida is currently teaching ECO 305 Intermediate Macro – along with ECO
120. Her research interests include
international macroeconomics and
currency crisis in particular. Her research
is quite timely given the currency
challenges in the Euro countries and her
native Iran.
Class Scheduling
Kastantin, J. “Barry Minkow securities
fraud.” Paper presented at MBAA Annual
Conference. Chicago, IL (March 2012).
Both ECO 305 and 308, requirements in
the Economics major will be offered.
Kastantin, J. “Front Office Trading.” Case
presented at Society for Case Research
Workshop. Springfield, MO (July 2012).
CBA Newsletter
James Murray is teaching ECO 301:
Money and Banking this spring semester.
This course discussed the banking
industry, the role of the Federal Reserve
in the industry, and the role the Federal
Reserve in changing the money supply
and influencing interest rates in order to
reach economic objectives. This course
complements the Finance major
curriculum quite well and can count for
credit in that major. The class will be
offered on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, 1:10-2:05.
ECO 471 The Economics of Health Care
The health care industry currently
accounts for 18% of GDP and it is rising.
President Obama helped usher in major
changes to our health care system last
year. What impact will these changes
have on our country’s health including our
long term fiscal health? ECO 471 is
designed to provide an introduction to the
economics of the heath care industry so
students can understand the issues for
themselves. Besides discussing the
industry’s organization - the producers
and the consumers – we will also spend a
fair amount of time discussing the broader
issues of the economics of public health
using the tools of economics. For
example: Do single mothers contribute to
childhood obesity? Do parental consent
laws for abortion lower rates of STIs? Do
higher alcohol taxes decrease risky
sexual behavior among teenagers?
These are just some of the public health
related questions economists have been
asking in recent years. We will discuss
and debate their research and findings.
The class will be offered Tuesdays, and
Thursdays 2:15 to 3:40 by Taggert
Dr. Hoffer will be teaching ECO 320:
Sports Economics.
Faculty News
This past spring, Dr. Adam Hoffer
published “The Political Economy of
Tobacco Control Expenditures” (with
Adam Pellillo) in Applied Economic
Letters. He also completed a chapter,
“When it Comes to Taxes in Tennessee,
Focus on Comparative Advantage,” (with
Joshua Hall) which will be published in
the edited volume Freedom and
Prosperity in Tennessee. During the
summer, Dr. Hoffer co-authored “The
Effects of Dedicating Tax Revenues,”
(with George Crowley) as part of a
working paper series for the Mercatus
Center at George Mason University.
Dr. Hoffer is currently working on several
projects, including designing and
Fall 2012
collecting data for an experimental study:
“Economics of Choice and Conflict.”
Recruitment for participation will begin
this spring, with most of the study taking
place in the summer.
Financial Management next semester.
Please welcome Dr. Colclough back to
the department.
Dr. Adam Hoffer has received a grant to
start a discussion group in the spring. The
weekly colloquia will gather to discuss
economic issues such as the education
system, drug policy, the minimum wage,
and many other topics. There will be an
informal meeting toward the end of the
semester to provide more details; food
will be provided. If you would like more
information, please contact Dr. Hoffer at
These scholarships were established by
Dr. Andrew Temte, of Schweser Study
Program, the international leader in
preparation materials for the Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) examinations.
The CFA designation is recognized
internationally by employers and clients
as a sign of the highest ethical and
professional competence. The
scholarships cover expenses related to
taking the CFA Level I exam, and are
available only to students enrolled in
Advanced Financial Analysis (FIN 447).
Three scholarship winners receive goods
and services valued at more than $2,200,
a. A $250 reduction in their spring tuition
b. Prepayment of CFA program
registration and examination fees
c. Schweser Study Notes and required
readings ($949).
Professor John Nunley is working with
Rebecca Peot and Adam Pugh, both
undergraduate students at UW-L, on a
field experiment investigating the impact
of race, gender and unemployment spells
on employment opportunities. While the
project is in its early stages, they be
collecting data over the next academic
year and expect to complete the project
by summer/fall 2013.
Omicron Delta Epsilon
International Honors Society
Want to be internationally recognized as
an honors student in economics? The
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is
home to its own chapter of Omicron Delta
Epsilon (ODE) International Honors
Society. You do not necessarily need to
be an economics major or minor, but you
must have completed at least 12 credits
in economics and have demonstrated
excellent academic performance.
Membership benefits include recognition
for your scholastic achievements in
economics, eligibility for essay
contests/awards, and a one year
subscription to The American Economist.
People interested in joining should
contact Dr. James Murray, the club's
faculty adviser, at
Temte Scholarships
Applications are due October 26. For
more information, please contact Dr.
Thomas at
CFA Global Investment
Research Challenge
Through this competition, students
receive real-world training in equity
analysis. Business and finance students
interact with investment professionals and
top firms while getting real-world
experience in equity analysis, sell-side
research report writing, and presentation
skills. Just to participate is an
accomplishment that will enhance a
student's resume. Please contact Dr. Van
Dalsem ( for
more information.
