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September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
The CNR Reporter is a weekly publication of the University of Wisconsin­
Stevens Point College of Natural Resources. Deadline for articles and
announcements is 9 a.m. on Friday. Submit information electronically using
the article form. Looking for an old CNR Reporter find them in our archives.
Academic Information
Advising Walk­in Hours​
Advising Walk­in
Hours These times are set aside
for quick questions
regarding your degree
progress and student
record. Longer discussions
will require an
Mon. Nov 9
Bobbi Kubish
TNR 180
First­Year &
TNR 192
Tues. Nov 10
1:00 ­ 2:30
Wed. Nov 11
1:00 ­ 2:30 ​
10:00 ­ 12:00
Thurs. Nov 12
9:30 ­ 11:00 1:00 ­ 2:30 Fri. Nov 13
Add/Drop Courses for Fall 2015 Semester
W­Drop: Sept 15­Nov 6. You will need signatures from your advisor and instructor.
Forms can be found on the Registration and Records homepage and TNR 180.
Geography and Geology Department ­ New Drone
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
The Geography and Geology Department is excited to announce our first course in
Unmanned Aerial Systems, or Drones. This new course is being offered as Geog
391/591 Special Topics – Unmanned Aerial Systems: Operations in Remote
Sensing. This new course will progress via three themes:
• First, we will review Federal Aviation Administration regulatory requirements,
the National Airspace System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems and
aerodynamics, and aeronautical topics that are relevant to safely operating
within the National Airspace System. • Second, all students will train in small aircraft flight operations using
simulator software, nano drones, and DJI Phantom 3 aircraft. Students will
receive a log book and record their flight time. No prior drone experience is
• Third, we will plan a UAV flight mission, capture data, and perform an
analysis on our remotely sensed data. The prerequisite for the course is Geography or NRES 377/577 – Remote Sensing I.
This new three credit course is being offering on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3­
4:15pm in the Science Building. Any students with questions or are interested in enrolling in the course should email WLDL 305: Tracking Cougars and Other Carnivors
Now Open! Dr. James Halfpenny will be teaching a 1 credit weekend carnivore tacking course
this semester on December 5­6 at the Treehaven campus. Stevens Point students
can register for WLDL 304. There is a course fee of $140 which includes meals,
lodging and course materials for the weekend. All students are welcome sign up!
Great Sources of Reference for Questions
The CNR handbook is a great reference, CNR Handbook !
The Campus Catalog is great as well, Campus Catalog !
Advising Resources has some really helpful Video Tutorials!
Buy Your CNR Apparel Today!
CNR long sleeved t­shirts – brown or sage green – Only $15!
CNR baseball and Fidel caps are also on sale in a variety of colors – only $15
Show your CNR pride and help support the programs of the CNR Student Success
Enhance Your Note­Taking, Test Preparation and
Study Skills­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
Study Skills 11/10/2015
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
The Tutoring­Learning Center (TLC) houses UW­Stevens Point's Academic Literacies
Specialist, Emily Wisinski, a professional staff member, meets with students on an
individual basis to discuss:
Time Management
Goal Setting and Motivation
Test Preparation
and other study skills
Stop by the TLC in the basement of the library, room 018 to make an appointment
to discuss your individual concerns and create an academic success plan. Or, visit
during Emily’s office hours: Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or Wednesday
from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Four Year Plan Blank Template
This document can come in handy when you are making a four year plan. It's a
great idea to plan ahead!
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Events and Speakers
Federal Jobs Fair NEW
Are you interested in applying for a federal job but have some questions? Stop by
the job fair Thursday, November 12 from 4 to 5 PM in the CCC room 205.
Film Screening by the UWSP Veteran's Club
Monday, November 16th ­ 7:00pm in the DUC Theater
The Veterans Club at UWSP and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is excited
to be hosting a screening of PROJECT 22, a powerful new documentary film, which
can help our veterans!
