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Guidelines for Documentation of Need for an Assistance Animal
In accordance with federal, state and local laws, and University of Wisconsin System
policies, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has adopted a “Service, Assistance
and Therapy Animal Policy and Procedure”. This document allows approved assistance
animals to be housed in a UWSP residence hall as a reasonable accommodation when
prescribed as such by a licensed health care professional. As documentation of a
student’s need for an assistance animal, the following information needs to be included
in the health care professional’s letter verifying the student’s need:
 Documentation must be completed by an appropriate and qualified licensed
health care professional.
 Documentation must be on official letterhead, typed, dated and signed by the
prescribing health care professional.
 Cost incurred in obtaining documentation is borne by the student.
Additionally, the documentation letter must clearly address the following:
 Verify that the student has a physical or mental impairment that substantially
limits one or more major life activities.
 Describe the limitation and nature of the condition.
 Identify the relationship between the student’s disability and the need for an
assistance animal as an accommodation.
Please send the completed information to both UWSP’s:
Disability and Assistive Technology Center
900 Reserve Street/609 LRC
Stevens Point, WI 54481
-ORFax: 715 346-4143
Information & Outreach Coordinator
Residential Living
601 Division Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Fax: 715 346-4459