Dr. William Colclough, after more than
twenty years in various administrative
roles at UW-L, has stepped down as
Dean of the College of Business
Administration and rejoined the Finance
Department. Following a brief sabbatical
this fall, he will be teaching Management
of Financial Institutions and Principles of
It Make$ Cents! is a financial literacy
program that offers all UW-L students
information, and promotes financial
success. A number of activities are
scheduled for this semester; including the
Price is Right Game Night on November
15th. If you would like to participate in the
program or would like information on
financial literacy, please contact Dr.
Shane Van Dalsem at or visit the It
CBA Newsletter
Make$ Cents! website at
Class Scheduling
January Term
Principles of Financial Management
(FIN 355) and Principles of Insurance
(FIN 360) will be offered during Winter
Session 2013. The courses will be offered
online from January 7 through January
25. FIN 360 is a writing emphasis course
and satisfies the Group II elective
requirement for the Finance major.
Please note that FIN 360 will not be
taught in summer 2013, so this will be the
only opportunity to take it outside the
normal semester offerings. All course
offerings are contingent on enrollments.
For more information about these
courses, contact Dr. Graham
( or stop by the
Finance Department.
Spring Term Electives
A variety of finance elective courses will
be offered during the Spring 2013
Semester. From Group I of the Finance
major, students may enroll in Equity
Valuation, Management of Financial
Institutions, Multinational Financial
Management, Advanced Financial
Analysis, and Commercial
Property/Liability Insurance.
Equity Valuation (FIN 400), a new
course, presents the financial analysis
industry standard models for determining
the value of equity securities. Emphasis
is placed on calculation of cost of capital,
equity value, and sensitivity analysis of
results. Students will be required to
create and present a sell-side analyst
report. The prerequisites for the course
are FIN 370 and FIN 380. Instructor
permission will be required to enroll in this
course; talk to Dr. Van Dalsem
( if you would
like more information.
Advanced Financial Planning (FIN
407) covers a variety of personal financial
planning topics such as retirement
planning, educational planning, mutual
fund investing, taxes, and estate
planning. The course is a requirement for
the Risk, Insurance and Financial
Planning Concentration, but may be taken
by any finance major with senior class
standing. The prerequisites for this course
are FIN 355 and senior standing, but FIN
207 and FIN 360 are useful. Contact Dr.
Wolf ( for more
Fall 2012
Management of Financial Institutions
(FIN 410) provides students with an
understanding of the operations and
managerial decisions necessary for a
banking institution to be successful in a
variety of economic environments. The
prerequisite for this course is completion
of Money and Capital Markets (FIN 390).
Dr. Colclough (
teaches this timely course; please contact
him for more information as necessary.
Multinational Financial Management
(FIN 440) is required for international
business majors and minors; however,
many students can benefit from learning
about the application of basic business
finance principles in an international
context. The prerequisite for this course is
FIN 355. Please contact Dr. Yang
( for more information
on Multinational Financial Management.
Advanced Financial Analysis (FIN 447)
offers students the opportunity for
advanced study of topics related to (1)
ethics and professional standards, (2)
investment tools, (3) asset valuation, and
(4) portfolio management. Students will
learn how to effectively analyze financial
statements, apply statistical models, and
evaluate both international and derivative
securities. Advanced Financial Analysis
includes online instruction and learning
resources provided by Schweser Study
Program. Schweser, headquartered in La
Crosse, is the international leader in CFA
training. Completion of this course will
also assist students in preparing for the
Level I exam of the Chartered Financial
Analyst (CFA) program. Enrollment in this
course is open to undergraduate and
graduate students, but only by consent of
the department. Please talk with Drs.
Thomas ( or
Graham ( if you
have any questions.
Commercial Property/Liability
Insurance and Risk Management (FIN
362) will be offered this spring. The
insurance course is returning as a regular
offering due to increasing student
demand for the Risk, Insurance and
Financial Planning concentration. The
course covers risk management and
insurance for businesses. For more
information on FIN 362, please contact
Dr. Tippins ( The
prerequisites for this course are FIN 355
and FIN 360.
The department will offer several sections
of Personal Finance (FIN 207) in the
spring. This course is a survey of
personal financial topics including:
budgeting, investing, and retirement
planning. Guest speakers will include
local experts in financial planning,
insurance, and other related professions.
The course is open to all colleges with no
prerequisites. Please contact Professors
Tempski ( or Brye
( with questions about
the course.
Summer School Offerings
The Department of Finance plans to offer
Personal Finance (FIN 207, online),
Principles of Financial Management (FIN
355, online) and either Principles of
Investments (FIN 380), or Money and
Capital Markets (FIN 390) during the
summer session. Please consult with your
advisor during scheduled advising times
for advice and more information on the
availability of these courses.
Faculty and Staff Notes
Dr. Van Dalsem published "Non-Profit
Capital Structure Choice: The Importance
of Autonomy and the Cost of Capital" in
the Journal of Business and Economic
Perspectives, Vol. 38, No. 2.