Career Services Workshops Offered this Semester
Upcoming Career Services Workshops: Tuesday, November 10 5:00 – 6:00 PM 321 CCC Preparing For Interviews
Wednesday, November 11 3:00 – 3:45 PM 650 LRC Do You Know What You
Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Wednesday, November 11 5:00 – 6:00 PM 107 LRC Writing Effective Personal
Statements For Grad School
Thursday, November 12 4:00 – 5:00 PM 205 CCC Federal Jobs: Where To Find­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Thursday, November 12 4:00 – 5:00 PM 205 CCC Federal Jobs: Where To Find
Them, How To Apply, Benefits & Options
Thursday, November 19 4:00 – 5:30 PM 303 CCC Resumes & Other
Professional Correspondence
Tuesday, November 24 3:00 – 3:45 PM 316 LRC CareerLocker: What’s In My
Locker? Here is the full semester list of Career Services Workshops; Click Here
Coffee and Culture
"I Served My County", by the UWSP Veteran's Club ­ Tuesday, Nov 10th at 6:00PM ­
DUC Laird Room
"Planes, Trains and Rickshaws" ­ Wednesday, November 18th at 6:00PM ­ DUC Larid
The Salute to Veterans: A Walk in Their Shoes
It will feature a story from WWII, called “The Ghost Army.” The Ghost Army was
officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. From June 1944 to March
1945, it staged 20 battlefield deceptions, beginning in Normandy and ending along
the Rhine River. Members of the Ghost Army engaged an array of inflatables (tanks,
trucks, jeeps, airplanes), sound trucks, phony radio transmissions and even
playacting to fool the enemy. We will have (if health permits) two members of the
Ghost Army, along with a historian coming to Marathon County to share this little­
known story of WWII with the community. Rick Beyer, the historian, will be sending
one of the inflatable tanks to be on display as he and two veterans of The Ghost
Army give their presentations to area students, school staff, and community
members. The Ghost Army of World War II describes the highly imaginative and
daring maneuver that helped open the way for the final drive to Germany.
There will be two free community presentations thanks to our sponsors.
• Tuesday, November 10, 2015 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the Edgar High School
• Wednesday, November 11, 2015 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the Center for Civic
Engagement Building at UW Marathon County. For more information about this event, contact Colin Hanson at or call 715­560­8933.
Veterans Day Ceremony, November 11, 5:00PM, DUC
Alumni Room
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Study Away Opportunities
Winterim in Cameroon, Africa: Community­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Winterim in Cameroon, Africa: Community
Development and Cultural Enrichment NEW
Extended Deadline ­ Apply ASAP! What if you could combine a truly meaningful community development project with
three weeks of rich experience in African culture?
Volunteer with the Makah Water for All Foundation, building a pump well to provide
clean drinking water to a village in Cameroon. Participants not only take part in this
fulfilling experience, but learn how to start a nonprofit organization from the ground
floor. The program includes lectures on topics such as Globalization and Africa,
Polygamy, and Effects of HIV­AIDS in Africa. Hiking, learning the “bottle dance” and
visiting the Ndawara Tea Estate Ranch will be among the highlights.
National Student Exchange (NSE) Full Academic Year
or Single Semester, Fall or Spring
NSE offers students a domestic alternative to studying abroad. What began with
three campuses exchanging seven students is now 200 universities placing 3,000
students each year. UW­Stevens Point became a member institution in 2014 and will
begin to send students to NSE participating universities, and welcome NSE students
to campus, in the fall of 2015.
For more information visit the NSE website at and UWSP webpage at­Student­Exchange­­­­NSE.aspx​
Once you have background information contact UWSP program coordinator Mark
Koepke in CCC 108 for advising.
Field Biology of Hawaii Island 2015­2016 Winterim
Study Abroad
Aloha students!
The “Field Biology of Hawaii Island” (Biology 309/509, 3 credits) course will be
offered again this winterim, Wednesday, January 6, to Wednesday, January 20,
2016. Dr. Chris Yahnke and I are scheduled to be the instructors again this year. This is a 15­day field course course with the $1,400.00 course fee covering lodging,
vehicles, tours, and most food. As with last winterim’s course, you will be required
to pay for your own airfare (approximately $900­1000 round trip from Chicago or
Minneapolis to Hilo, excluding baggage fees), tuition, the course fee just
mentioned, and a few meals. Total estimated cost: $3,500.00.
For schedule and syllabus click here
Ethnobotany: Health, Belief and Agroforestry in
Belize 2015­2016 Winterim Study Abroad This field course is for those interested in ethnobotany, culture, alternative healing
practices, spiritual belief, sustainable living styles and indigenous agroforestry.
Earn 3 credits and visit: medicinal plant trails, traditional healers, community
elders, Mayan gardens and permaculture farms, Mayan ruins, the second largest­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
elders, Mayan gardens and permaculture farms, Mayan ruins, the second largest
continuous coral reef and the only jaguar reserve in the world!!!!
