Today’s presentation
Project overview
Branding committee
What is a brand?
Why now?
•  Ever-increasing competition
•  Changes with System; future flexibilities?
•  Explosion of social media
•  Web is now our front door
•  Seven years since our last review
•  No additional budget support
•  Review needs to be comprehensive
•  Scale of work is up to the committee
•  Implement in fall 2012
•  Phase it in as quickly as possible – but
departments should use printed supplies first
Committee members
At-Large members:
Brad Quarberg, University Communications, Chair
Scott Dickmeyer, Communication Studies
Sanja Dojcinovic, Creative Services
Joshua Rybaski, Admissions
Natalie Solverson, Admissions/Provost Office
Maren Walz, Web and Interactive Communications
Governance Group members
Academic Staff Council:
Patrick Barlow, CATL
Francie Biesanz, Counseling and Testing
Cariann Mathwig Ramseier, Academic Technology Services
Larry Ringgenberg, University Centers
Classified Staff Advisory Council:
Susan Butterfield, Chancellors’ Office (Replaced by Ann
Beaver, Human Resources, following Susan’s retirement 05/11)
Tom Fell, Physical Plant
Don Hill, Student Health Center
Tracey Simpson, Human Resources (resigned 10/11)
Faculty Senate:
Sandy Koster
John Ready
Rob Wolf
Student Senate:
Chassitti Clark
Sonia Cruz
Kayla Lenz
Hoang Vo
Jennifer (Brion) Weber, Alternate
Ex-Officio Members:
Florence Aliesch, Creative Services
Kjerstin Lang, News and Marketing
Sue Lee, News and Marketing
Greg Reichert, University Advancement
Mandy Wagner, University Communications (Replaced
by Pa Moua-Yang following Mandy’s resignation 9/11)
Arla Wojahn, Web and Integrated Communications
(Retired 5/11)
Lynn Holzworth, Web and Integrated Communications
(Beginning 10/11)
Adrianne Olson, Web and Integrated Communications
(Beginning 10/11-7/12)
Faculty consultants:
Ryan White, Marketing
Gwen Achenreiner, Marketing
Guiding principles/etiquette
•  The Branding Committee will preserve and uphold UW-L’s core mission and keep
students its top priority.
•  Committee members will be expected to attend meetings at their scheduled start
time. Committee work will not be reviewed once a meeting is started for tardy
•  Committee members will value and respect all participants and perspectives, and
exercise civility and integrity.
•  Committee members will be expected to keep current with committee readings,
assignments, etc., prior to a scheduled meeting.
•  Committee members will be expected to keep their constituent group(s) up to date
of committee work.
•  After two unexcused absences, the committee chair will ask the respective
governance group to find a replacement.
•  Committee meetings will have an agenda with a scheduled time frame, which will
typically be one hour.
Sister institution brands
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Excellence. Our measure, our motto, our goal.
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Where excellence and opportunity meet.
University of Wisconsin-Stout (Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University)
Inspiring innovation…
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Connecting learning to life.
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Wisconsin’s leading public liberal arts college.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Powerful ideas. Proven results.
What is a brand?
A brand is a valued and differentiating
promise that a college, university or school
makes to its most important audiences to
meet a need or fulfill an expectation.
— Building Brand Momentum by Robert Sevier
Every organization has a brand,
whether they like it or not,
whether they realize it or not,
whether or not they have an expensive
ad campaign or a new logo.
— Christina Pattyn, Vice President, Marketing, Pangborn Design Ltd.
What constitutes brand identity?
•  Name
•  Mission
•  Logo
•  Strengths
•  School colors
•  History
•  Campus icons
•  Emotion
•  Reputation
•  Campus culture
•  Core values
•  Interactive
•  Institutional messages
(two-way communication
is important)
— Branding University of Missouri, University Affairs 2009
Strong brands attract:
•  Talented administrators, faculty/staff and students
•  More media attention
•  More research dollars
•  Strategic partners including foundations and
organizations supplying internships
•  Greater alumni support
•  More positive word-of-mouth
•  Greater loyalty internally along with external
stakeholders as alumni and donors
Stronger brands require fewer direct marketing
— Building Brand Momentum by Robert Sevier
A comprehensive brand perception analysis
•  Current students
•  Community members
•  Business owners
•  Alumni/donors
•  Parents
•  Faculty
•  Staff
•  Perspective students
•  High school counselors
•  Grad students and those taking Con Ed classes
Fall survey results
With regard to the associations each group holds for the
University of Wisconsin La Crosse …
• the quality and value of the academics
• the surrounding natural beauty
• the hometown feel and local community
… ranked as the top three responses across all 10 groups.
Spring survey results
At the end spring 2012 semester, students in two of Ryan White’s classes
(MKTG 365 Advertising & Promotions) studied the results from the fall
perception analysis and developed an integrated marketing plan for each group.
Some of the ideas:
• (Parents) actively engage parents to develop awareness of campus community.
• (Business Owners) target business owners in getting community partnerships.
• (Faculty/staff) look at addressing a more hometown feel in building
Focus Group
• Held in mid-July at a neutral site, conducted by an independent consultant.
• The three focus groups included:
Current students
Business leaders
Potential taglines
• Surround yourself with [distinction*.] [champions.] [biologists.]
Surround yourself with La Crosse.
*this word would be changed with a particular program, event, etc.
• Eagles soar.
• Educate the whole you.
Branding committee recommendation
Surround yourself with UW-La Crosse.
This can be modified for different disciplines, groups, etc. Some examples:
• Surround yourself with great theatre.
Surround yourself with UW-La Crosse.
• Surround yourself with family.
Surround yourself with UW-La Crosse.
• Surround yourself with scholars.
Surround yourself with UW-La Crosse.
UW-L Seal remains the same
Existing wordmark
Proposed wordmark
Existing logo
Proposed logo
Following presentation to governance groups and the general campus community at
open forums, here are some of the initial strategies to implement branding …
• Release of a new university branding toolkit, an online resource that will be an extensive userfriendly guide to all branding aspects of the university.
• Meet with departments/areas that spend money reaching external groups, such as Admissions,
Continuing Education and Extension, Athletics.
• Create awareness and excitement of the new branding initiative with the unveiling of an
updated wordmark, letterhead and other university imagery.
• Provide department/units with ideas of when and how to use branding materials, tagline, etc.
• Create an ‘elevator speech’ that can be shared with the campus community that reinforces the
university brand.
• Integrate into existing marketing efforts as soon as possible. Departments will be encouraged
to utilize existing stock of printed materials before switching over to newly designed materials.