Dr. Wolf presented two papers at the
2012 Academy of Financial Services
annual meeting: “An Assessment of the
Risk and Return on Residential Real
Estate” (co-authored with Dr. Yang) and
“Comparing Apples to Oranges: Lessons
from Corporate Finance for Analyzing
Mortgage Payments and Rent.”
Dr. Tippins is the President of the Board
of Directors at the Viroqua Food
Cooperative and serves on the
NeighborWorks Insurance Alliance Board.
Dr. Tippins is also the advisor for
Financial Management Association (FMA)
Student Chapter and the UW-L La Crosse
Dr. Wolf serves as a community member
on the Asset-Liability Committee for
Marine Credit Union. He also serves on
the UW System Tax Sheltered Annuity
Investment Committee, is a member of
the UW-L Ad Hoc Branding Committee,
and the Faculty Advisor for Intervarsity
Christian Fellowship.
Dr. Colclough is the Chair of the
Community Credit Union board of
directors. He is also a member of the
boards of the La Crosse Area
Development Corp. and Junior
Achievement of the Coulee Region.
Dr. Graham is a member of the Select
Committee on Internationalization at UWL. She also is the advisor for Delta Sigma
Pi Professional Business Fraternity.
CBA Newsletter
Professor Tempski serves as the advisor
for the College Republicans.
Professor Brye is the Treasurer of the
Viroqua Food Cooperative and serves on
the advisory board for Wisconsin Mutual
Insurance Company.
Advising and Registration
Advisement Reports are available to
finance majors on WINGS. Additionally,
you will receive an email from the Finance
Department including pertinent advising
and course scheduling information prior to
Tutors & Other Assistance
If you need a little help to understand your
latest finance assignment or lecture, we
urge you to visit our tutor, Patrick
Schmidt, located in 406E Wimberly Hall.
He is available M W 10:00 – 11:30 and T
H 2:30 – 3:30. Administrative assistance
can be obtained from our Academic
Department Associate, Ms. Maureen
Spencer, whose office is located at 404A
Wimberly Hall.
New Faculty
The Information Systems (IS) Department
had faced a foreseeable faculty shortage
late last spring due to the drastically
increased student demand for the IS 220
course and Dr. Yang’s upcoming
sabbatical leave in spring 2013. The CBA
was supportive of using a visiting
assistant professor position to solve this
problem. Consequently, Dr. Yan (Sophie)
Chen was hired to fill this temporary
position in June. Dr. Chen holds a Ph.D.
degree in management information
systems from UW-Milwaukee (May 2012)
and a masters degree in political
economics as well as a bachelor degree
in computer information systems from
China. She also had ten years of IS
teaching experience prior to joining her
Ph.D. program. Dr. Chen’s research
expertise is in the areas of information
security management and e-business
value of small and medium businesses;
she has several papers published,
accepted, or under review by top IS
journals in these areas. We welcome Dr.
Chen to the IS Department and look
forward to the potential synergy in
Fall 2012
teaching and research she could bring to
the department.
Spring Course Offerings
Two sections of IS 310 will be offered by
Dr. Dai and two sections of IS 300 will be
taught by Dr. Wen. New IS minor
students need to take these courses right
away as they are the prerequisites for
other follow-up courses of the program. A
plan to offer one section of IS 300 each
semester is under consideration by the
department. Once implemented, this offer
pattern will provide scheduling flexibility to
the IS majors and minors in the future.
At least seven lecture sections of IS 220
will be offered by Mr. Annino, Dr. Chen,
Dr. Dai, and Dr. Haried. Opening of the
eighth section is possible, depending on
the actual demand during pre-registration.
For the MBA program, Dr. Haried will
offer the BUS 755 course for the first
time, on Tuesday nights.
Short Session Offerings
Due to the difficulty in delivering a heavy,
4-credit course in only 3 weeks, the
department has decided to not offer the
IS 220 course in the coming intersession.
However, offering one section of this
course online next summer is possible, as
we successfully did last summer.
International Programs
Our joint MBA program with the National
Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences
(NKUAS) in Taiwan has been active,
producing three new graduate students
this fall semester. However, the joint
program with the Kaohsiung First
University of Science and Technology
(NKFUST) has gone dormant. To reenergize this program and to strengthen
the NKUAS program, Dean May has
charged Dr. Wen and our new MBA
Director, Ms. Skobic, to visit the two
Taiwanese partner institutions at the end
of October. This CBA delegation will
conduct on-site promotion of the joint
programs to Taiwanese students, and
start a dialog on a new joint program with
another university in Taipei. While we are
happy to see the current success of these
international programs, sustaining the
success in the future will necessitate
continuing program maintenance and
student recruitment efforts.
New Program Initiative
The UW consortium online program in
healthcare information management and
technology (HIMT) was launched this fall
semester as planned. For this new
program, Dr. Yang is teaching IS
321/HIMT 320 (Survey of Information
Technology in Healthcare) this semester,
and Dr. Wen is scheduled to offer IS
340/HIMT 340 (Ethics, Security
Management, and Compliance) next
spring. The IS faculty will gain valuable
and relevant experience in teaching the
six health-related HIMT as the on-site
version of these will form the core
coursework for future IS programs.