Contact cela­belize ( to register and see me to process
your credits at UWSP
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Student Organizations
Student Organizations' Weekly Update
SGA Green Fund!
The Green Fund is a student ran fund that was created to finance
sustainable and environmental initiatives across the UWSP campus. This
fund provides around $100,000 for projects and is open to any group on
campus who is interested in starting a project that would increase
campus sustainability and decrease its environmental footprint. If you
have an idea, are interested in starting a project, or would like to sit on
the committee that allocates the funds, please check out the hyperlink
or contact Alex Thomas. Click here for project application!
American Fisheries Society (AFS) Calling all Fisheries and Biology majors, fish and/or water enthusiasts, and
fishermen/women! The Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is
the place for you! This Society provides numerous opportunities in fisheries
fieldwork such as electroshocking, fyke netting, assisting with sturgeon
spawning, etc., hands­on workshops, networking events, and volunteer
activities. We encourage you to join us on Wednesdays at 5:00pm in TNR
170, get to know other students with similar aspirations/interests, and get
involved with all the amazing opportunities this society has to offer! If you
have any questions or want to know more, contact President Sam Schaick
( or Public Relations Officer Kate Carpenter
( at any time!
American Water Resources Association (AWRA) NEW
The UWSP Student Chapter of AWRA is committed to the preservation
and enhancement of our nation's water quality through education,
responsible management, and the continued efforts of our members. We
provide many hand on experiences in water resources and hydrology
fieldwork projects. We also have fun events like highway cleanup,
educating children and local residents in the community about water
resources and water protection.
Upcoming Events:
Damnation Film December 1st, 6pm DUC Theater
Dues are $5 for a semester, or $10 per academic year plus a FREE T­
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Shirt. We meet every Tuesday at 5:00pm in TNR 252, but there will be no
meeting next Tuesday. Next meeting will be 11/17/2015 at 5pm TNR
If you have any question please feel free to email us at
Animal Behavior Club Are you interested in the applications of animal training? Our meeting this week will focus on a discussion about animal training
and include a demonstrative game.
Join us on Wednesday November 11th at 6pm in TNR 122.
CNR Bible Study Here’s an opportunity to get involved in faith and our natural world.
We’re a co­ed, natural resource majors­based bible study curious to
learn and listen, and accepting of all who show interest! Come and chat,
learn, and question with like­minds who’re tackling similar questions as
yourself. Meetings are currently Wednesdays from 7:00­8:00pm in TNR
372 (just outside the western stairwell!).
Coalition of Organizational Leadership in TNR (COOL) Our meetings are Thursdays at 5:00 PM in TNR 320, and that any
topic/event/idea that anyone would like to be brought up at this
meeting can be emailed to Jordan Winkenbach at
Environmental Educators and Naturalists Association (EENA)
The Environmental Educators and Naturalists Association exists to
spread environmental literacy and knowledge to the surrounding campus
and community through educational programs and events geared toward
all ages. EENA meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the WCEE on the 4th
floor of the library­ all students are welcome! Environmental and Sustainability Issues Committee
If you are interested in working on sustainability initiatives and policies
on the UWSP campus, check out the Environmental and Sustainability
Issues Committee of the Student Government Association! The
committee works on a variety environmental topics from bicycle safety
to waste reduction. Stop by the meeting, Thursdays at 12pm in the
Brewhaus conference room, or contact Alex Thomas if you want to get
Izaak Walton League
The Izaak Walton League of America is one of the oldest conservation
organizations in the United States. It was founded in 1992, and has
over 250 local chapters throughout the nation.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
over 250 local chapters throughout the nation.
Our club is focused on anything and everything outdoors. We
participate in many different activities such as Trout Stream
Restoration, Trail Maintenance, Highway Cleanup, and Kids Fishing Day,
as well as Bow Shoots, Trap Shoots, and Rifle Shoots. During our
meetings we also have hands on activities such as Knot Tying,
Chainsaw and Axe sharpening and care, Wilderness Survival, and many
We have meetings every Thursday at 7:00 PM in TNR 240. Dues: $5.00/semester or $8.00/year
Comments or questions? Email us at or check out the
UWSP IKES Website:
Land Conservation Society The Land Conservation Society (LCS) is a national organization which has a
newly establish branch here on campus. We focus on land conservation at its
roots which is at the private level and work with several nonprofit
organizations focused on land conservation called land trusts. We work
especially close with the North Central Conservancy Trust in plover which has
land from the bottom of Adams County to the top of Lincoln County and Taylor
County. We hold more than half a dozen work days every semester where we
go out and help, conserve, and preserve owners land through many different
management techniques. Our next meeting will be this Thursday at 5 in TNR room 271. See you there!!!
