Performance Improvement Plan

Performance Improvement Plan
Employee: ___________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________
Supervisor: ___________________________________________
Dept./Office: _____________________________
The purpose of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is to bring to your attention ongoing
deficiencies in your conduct and/or performance. The intent is to define the seriousness of the ongoing
situation so that you may take immediate corrective action. The PIP will be placed in your personnel file
and will be the only written warning notice you will receive on this specific action. Failure to correct
action will lead to termination.
Summary of Warning (Please attach any documentation)
Corrective Action Required
You are hereby placed on a Performance Improvement Plan until ____________ and expected to
adhere to the plan as stated above. Failure to comply with your PIP will result in termination of
My supervisor has discussed the above performance improvement plan with me. I understand and
acknowledge the contents and the potential consequences of non-compliance.
Employee Signature: _________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
Supervisor Signature: _________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
Student Employment Manager: _______________________________
Date: _____________________________
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