The new program initiative in offering a
minor in health information systems
management (HISM) has been underway.
The minor program intends to target
students who are interested in building a
career in healthcare related areas. The
main objective of this program is to
enhance health information systems
knowledge and information management
ability of future healthcare and allied
health professionals. With this minor
degree graduates will be more
competitive in finding healthcare related
jobs and be ready to help improve the
efficiency and quality of healthcare in the
In order to know UW-L students’ interest
in the program, the Department
administered a campus-wide online
survey during the week of 9/26 - 10/7,
2012. The data from 869 completed
questionnaires show overwhelming
student interest in and potential demand
for the proposed minor program. While
near 70% of respondents think the
program area is very important, 310
students from 48 different majors,
including 85 CBA students from six
majors, have expressed significant
interest in taking the minor. This survey
result strongly supports the HISM
program proposal as it is moving through
the campus approval procedure.
The offering of the program will be the
culmination of the IS department’s multiyear faculty capacity building in the health
information management area. The
program not only is one of the top
priorities in the CBA’s strategic plan, its
coursework will also support the health
management program that is under
development. Updates on the status of
this program will be released in the next
CBA Newsletter.
CBA Newsletter
Fall 2012
develop an online version of the
IS 220 course in spring 2012;
the new course was offered this
past summer.
Faculty Development
In addition to continuing their effort in
developing courses for the HIMT
program, the IS faculty have endeavored
to actively engage in the field of health
information management through the
following activities since February 2012:
Drs. Dai and Yang attended the
2012 Health Information
Management Systems Society
(HIMSS) conference in Las
Vegas in February.
The IS department received a
block grant from the CBA to
support faculty capacity building
activities in health information
management area in the
summer of 2012.
Faculty Research Output
Dr. Wen was invited to deliver a
key note speech to the 7th
International Symposium on
Healthcare Information
Management in Taiwan in April,
Refereed Journals
Chen, Y., Ramamurthy, K. and Wen,
K.W. (2012) “Organization’s Information
Security Policy Compliance: Stick or
Carrot Approach?” Journal of
Management Information Systems,
Accepted (July 2012) and Forthcoming.
All IS faculty have joined the
American Health Information
Management Association
(AHIMA) and the Association of
University Professors in Health
Administration (AUPHA).
Dai, H., Wen, K.W., Singh, R., Iyer, L.
(2012) “An Integrative Framework of
Consumer’s Privacy Concerns and
Willingness to Use Mobile Commerce,”
International Journal of Electronic
Business (IJEB), 10(1), 79-100.
All ranked IS faculty have
attended the 2012 AUPHA
conference in Minneapolis at the
end of May.
Haried, P. and Claybaugh, C. (2012).
“Understanding Business Strategy and
Information Systems Offshoring
Alignment: A Conceptual Framework,”
Journal of Business and Behavioral
Sciences, 24(2), 55-64.
In summer 2012, all IS faculty
have completed one or more
AHIMA online courses with
credit certificates in relevant
subject areas defined by the
Other faculty development
accomplishments include Mr. Annino’s
attendance at the 2012 UW Faculty
College. Mr Annino was selected by the
Office of Professional and Instructional
Development for UW Systems and the
UW-L CATL to join this event, which is a
three-day workshop that brings together
instructors from all the UW campuses for
intensive exploration of teaching, learning
and curricular issues.
Drs. Dai, Haried, and Yang
received the 2012 CBA Summer
Faculty Research grants.
Dr. Yang received a CBA course
development grant to develop a
course in data mining and
knowledge management in
summer 2012.
Mr. Annino received an online
course development grant to
Haried, P. and Huang, C.L. (2012).
“Managing International Information
Technology Project Relationships: An
Agency Theory Perspective,” International
Journal of Information Technology Project
Management, Accepted (July 2012) and
Yang, K.H., Lee, S.G., Kim, J.K. (2012)
"Do Chasms Exist between Developing,
Newly Developed, and Developed
Countries When It Comes to Adopting
ICT Technology?: In the Case of South
Korea and Thailand," International journal
of Asian Business and Information
Management, 3(2), 36-51, April-June.
Conference Proceedings
Abbasi, A., Zahedi, M., and Chen, Y.
(2012) “Impact of Anti-Phishing Tool
Performance on Attack Success Rates,”
Proceedings of 2012 International
Conference on Intelligence and Security
Informatics, Washington, D.C.
Haried, P., Dai, H. (2012) “Application of
Ethical Perspectives to Electronic Health
Records Adoption,” ISOneWorld 2012
Conference, Las Vegas, NV.
Wen, K.W., Peng, K.F., and Fu, J.R.
(2012) “Relationship Bonding in Garment
Retailing: The Moderating Role of
Channel Type,” Proceedings of the 2012
Western Decision Sciences Annual
Conference, Kona, Hawaii, April 3-7, 661666.
Book Chapters
Haried, P. (2012). “Managing Client and
Vendor Stakeholders in Information
Systems Project Offshoring,” in
Perspectives and Techniques for
Improving Information Technology Project
Management, Accepted and Forthcoming.
