STH450 Service Management Fall 2014 On-line Course

Service Management
Fall 2014
On-line Course
Dr. Yu-Chin (Jerrie) Hsieh
Office Hours:
Mondays & Wednesdays: 10:00-11:00am; noon-2:00pm
or by appointment (please email the instructor to make an appointment)
Office: Bryan 472
Required Text:
Principles of Service Marketing and Management, Christopher Lovelock &
Lauren Wright, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-040467-5
Technical Assistant:
If you have problem logging into Blackboard, you will need to contact
UNCG IT at (336) 256-8324,
This course introduces the major concepts in service management, including the nature and
characteristics of service, the marketing implications of product intangibility, customer loyalty,
achieving total customer satisfaction, and improving service quality. The material will help student
develop an integrative understanding of services marketing.
At the completion of this course students will be able to:
1. Understand the unique challenges involved in managing and marketing services.
2. Identify differences between marketing a service versus manufacturing a product.
3. Identify and analyze the various components of the service marketing mix as well as key
issues required in controlling service quality.
4. Understand the role of employees and customers in service delivery, customer satisfaction, and
service recovery.
On-line class lectures and notes
Readings from text and other documents posted to Blackboard
Resume Assignment
On-line Exam (Exam 1 & Exam 2)
Weekly On-line Quiz
10 points x 1 = 10 points
80 points x 2 = 160 points
10 points x 8 (ch1-8) + 20 points
x 2 (ch 9,10) = 120 points
30 points x 4 journals + 50 points
x1 summary = 170 points
40 points x 2= 80 points
100 points
640 points
Service Encounters Journal Project
Reflection Paper
Final Project
Total Possible Points
Your final total points / 640 (points) =☼ %
Grading Scale
grade By percentage
97% to 100%
93% to 97%
A90% to 92%
87% to 89%
83% to 86%
B80% to 82%
By points
By percentage
77% to 79%
73% to 76%
70% to 72%
67% to 69%
63% to 66%
60% to 62 %
Below 60%
By points
Below 384
Students are responsible for checking their grades on Blackboard frequently. Please e-mail your
instructor as soon as you find any questions regarding your grades. No grade change request will be
accepted after a grade had been posted for two weeks.
Blackboard Weekly On-Line Quizzes:
There will be 11 on-line weekly quizzes during the semester, including one extra 5-point quiz (Quiz
1). The purpose of Quiz 1 (extra 5 points) on the first week is to help you get familiar with the
format of on-line quizzes for this course. Each quiz is worth 10 points (except Quiz Ch 9 and Quiz
Ch 10: 20 points for each, since there is no Exam 3 after chapter 8). The quizzes are based upon the
lecture power point presentations, textbook, and assigned articles. All weekly quiz questions are
available at the beginning of the semester and are due at 11:50 pm on Sundays. This will allow you
to finish weekly course requirements ahead of the schedule if you want. Please note, the on-line quiz
link will disappear automatically at 11:50pm on the assigned Sunday. If you miss the time block,
you won’t be able to re-take it. Be sure to complete each on-line quiz before due time.
On-Line Quiz Guidelines
 You will have only 1 opportunity to take the quiz within the available time.
 The quizzes are open book but they are timed (10 minutes per quiz), so you will need to
have a fairly good grasp of the material in order to achieve a satisfactory grade.
 Each quiz has 10 multiple-choice questions except for Quizzes Ch 9 & Ch 10 (20 questions,
20 minutes).
Quiz questions are from the textbook, lecture power point slides, or the assigned article for
that week.
The grade is available for review at the time you complete the quiz.
The questions will appear one at time. If you skip the question, you will not be able to return.
As soon as you “submit” the quiz, you will be able to view results with correct answers and
your quiz score as well. On-line quizzes will NOT be available for you to review before the
exam. If you need to keep the results for review, you can print them before the on-line quiz
is due (11:50pm, Sunday).
Please email your instructor immediately if any technical problem occurs while taking the
on-line quiz.
If you have problem logging into Blackboard, you will need to contact UNCG IT at
(336) 256-8324,
Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Do not wait until the last
minute to take the on-line quiz.
On-line Exams
Two (2) on-line exams will be given during the semester on scheduled dates. Each on-line exam has
a time window. If you miss the time window, you miss the exam. The on-line exam link will
disappear automatically at 11:50pm on the Sunday of the exam week. It is very important to take the
on-line exam in an internet environment without any interruption. I strongly recommend you to use
UNCG computer lab to take the on-line exam. Students are responsible for the consequence of
interrupted exam. No make-up exam request will be granted due to miss the exam window or the
internet disconnection in the middle of the exam. Each exam has 40 multiple-choice questions. You
will have 45 minutes to complete the exam. Do not wait until the last minute to take the exam.
Should any technical problem arise, you are less likely to get them solved at the end of the
examination time block.
Reflection Papers
You are required to write two reflection papers. The purpose of the reflection paper is for you to be
able to give your opinions and relate it to your understanding of service management such as
customer relationship management, service encounters, front and back stage, technologies in
services, and 8 Ps, etc. Your reflection paper should be no more than 3 pages.
