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New Product Release: SpeedSweep System
Indianapolis, Indiana (Wednesday June 21, 2006), Trilithic is pleased to announce the introduction of
the new SpeedSweep System™, which combines the traditional method of inserting sweep signal at
unoccupied frequencies, and referencing existing service signals with DSP (digital signal processing)
technology to enable a significantly faster sweep sample on digital channels. The system, used for HFC
plant maintenance, expands the breadth of measurement modes on the 860 DSPi field analyzer through
the new FR-1 option that enables forward and reverse sweep and alignment.
Fielded 860’s with the SR-1 or VP-1 options can be updated via a simple firmware upgrade – no return to
the factory required. The downstream sweep (5MHz to 1 GHz) is generated by the new 8300 FST
Forward Sweep Transmitter. The return sweep is received by the new 9581 RSA Return Sweep
Analyzer, and the measurement information is displayed on the 860 DSPi at the field test point. The 9581
RSA handles the reverse sweep in addition to supporting Trilithic legacy return test/alignment equipment,
enabling technical operations to offload this function from 9581 SST’s currently used for return path
monitoring, thereby even further increasing the unmatched ability to capture transient ingress and impulse
noise with high speed DSP analysis – 120 spectrum snapshots per second per node.
ABOUT TRILITHIC: Trilithic, Inc. is an industry leader providing telecommunications solutions for major Broadband and RF &
Microwave markets around the world. Comprised of three major divisions: Broadband Instruments & Systems offers test, analysis
and quality management solutions for the major cable television systems around the world. The RF & Microwave Components
Division provides various components and custom subsystems for companies specializing in cellular, military and other wireless
applications. The E.A.S. Division is a leading supplier of government-mandated Emergency Alert Systems used by HFC service
providers in the United States.
Trilithic has continuously expanded its manufacturing capabilities to accommodate the greater demand for its products, both through
streamlining design and development and automating manufacturing and test procedures. Trilithic provides a broad product base of
over 1500 measurement products and communications components to thousands of customers around the world. The company’s
state-of-the-art 120,000 Square Foot worldwide headquarters is located in Indianapolis Indiana. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified
company with over 40 years of collective expertise in engineering and custom assembly, Trilithic is dedicated to providing quality
products, services and communications solutions that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. For More information about
Trilithic, please visit .
Trilithic, Inc., 9710 Park Davis Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46235
(317) 895-3600 (317) 895-3613 (800) 344-2412
Trilithic, Inc.
9710 Park Davis Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46236
(800) 344-2412
Trilithic, Inc., 9710 Park Davis Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46235
(317) 895-3600 (317) 895-3613 (800) 344-2412