Email us at for any questions. Park and Recreation Association (PRA)
We meet weekly at 6 pm in TNR 320 and our contact email is If students would like updates, we will be sending weekly emails about
activities, so they can email us to be added to the contact list if they
can't make it to meetings. We also have an updated list of officers on the UWSP student
organization page under PRA if people wish to contact us individually.
Society of American Foresters (SAF) The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is one of the largest student
organizations at UW­Stevens Point and one of the most active. We are aimed
at getting undergraduates valuable experience. We meet weekly in TNR 170
at 5pm on Thursdays! Dues: $3 for the semester or $5 for the year.
Interested in throwing axes, underhand chop, or crosscut sawing?! Well you
are in luck, because we have a Woodland Sports team! The Woodland Sports
Team practice times on Monday have switched to the earlier time of 4 ­ 6 PM. Friday
practices are still from 2 ­ 4 PM. Locations is still 1249 4th Ave., Stevens Point.
If interested contact Have comments or questions? Email
us at or stop by the office in room TNR 361. UWSP SAF
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)
We are a group of people dedicated to helping restore and conserve
ecosystems by volunteering with numerous organizations and institutions both
locally and across the state. Through activities such as removing invasive
species, collecting native seed, planting native species, assisting with
prescribed burns, and much more, we stay connected to the community and
the surrounding ecosystems. With many events and activities planned, we are
excited to see what this semester will bring:
Our meetings are on Wednesdays in TNR 240 starting at 5:00pm. We hope to
see you there!
"Society grows great when old men {and women} plant trees whose shade
they know they shall never sit in." ­­Greek Proverb
Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS) Meetings are Thursdays at 5 PM in TNR 361
This week Erik and Derek, our research co­coordinators, will be talking about
our ongoing research project. If anyone is intreseted in going out sampling or
doing some lab analysis please contact Erik at or
Derek at
Dues are $5 for a semester and $10 for the year! We hope to see you at our
next meeting!
Student Law Enforcement Association (SLEA) If you're interested in law enforcement and enhancing your skills then
stop by Every Monday night at 6 pm in TNR 170. This week we will be
having a guest speaker on leadership and what involvement can do for
your future. If you have any questions please contact a member of our
officer team. Officers can be found on our website:
Student Society of Arboriculture Tree Care Industry Association will be
hosting its annual meeting in Pittsburg November 12­14. We will be
leaving a day early to stop at Bartlett Tree Experts and Davey Tree
headquarters, making this a very unique opportunity to find
employment. This is the largest green industries convention and expo
with the largest student only job and internship fair. There are over 200
vendors, many of whom will be taking resumes looking for permanent
and summer help. The event is free for student which is a $300 savings!
Students for Sustainability (SFS) NEW
Come to our weekly meeting on Thursday, November 12th at 6:00pm where
we will pressing apples for apple cider to bring to the Farmer's Tribute Dinner!
Students for Sustainability is a merged organization from the previous
organizations Students for Sustainable Communities and Sustainable
Agriculture in Communities Societies. You can like us on Facebook at UWSP
Students for Sustainability.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Students for Sustainability.
Student Research Symposium (SRS)
The CNR Student Research Symposium Planning Committee is a group
of students that work with faculty and staff to organize the CNR Student
Research Symposium in the spring!
Contact Anastasia Wolf­Flasch at or Dr. Hauer at if you have any questions.