Fond Farewell and Joyous
The whole department bids a fond
farewell to Professor Leticia Pena as she
sets out on this next stage of her life. Her
inspired and energized teaching will be
missed as we all wish her the very, very
best in her retirement. Please do not be a
stranger, Leticia, and come visit us often.
Even as we adjust to Leticia’s retirement,
the department was extremely lucky in its
three most recent hires: Christa Kiersch,
Henry Petersen and Allan Macpherson.
As noted in last spring’s newsletter,
Christa comes to us with an interest and
focus in organization behavior, leadership
and human resource management . . .
with, if memory serves, a “touch of Yoga,”
too. Trust me on this.
Also, adding his own special contributions
to the mix, Henry represents that rare
combination of business management
experience, electrical engineering, and
cellular-molecular biology . . . along with a
large dash of sustainability thrown in, too.
Yup, they just don’t often make ‘em like
this anymore! And finally, Allan brings to
the department not only twenty years of
practical management experience in the
Royal Air Force, but also an additional ten
years of truly stellar achievements as an
academic in the UK, focused primarily on
management and organizational
CBA Newsletter
behavior. As a further aside, it should also
be noted that Allan shows particular
promise in helping the department rebuild
its otherwise moribund departmental golf
squad, which had gone dormant since
Tom Kuffel’s retirement two-and-a-half
years ago. Well, actually, Tom was the
departmental golf squad! So, there you
Anyway, all good natured kidding aside, it
is great to welcome Christa, Henry and
Allan to the CBA. We are so glad to have
them on board and we look forward to all
of you getting to know them much better
in the days and years ahead.
Special Opportunities for
For the second summer in a row, Nicole
Gullekson, with the additional help this
time of Kristy McManus in Marketing, led
a contingent of 11 students to Bratislava,
Slovakia, as part of the Global Consulting
Program. After taking the required culture
and language course in preparation for
this trip, the students headed to Slovakia
to work in intercultural teams on small
consulting projects with local students
from the Economics University of
Bratislava. Their projects included work
with Dell, Google Slovenkso, Slovnaft, the
U.S. Embassy, Euracity, the Ministry of
Transport, and more. This program likely
will be offered again in the summer of
2013 or 2014.
Future Course Offerings
J-Term offerings: Dr. Ross will be offering
MGT 303-Principles of LaborManagement Relations and Dr. Stapleton
will be offering MGT 393-Production and
Operations Management.
Spring Electives: Dr. Ying will be offering
an elective on Ethics & Values at Work;
Dr. Stapleton, an elective on Green
Operations; Ms. Gillis, MGT 395Management Science I; Dr. Macpherson,
MGT 483-Corporate Training; and Dr.
Ross, MGT 486-Human Resources:
Current Topics.
Dr. Ross was a co-author with R.
Slovensky on the article, “Should Human
Resource Managers Use Social Media to
Screen Job Applicants? Managerial and
Legal Issues in the USA. Info, 2012. Vol.
14 (1), 55-69.
Fall 2012
Dr. Ross also co-authored a book chapter
with D. E. Conlon, “The Effects of
Perceived (In) Justice on Cooperation:
Implications for Negotiators as ‘JusticeEnhancing in Communicators’ in an Era
of Social Networking.” In D. Shapiro and
B. Goldman (Eds.) Psychology of
Negotiations in the 21st Century
Workplace (pp. 17-44). New York, NY:
Psychology Press/Routledge.
Faculty News
Welcome New Faculty
The Marketing Department is pleased to
welcome two new faculty members, Dr.
Elizabeth Crosby and Ms. Barbara
Larsen, to our department.
Dr. Beth Crosby joins us
from the University of
Illinois, Urbana, where
she completed her
Ph.D. in Marketing.
Along with previous
teaching experience,
she has interned for the European
Institute; Senator Olympia Snow; and
served as a Corporate Legal Assistant .
Beth's research focuses on relationships
between sociological stressors and
consumption. Her work has been
published in the American Journal of
Business Education and is currently
under review by the Journal of Marketing.
Along with teaching International
Marketing (MKT 341) and International
Marketing Strategies (MKT 445), Beth
has participated in cultural immersion
programs in China and Brazil.
Ms. Barbara Larsen
has her Master's in
Training and
Development from UWStout and a Bachelor's
Degree in Business
ation Management
from Viterbo University. Barb has over 15
years of experience in the corporate utility
environment working for companies such
as Northern States Power and Enpower
Services in marketing, sales, customer
service and training. She also has ten
years of experience in educational
environments, working with Continuing
Education programs, Career Services and
teaching Management and Marketing
classes for Western Technical College
and Winona State University. Barb is very
active in the La Crosse community and
has provided training for nonprofit,
corporate, and healthcare organizations.
She is currently teaching Principles of
Marketing, Introduction to Business, and,
in spring, will also teach Organizational
The Marketing Department said good-bye
last spring to Mr. Kunal Sethi who took a
position with University of Minnesota,
Duluth. We wish him the best in his new
Congratulations Mayor Joe!
