Format for APR Self Study Report of Free-Standing Minors

Format for APR Self Study Report of Free-Standing Minors
(Approved by APR Committee 10/31/12)
Note: Free-Standing Minors are those that are not ordinarily reviewed with the major
programs of a department.
I. Purposes
a) Provide a statement of the program’s overall goals and objectives.
b) Describe how the minor promotes the university mission.
II. Curriculum
a) Describe how the minor offers an autonomous body of knowledge.
b) Describe the structure of the curriculum and how it accomplishes the program’s goals.
c) Describe how the minor embodies contemporary curricular issues.
d) Is there sufficient expertise in the program, enough faculty, and adequate infrastructure
to make the minor rigorous?
e) Describe how the program under review works actively with other academic programs.
III. Degree of Program Success
a) Describe the extent to which the program is meeting its goals and objectives.
b) Explain what measurements are used to determine how well the goals and objectives are
being met.
c) How does the program attract students to its minor?
d) Identify and describe the single most significant strength of the minor.
e) Identify and describe the single area requiring the most significant improvement. Discuss
your plans for accomplishing this improvement.
IV. Previous Academic Program Review
a) Describe the actions that were taken in response to the recommendations of the most
recent previous Academic Program Review, and the results of those actions.
b) Note any continuing concerns related to your minor’s ability to achieve its goals.
V. Personnel
Please describe professional development opportunities and any special expectations for
faculty members teaching in the minor.
VI. Support for Achieving Academic Goals
Describe the impact each of the following has on your ability to achieve program goals.
a) Physical facilities
b) Supplies and equipment
c) Personnel
d) External funding
e) Library resources
VII. Appendices
a) Unit Data sheets (provided by UW-L Institutional Research Office)
b) Most recent previous Academic Program Review Committee report on the minor
c) Annual Reports from each of the previous three years
d) Assessment biennial reports, instruments, surveys, plans, etc… (particularly those cited
in section III of this self-study report
e) Any other important program documents cited in earlier sections of this self-study report.