Students for Wetland Awareness, Management and Protection
(SWAMP) Boost your résumé by undertaking volunteer opportunities applicable to
your field! All of our meetings give up to date information on local and
statewide events that provide benefits to a wide variety of CNR majors
and beyond. Our meetings are at 5pm on Mondays in TNR 320, and
make sure to bring your planner. Feel free to contact any of our officers
with any questions that you have. We'll see you at the next meeting!! Trap Shooting Club
Do you enjoy trap shooting or have an interest in trying it? We are a
club on campus who enjoy to shoot recreationally and competitively. We
shoot mainly in the spring semester on Thursday evenings at Ashley
shooting club located in Mosinee. The club offers 16 yard stand, skeet,
and a heated 5 stand which is opens in February. During the summer we
shoot competitively at the collegiate level under the Scholastic Clay
Target Program (SCTP). This past summer we took first place at one
shoot and third place at the state shoot. Dues for the club are $10
which get you a reduced shooting price at Ashley shooting club. Provide
your own shells and gun. Hunter safety, gun safety, or military training
is required for the club. If you do not have any of those, the Wisconsin
DNR has an online course in which you can take. If you have any
questions, message us on our Facebook page "UWSP shooting club" or
email us at
Waste Management Society The Waste Management Society’s mission is to help all students learn
about and participate in activities related to modern waste
management. We offer opportunities to participate in waste related
projects, attend conferences, and meet a number of professionals from
the waste management industry. We promote the reduction, reuse, and
recycling of common waste items along with opportunities in composting
and wastewater as well. If you are interested in joining or have any other questions, please
contact President Alex Smudde at or our adviser
Dr. Rob Michitsch at or in TNR 276.
We try to hold meetings every other Tuesday at 6:30PM in TNR 255
Upcoming Meetings include:
­Tuesday November 17th­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
­Tuesday November 17th
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
The Wildlife Society (TWS) NEW The Wildlife Society is one of the largest student organizations and student
TWS chapters. TWS provides numerous opportunities to members. Bird
banding, radio­collaring deer, trapping, telemetry, and networking are just a
few examples. This coming Tuesday 11/10 at 5pm in TNR 170, Jeff Pritzl will
be presenting on “Reflections on 25 Years of Deer Management.” He is
currently the District Wildlife Supervisor for the DNR and was the ’88­’89
UWSP TWS President. Don’t miss out! Several research projects are going on right now which any member can help
with. You don’t have to be a Wildlife major to join! There are skills you can
gain through TWS that will be beneficial for any major. If you have any
questions you can email Lisa Zoromski at Wisconsin Camps Wisconsin Camps is a student organization dedicated to camp
development. We network resources within the camping community for
college students, helping to create a safe, learning, and fun experience
for the kids we will be working with in the future.
We meet Wednesdays at 7PM in TNR 122!!
Women in Natural Resources (WiNR) Women in Natural Resources is a student organization focused on encouraging
women to get involved and become leaders in natural resources through
volunteering, hands on experiences, and social events. Our meetings are every Wednesday at 6:00 in TNR 320!
Important Dates:
If you are interested in joining our board in order to gain some leadership
experience and help to plan out events, we will meet in the same room on the
same day, but at 5:00, just before the meeting!
• November 4th 6:00PM Meeting will include a talk about Summer internships
like the stewardship of Necedah , AmeriCore, and women of the month.
• Elections are coming soon!!!
If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact
President Anastasia Wolf­Flasch at You can also check
us out online at ( or
Facebook (UWSP Women in Natural Resources)!
Update Your Org! NEW
Please send the CNR Reporter your Student Organization updates as often as you
can! Email your article forms to by 9 AM Friday!
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Scholarship Information­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Scholarships Available This Week!
The Science Ambassador Scholarship Deadline: December 1
Wisconsin Arborist Association
Scholarship, Criteria Here, Application Here, Deadline: December 15
The Carpenter Bus "Extra Mile" Scholarship Deadline: December 31
Intertribal Timber Council Scholarship Deadline: January 11
SAGLA Essay Contest Deadline: January 29 ​
Click here to learn more about all of the scholarships
available to CNR students.
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Workshops and Activities
Spring Education Internship at the MacKenzie Center
Join a fun team and help inspire the next generation to get outside and learn about
the natural world. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ MacKenzie
Center is currently hiring an Education Intern for the spring semester (Feb­May). Please share this position description with your networks. We will begin reviewing
applications on November 23 for the Spring 2016 Internship. We encourage
interested candidates to apply by submitting a resume and cover letter to
The Prairie Enthusiasts 2016 Annual Conference Call
for Posters​
The Prairie Enthusiasts Conference Planning Committee welcomes your printing and
posting of the attached flyer and circulating this announcement to your colleagues.
Please send any questions you may have to Ted Cochrane at or
Rich Henderson at​
Interested in a Winterim Volunteer/Small Study
Experience with the US Forest Service?