Last April, Joe Chilsen
was elected Mayor of
Onalaska. So, along with
teaching Marketing
Principles classes parttime, 3 days a week, this
year, he is applying what
he knows, and teaches, to his (second)
job as Mayor of Onalaska. Good luck Joe!
Sales Competitions – We’ve
got a Title to Hold
Marketing students will be competing in at
least two sales competitions. The first
one, coming up in November, is hosted
by UW-Eau Claire and three UW-L
students will be selected, based on a
local competition, to represent UW-L and
compete against students from 16 other
schools. Congratulations to Lindsey
Braatz, Brian Chin, Andy Collins, Amber
Fochs, Hannah Olevson and Andy Truax
for making it into the final round of the
UW-L local competition. Monica Bohl,
who graduated last spring, took first place
in the Eau Claire competition last year so
these students have a title to hold. Two
students will be selected to travel to
Kennesaw, Georgia, to compete in the
National Sales Competition in March.
Along with gaining sales experience and
poise, students participating in these
competitions have the opportunity to
attend multiple career fairs and
professional networking events with sales
employers. Students will be coached by
Susan Whitewater.
Marketing Students invited
to Tailgate with Professors
Marketing students are
invited to tailgate with the
faculty before the UW-L
Eagles take on UW-Stout
on October 20th. The
tailgate will start at 10:30
a.m. and kick-off is at 1:00
CBA Newsletter
p.m. We have four current marketing
majors: Tyler Argall, Brett Benson, Kevin
Schams, Jacob Welch; and one
Marketing alum and current MBA student,
Jack Leahy, on the UW-L football team.
Come out and cheer them on!
Marketing Professors Travel
Internationally Over Summer
Dr. Kristy McManus and Dr. Nicole
Gullekson took a group of 11 UW-L
students to Bratislava, Slovakia for two
and a half weeks through Ohio
University's Global Consulting Program.
Here, the students were partnered with
Slovak students from the University of
Economics in Bratislava. The students
were then grouped into teams of 35 students who worked with international
companies such as Dell, Google, VUB
Banka, and Slovnaft. The students were
charged with various tasks and given two
weeks to complete their projects and
report back their final presentations to the
Dr. Ryan White attended the 2012
Industrial Conference on Data Mining,
sponsored by the Institute of Computer
Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, in
Berlin, Germany, in July. Exposure to
data mining is very helpful in
understanding the emerging importance
of understanding relationships within the
"big data" as a marketing research area.
In August, Ryan attended the
"Introduction to Structural Equation
Modeling Using Mplus" at Universiteit
Utrecht, Netherlands. Ryan has found the
instruction in structural equation modeling
using Mplus to be helpful in analyzing
multi-level and longitudinal data sets.
Marketing Professor
becomes Global Business
Professional Certified
Ryan White attended a Global Business
Professional Training Seminar, offered by
the UW-L SBDC. He also sat for, and
Fall 2012
passed, the certification test, becoming
the second faculty member in the
department to earn the Certified Global
Business Professional Certification
(CGBP). The first was Steve Brokaw.
Congratulations, Ryan!
Office Changes
The Marketing main office received a face
lift over the summer months. Over a few
short months, the main office was gutted,
had asbestos removed, was reconfigured,
and brought up-to-date with new carpet,
fresh paint, and new furniture. It looks
The department is also very pleased to
welcome Mrs. Sue Hengel as the
Academic Department Associate for the
Marketing Department. Sue has been
with UW-L for 11 years and most recently
comes to us from the English
Department. Sue has a Bachelor's
Degree in Education, with a minor in
Mathematics. While Sue has only been
with us about four months, we’re not sure
how we got along without her.
If you have not been up to the Marketing
Department office (CWH 316A) yet this
year, stop by, meet Sue and check out
the new office arrangement.
Office Moves
Department Chair, Dr. Gwen Achenreiner
moved from her old office (formerly 318C)
into the main office area (316C). Dr.
James Finch moved into a new office on
the other side of the building (339K) to
free up space for new faculty in the
Marketing suite. And, while only one or
two doors away, Drs. Maggie McDermott
(316F); Kristy McManus (316H) and Ryan
White (316J) also played the “musical
offices” game this summer.
Future Course Offerings
MKT 309, Principles of Marketing, will be
offered on-line by Dr. McManus, J-term,
MKT 444, Sports Marketing, will be
offered by Dr. White, spring semester,
Faculty Scholarship &
Professional Development
Lydia Zinkhan, Kristy McManus, and
George Zinkhan, “Specialty License Plate
Messages: Government Speech,
Private Speech, or a Mixture of
Both?” Journal of Legal Issues and Cases
in Business, Volume 1, April, 2012.
S. Joseph-Matthews, C.M. Voorhees, and
Ryan White, "The Effects of Service on
Multichannel Retailers' Brand Equity,"
Journal of Services Marketing, Volume
27, 2013.
Maggie McDermott, "Teaching Critical
Thinking to Undergraduates Using a
Client-Based Project," Ethics and Critical
Thinking Journal, Volume 3, 2012.