Content of your reflection paper:
1. Give a summary of the article (briefly describe the major points made by the author).
2. What are the lessons you learned from the article and how these could apply to service
management? Analyze what you read and how it is relevant to your understanding of the
service management. This section also includes your individual critique, response,
comments, and thoughts.
Reflection Paper Format:
Your reflection paper must contain the following:
 Cover page (to include student’s name, paper title, & date). Any missing information
will result in point deduction.
Microsoft Word file format
Type- written, double-space
1 inch page margin
Font size=12 points
Font style=Times New Roman ONLY
2-3 pages (do not exceed 3 pages)
All papers must be submitted electronically via the online submission link on
Grading Criteria:
1. Integration: Paper integrates insights taken from PowerPoint slides, text,
readings, and personal experience.
2. Depth of engagement: Paper shows insight and critical thought;
demonstrates logical thinking and clear reasoning.
3. Organization and writing style (no grammatical or spelling errors)
4. Meet the format requirements (cover page, space, font size, font style,
margin, length)
There are two projects during the semester. One is the Service Encounter Journals Project and the
other one is the Final Project (Detailed project guidelines are available on the course Blackboard).
Service Encounters Journal (4 entries) & A Two-page self-reflection Paper
Beginning from the 5th week, you are required to submit a service encounter journal per week.
Recall the service encounters you had during the week (service encounters could happen anywhere,
where your role is a customer, a service receiver. It can happen when you go to a bank, a hospital, a
super cut store, a supermarket, a gas station, a post office, a library, calling your credit card
company, or your cellar phone company, etc). Pick one that impressed you the most (either a
positive or negative experience) for your journal entry. Each journal entry is worth 30 points. You
should use the standard journal entry form (available on Blackboard) and record factual information
(indicate where, when, and describe what happened), as well as your perceptions of each service
experience. Your journal should be comprehensive, detailed, and organized in a consistent manner.
A standard journal entry form is available on Blackboard.
After you complete your 4 journal entries, prepare a two-page conclusion section titled “Lessons
from My Service Encounters Journal.” Discuss in these two pages the most important insights you
gained about service quality from your experience by keeping a service diary. This 2-page selfreflection paper is worth 50 points.
Lessons from My Service Encounters Journal Paper Format:
Your paper must contain the following:
 Cover page (to include student’s name, paper title, & date). Any missing information
will result in point deduction.
 Microsoft Word file format
Type- written, double-space
1 inch page margin
Font size=12 points
Font style=Times New Roman ONLY
Minimum 2 pages (do not exceed 3 pages)
This paper must be submitted electronically via the online submission link on
Service Encounter Journals Project Grading Criteria: Grading criteria include the organization,
comprehensiveness, and depth of your diary entries, the depth of your interpretations, the quality of
writing, and evidence of learning as reflected in the diary and lessons section. You MUST relate
your experience to the concepts you learned from the textbook (Not limited to the chapter of the
week), for example, customer loyalty, service recovery, 8 Ps, technologies, high-contact service,
low-contact service, service process, service system, waiting time, level of tolerance, value, etc.
How to Submit Your Assignments Online?
Since this is an online course, you will submit all your assignments (resume, reflection papers,
service encounter journals, and the final project) online via the course Blackboard. You will need to
type your assignment first and save it as a word file. Submit your assignment as an attachment.
The submission link is available in the weekly folder under the course content. Click
“View/Complete Assignment” to submit your assignment. If you have anything you want to let me
know about your assignment, you can type your comments in the comment box. Click” Browse” to
select the word file you want to submit. Click”Open” to upload your file. Click” Submit” to submit
your assignment. Only if you are not able to attach a file for submission, you can copy your
assignment and paste it to the comment box. Email submissions will not be accepted without
permission from the instructor.
All assignments are due at 11:50pm, Sundays. Be sure to submit your assignment on-line before the
due time. Blackboard on-line assignment submission system will not allow any late submission.
Final Project: Service Analysis and Redesign
This project gives you the opportunity to evaluate a service entity (company, organization) and
redesign an existing service based on your newly acquired services marketing expertise. You will
establish a marketing plan for this service entity.
To accomplish the goal of this project, you are required to find a local service provider (for
example, a tax service company, a hospital, UNCG Writing Center, Speaking Center, a hotel, a
restaurant, a grocery store, a beauty shop, a fitness club, or a “goods” business that has a significant
service component, for example, an auto repair company, a cell phone company, etc).
For this project, you MUST visit the service entity, observe its service procedures, interview
managers (or employees) to find out their current marketing strategies, and write a paper. The
minimum length of this paper (excluding the blueprint) is 4 pages (but not limited to that), 12point font size, Times New Roman font style, double spaced with 1-inch margins (see Blackboard
for details).
Each student is required to obtain a valid UNCG email account for class communication during the
semester. If you have not set up your UNCG email account, please contact the UNCG Computing
Help Desk by phone at 336-256-TECH (8324) or by sending e-mail to
See more information at
Since this is an on-line class, Blackboard will be used throughout the semester. Audio lectures,
student grades, assignments, the service encounter journal entry form, and other important
information will be provided through this software. On-line quizzes, exams, and assignment
submission will be performed via Blackboard. Students are expected to check blackboard
frequently and are responsible for the information provided through this software. Everyone
officially registered for this class has been added to Blackboard automatically.