If you are interested contact:
Crystal Kern with the US Forest Service. Her phone number is 715­362­1123
Farmshed's 8th Annual Farmer Tribute Dinner​
Celebrate Your Local Farmers at the 8th Annual Farmer Tribute Dinner! The public is­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Celebrate Your Local Farmers at the 8th Annual Farmer Tribute Dinner! The public is
invited to attend Central Rivers Farmshed’s 8th Annual Farmer Tribute Dinner on
Saturday, November 14th. Each year this event brings community members
together to honor our local farmers and celebrate the harvest season. Farms listed
in the Central Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas are treated to this meal at the end of
each growing season in recognition of their hard work and dedication to provide
fresh food for our community. Community members purchase tickets to join the
celebration and help sponsor the farmers’ meals.
New Recognition and Networking Tool for Student
Environmental Leaders
National Wildlife Federation’s EcoLeader Community is the first online community of
its kind where student leaders can share and collaborate on the important
environmental work they’re doing on campus and in the community, network, gain
inspiration from students across the country and ultimately earn national recognition
for their leadership skills. Visit to join the community!
NWF’s EcoLeaders provides individuals the opportunity to:
• Connect with student leaders across the country for support and inspiration
• Share and collaborate on environmental projects they’re leading on campus
or in the community
• Sharpen leadership skills for the environment
• Access the diverse resources of National Wildlife Federation and partner
• Earn national recognition for leadership and positive impact on the
environment and wildlife
National Wildlife Federation launched a new online community called EcoLeaders, a
community for student environmental leaders.
EcoLeaders provides individuals the opportunity to:
Connect with other students in their region and nationwide on conservation and
sustainability issues via direct messaging to community members and through
Access resources on a variety of sustainability topics – transportation, energy,
water, wildlife/habitat, etc.
Start a project, and track actions – organize teams, share goals and updates.
Earn recognition from National Wildlife Federation for their leadership skills over the
course of their projects & campaigns, and a separate recognition opportunity for
their positive impact on the environment.
Visit to join the community!
If you have any other questions you can contact Cody Kamrowski at
Division Street Student Research Initative How do we transform a barrier into a boulevard? The Division Street Student
Research Initiative is a unique project that will bring UWSP students from a range of
disciplines into collaboration with faculty partners, city officials, designers and
artists, community members, and business groups in an initial effort to consider the
revitalization of north Division Street; a roughly ninety­two acre blighted
highway/business corridor adjacent to the UWSP campus.­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
highway/business corridor adjacent to the UWSP campus.
For more information contact: Katja Marquart (, Tori
Jennings ( or Anna Haines (
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Job Opportunities
Looking for a Job or Internship? NEW
All job postings are posted in CareerPoint*. CareerPoint can be found on the Career
Services home page or by clicking here.
Every student has their own account.
Your username is your student ID number
Your password is your birthday.
Once you activate your account, you may change your password.
The Reporter Staff encourage you to become familiar with CareerPoint.
Click here for a quick tutorial of searching for jobs. We will post highlights of incoming jobs, but all postings will be found on
*Jobs in CareerPoint listed as "Internships" are not guaranteed to count for a
credited internship. To verify if a job will count, please check with your discipline's
Internship Coordinator.
CNR Internship Opportunites (Credit­approved Internships)
UW­Stevens Point Internships
USA Jobs Resume Writing Tips
Jobs Posted in CareerPoint This Week NEW
Boston School Forest Ski Instructor Internship​
­ Plover, WI
Forestry Technician ­ US Forest Service ­ Colvill National Forest, WA
Education and Outreach Internships ­ Smithsonian Gardens, Washington
Spring Education Internship ­ MacKenzie Center ­ Poynette, WI
Other Job Boards Wisconsin County Code Administrators­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx
September 7 ­ 11, 2015 ­ Student Success Center | UWSP
Wisconsin County Code Administrators
Wisconsin Land and Water Land Trust Alliance
Wisconsin Planners
Planning Jobs
Schmeeckle Job Board USA Jobs
Texas A&M Job Board
Conservation Job Board
University of Georgia Forestry and Natural Resources Job Board
Cyber­Sierra Natural Resources Jobs
Eco Jobs
American Fisheries Society Job Site Arizona Game and Fish Department Career and Educational Opportunities in Ecology, Conservation & other
Environmental Sciences New Mexico State Employment Office Northern Arizona University School of Forestry Career Development The Wildlife Society Job Board Science Careers from the Journal Science WDNR Limited and Long Term Employment Jobs Minnesota DNR Employment Website Water Resource Jobs close this section­2016/September%207%20­%2011,%202015.aspx