Maggie McDermott and Steve Tippins,
"Sustainability in the Undergraduate
Business School Curriculum," Insights to
a Changing World Journal, Volume 1,
Conference Paper Presentations
McManus, Kristy and Alan C. Bernstein,
“Instrumental and Terminal Materialism
and the Good Life: Print Ad Images in the
U.S. and India,” 2012 Academy of
Marketing Sciences Conference, Orlando,
FL, November 2012.
Ryan White, Clay Voorhees and Roger
Calantone, "The Social Influence of the
Manager on Customer Contact Employee
Behavior: A Structured Abstract," 2012
Academy of Marketing Sciences World
Marketing Congress, Atlanta, GA, August
Ryan White, Roger Calantone, and Clay
Voorhees, "The Effect of Formal and
Informal marketing Controls on Customer
Contact Employee Performance," 2012
AMA Summer Marketing Educator's
Conference, Chicago, IL, August 2012.
Beth Crosby, "Exploring African-American
Women's Lived Experiences with Stigma,
Identity and Consumption," Association
for Consumer Research, Vancouver,
British Columbia, October 2012.
Professional Development
Susan Whitewater networked with sales
educators from around the country at the
Sales Educators' Academy, co-hosted by
Florida State University and Rollins
College, in Orlando, Florida, in May,
Gwen Achenreiner, Barb Larsen, Maggie
Mc Dermott, Kristy Mc Manus, Ryan
White and Susan Whitewater attended
the Marketing Management Association
Fall Educators Conference in Minneapolis
in September. Achenreiner and White
served as panelists for sessions
discussing faculty mentoring; McManus
served as a panelist for a session on
International Study Programs; and
Whitewater served as a panelist for a
session on transitioning from industry to
CBA Newsletter
Fall 2012
Thinking About Starting or
Expanding Your Own
For persons who are interested in
starting, expanding or accelerating the
growth of a business, the UW-La Crosse
Small Business Development Center
(SBDC) will help you plan for profit! The
SBDC provides free counseling to assist
business owners seeking to start or
expand their businesses. Each year, the
SBDC offers the Entrepreneurial Training
Program (ETP), an invaluable training
program for those thinking of starting or
expanding a business. The program is
tailored to help the business owner
prepare a comprehensive business plan
while focusing on topics such as market
analysis, operational needs, accounting,
and the necessary functions of
management. Thirteen business owners
from various markets recently completed
the program.
The ETP program is conducted by Joe
Chilsen, a member of UW-La Crosse’s
marketing department. Joe has owned
and operated several businesses over the
past 30 years and therefore has an
extensive business background. He has
also counseled hundreds of clients
ranging from sole proprietorships to
Fortune 500 companies. In addition to
Joe , participants receive practical and
tactical advice from eight other business
The next ETP program will be offered in
the spring of 2013. For free business
counseling assistance or to learn more
about the SBDC's various training
programs, please contact the SBDC
at 608-785-8782 or visit the SBDC
The Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization
(CEO) plans to meet November 14 in RM
213 Wimberly. CEO is the premier
entrepreneurship network with chapters
on over 240 university campuses across
North America. With a diverse global
network, CEO informs, supports and
inspires college students to be
entrepreneurial and seek opportunity
through enterprise creation.
At the first meeting, Jon Holthaus, the
founder of the UW-La Crosse CEO club
and a recent UW-L graduate, will offer a
perspective of the transition from student
to work, while pursuing one's
entrepreneurial interests.
If you are interested in joining or learning
more about CEO, please come to the
meeting in November. Contact one of its
faculty advisers, Anne Hlavacka at or Joe Chilsen at for further details.
provides students with the opportunity to
gain first hand knowledge and experience
in the field of Marketing. Through
yearlong projects, professional speakers,
and community events, AMA students are
constantly given opportunities to learn
about the different facets of marketing
and also give back to their community.
AMA is working on three projects to
submit at the national
AMA conference in
March 2013. As a part
of these projects, we
are helping to raise
awareness for Donate
Life. Look for these
events throughout and year and please
We meet every Wednesday at 7 pm in
Centennial Hall Rm 2014. If you have any
questions or concerns, feel free to contact
us at Please check
out our MyOrgs page for pictures of
events and the first issue of our newly
redesigned newsletter The Marketeer.
Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) is a national honors
fraternity for financial information
professionals. Accountancy majors as
well as IS and Finance majors with an
accountancy minor, are welcome to join
BAP. Students are eligible to become
members after earning 60 credits,
obtaining at least a 3.0 GPA, and
completing Intermediate Accounting (ACC
BAP is an excellent opportunity to meet
people, network with professionals,
enhance your resume, learn more about
career opportunities, and get involved in
the community through a variety of
service projects.
Meetings are held Wednesday evenings
at 5:30 p.m. in 1403 Centennial Hall. At
the meetings, students will have the
opportunity to interact with professionals
and gain knowledge about the business
world for their future endeavors.
For information on upcoming meetings,
look for BAP signs. If you are interested in
learning more about our organization,
please visit our website at
/betaalphapsi/. We have a lot of great
speakers and activities planned for this
semester. Come check us out!
In recognition of their outstanding
scholastic records, the following students
were elected to membership in the UWLa Crosse chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma
in May 2012.