All policies and procedures of this course follow those stated in the publication University
Regulations concerning attendance, nondiscrimination policy, academic regulations and procedures,
student rights and student conduct, among others. Students must abide by the Honor Code of the
University of North Carolina Greensboro on all assignments and examinations related to this course.
See more information at
If any member of the class feels that he/she has a disability and needs special accommodations of
any nature, I will work with you and the Office of Disability Services to provide reasonable
accommodations to ensure that you have a fair opportunity to perform in this class. Please advise
me as soon as possible of such disability and the desired accommodations. Please also contact the
Office of Disability Services (ODS) at 336-334-5440 for further assistance. See more information at
STH 450 On-line Class Schedule
(August 18~ Dec 1, 2014)
Week 1
Instructions for Taking
This On-line Course”
(1)Course Syllabus
Week 2
Listen to Ch 1: “Why
Study Services”
(1) Chapter 1
Week 3
Listen to Ch2:
Service Process”
(1) Chapter 2
(2) Article 1
Week 4
Listen to Ch 3:
“Managing Service
Listen to Ch 4:
“Customer Behavior in
Service Encounters”
(1) Chapter 3
(2) Article 2
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 3 &
Article 2
11:50pm, 9/14 (Sunday)
(1) Chapter 4
(2) Article 3
(3) Service Encounter
Journal Project
Guidelines (Syllabus
pages 4-6)
(1) Chapter 1-4
(2) Reflection paper 1
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 4 &
Article 3
(2) Service Encounter
Journal 1
11:50pm, 9/21 (Sunday)
(1) On-line Exam 1 :
Ch1- 4
(2) Reflection paper 1
11:50pm, 9/28 (Sunday)
Week 5
(1) Resume assignment
(2) On-line Quiz 1(Extra 5
(Quiz questions are from
the STH 450 course syllabus
& the reading: Instructions
for taking this on-line
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 1
(11:50PM, SUNDAYS)
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 2 &
11:50pm, 8/24 (Sunday)
11:50pm, 8/31 (Sunday)
11:50pm, 9/7(Sunday)
Week 6
Study for Exam 1
Week 7
(1) Listen to Ch 5:
Marketing and
Customer Loyalty”
(2) Watch a video:
customer service-cab
story by Shep Hyken
(1) Chapter 5
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 5
(2) Service Encounter
Journal 2
11:50pm, 10/5 (Sunday)
Week 8
Listen to Ch 6:
“Complaint Handling
& Service Recovery “
(1) Chapter 6
(2) Article 4
11:50pm, 10/12(Sunday)
Week 9
Listen to Ch7:“The
Service Product”
(1) Chapter 7
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 6 &
Article 4
(2) Service Encounter
Journal 3
(1) Take On-line Quiz Ch 7
(2) Service Encounter
Journal 4
Week 10
Listen to Ch 8:
“Pricing Strategies for
(1) Chapter 8
(2) Article 5
(1) Take On-line Quiz Ch 8
& Article 5
(2) “ Lessons from my
Service Encounters
11:50pm, 10/26(Sunday)
11:50pm, 10/19(Sunday)
Week 11
Study for Exam 2
(1) Chapter 5-8
(2) Reflection paper 2
Week 12
Listen to Ch9:
“Promotion and
Week 13
Listen to Ch 10:
“Service Positioning &
(1) Chapter 9
(2) Article 6
(3) Read Final Project
(syllabus pages 79 and Blackboard
Final Project
(1) Chapter 10
(2) Article 7
(3) Read Final Project
Guidelines (syllabus
pages 7-9 and
Blackboard Final
Project Guidelines)
Week 14
Work on Final
(1) Read Final Project
Guidelines (syllabus
pages 7-9 and
Blackboard Final
Project Guidelines)
Week 15
Final Project Due
(1) Read Final Project
Guidelines (syllabus
pages 7-9 and
Blackboard Final
Project Guidelines)
(1) On-line Exam 2:
Ch 5-8
(2) Reflection paper 2
(1) On-line Quiz Ch 9 &
Article 6 (20- point
(2) Start working on your
final project
11:50pm, 11/2(Sunday)
(1) Take On-line Quiz Ch 10
& Article 7 (20- point
(2) Work on your final
11:50pm, 11/16(Sunday)
(1) Work on your
final project
(Note: In order to fully
enjoy your Thanksgiving
Holidays (11/26~11/28), I
would strongly suggest
that you complete your
final project during Week
11:50pm, 11/30 (Sunday)
(1) Submit your final project
11:50pm, 11/9(Sunday)
(1) All the online quizzes and assignment submission links are available at the beginning of the
semester. If you want, you can finish the course requirements ahead of the schedule.
(2) Blackboard on-line submission system does not allow any late submission.
(3) All assignment on-line submission links (including on-line quiz links) will disappear automatically
at 11:50pm, Sundays.