CBA Newsletter
Jenna Brekke
Michael Felix
Nathan Ferrier
Zachary Fiene
Jessica Jaeger
Jennifer Kippley
Kalvin Krueger
Casey Kulinski
Sarah Moeschl
Mai Nguyen
Fall 2012
Van Anh Nguyen
Sarah Odden
Tayler Pfeifer
Jason Porter
Adam Pugh
Jiheh Ritterling
Nicholas Schock
Ehren Stellrecht
Da Bin Won
Evan Zachmann
The induction ceremony was held on May
4 and featured a keynote address from
Dr. William Colclough, Dean of the
College of Business Administration.
Beta Gamma Sigma is the international
honor society for students in business
programs at schools accredited by
AACSB-International. Students must be
in the top 10% of their senior class, top
7% of second semester junior class, and
top 20% of masters class to be invited to
activities, networking with other business
majors and professionals, or becoming a
part of something significant and
meaningful, DSP is just the organization
for you!
By becoming a member of Delta Sigma
Pi, you will learn valuable lessons and
make long-lasting friendships that will
provide you with great memories and
meaningful experiences that will serve
you well into the future. As the current
members in DSP will agree, joining Delta
Sigma Pi is one decision in your college
career that you will not regret! To learn
more about DSP and how to become a
member, visit
Dr. Thomas Hench is the faculty advisor
and President of the UW-L chapter.
Inquiries may be directed to him at
Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a co-ed
professional business fraternity organized
to foster the study of business in
universities and the association of
students for their mutual advancement by
research and practice. DSP is one of the
largest professional business fraternities,
having more than 300 collegiate and
alumni chapters and over 235,000
members nationwide. The Eta Rho
chapter here at UW-L is one of the largest
collegiate chapters within DSP with 85
active members and 27 pledges this
semester. Delta Sigma Pi is a perfect
opportunity for business majors to get
involved in the campus community, make
new friends, and advance both personally
and professionally.
Each semester, DSP performs community
service projects such as Adopt-AHighway, and Relay for Life; fundraising
efforts such as brat barns; and
professional activities such as lecturers,
and Prep For Success. Whether you are
interested in participating in these
This year the Financial Management
Association, FMA, is highlighting the
importance of helping members stand out
as a cut above the rest. This will be
achieved by emphasizing the three goals
of bridging the gap between academic
and professional worlds, learning from the
experience of fellow classmates, and
paying forward.
To bridge the gap between academic and
professional worlds we will host panels of
guest speakers in order to facilitate a
greater discussion between our
professional guests and club members.
Also, we are beginning to work on forming
individual mentor/mentee relationships
with club members and local financial
Secondly, one of the greatest assets FMA
and any other student organization
possess is its members. To further tap
into this resource FMA will establish a
committee, composed of general
members, with the purpose of
encouraging club involvement and club
would like to join us in our strive to be a
cut above the rest please contact Jacob
Mack at
See website:
Under the supervision of Dr. Haried, the
Information Systems Association (ISA)
has planned a number of speaker
presentations and activities for the Fall
2012 semester. Speakers will be
discussing information systems (IS)
careers, internships, experiences, and
new developments in the information
systems (IS) field. Be on the lookout for
flyers describing our upcoming guest
IS majors/minors and all CBA students
are strongly encouraged to join and
participate in ISA. Our meetings are
excellent opportunities for networking as
well as gaining first-hand knowledge of
the IS field and its critical impact on
Contact Dr. Haried @ or the ISA president
Kalvin Krueger @ for more
Lastly, FMA will “pay forward” by
promoting ethics and community
involvement through volunteer activities in
the community, and maintaining a high
level of professional and moral conduct.
We look forward to a great and productive
semester and we hope to see you at club
events. If you have any questions or
The Student Advisory Council (SAC) for
the College of Business Administration is
a student run organization on campus
CBA Newsletter
that actively works with the CBA Dean’s
Office. Members of SAC develop
professional skills, network with faculty,
staff, and local businesses.
SAC also has great leadership
opportunities to help students gain
experience and to become more active
on-campus. This semester we will be
holding a food drive (November 9th),
helping the assurance of learning
committee, Campus Close-Ups, and
holding a workshop at the Salvation
Army. We meet every Monday at 7:15
p.m. in 105 CWH, feel free to stop by
anytime. If you have any questions, or
would like more information please
contact Emily Rainey
Fall 2012
Accountancy............................................................................................... Dr. Barbara Eide
Economics....................................................................................................... Dr. TJ Brooks
Finance ....................................................................................................... Dr. Lise Graham
Information Systems .............................................................................. Dr. Kuang-Wei Wen
Management ................................................................................................. Dr. Tom Hench
Marketing ........................................................................................... Dr. Gwen Achenreiner
Small Business Development Center............................................... Anne Hlavacka, Director
MBA and International Programs ................................................................... Martina Skobic
Assistant to the Dean .................................................................................... Amelia Dittman
Interim Associate Dean ........................................................................... Dr. Glenn Knowles
Dean .............................................................................................................. Dr. Bruce May