Project Update PRISM TRKS 2 Data Collection    

Project Update August 2009 PRISM TRKS 2nd Data Collection
We would like to thank you all again for your participation in the data collection and verification of information for the PRISM TRKS project. Over the next few weeks you may receive a phone call from one of the Compensation staff to follow up on any discrepancies/issues that are identified from the information you have submitted. We are anticipating an implementation date of January 1, 2010 for the new time and attendance system. It is important to note that we will again be asking for updated vacation, sick, personal, and compensatory time balances as well as supervisor information at the beginning of December. It will be extremely important that all employee balances and supervisor information be submitted by the deadline for the final data collection. Further detailed communications regarding the timing of this final data collection will be sent out in the upcoming months. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the Compensation Department at 412‐648‐0158. PittSource Updates
In order to interface the on‐line recruitment system, PittSource, with PRISM TRKS, a few updates will be required in the PittSource system. You may notice these changes several weeks prior to the anticipated implementation date of PRISM TRKS. One of the more significant updates is within the costing section on PittSource requests. There will be a new field called “Element Category” on the costing tab which will allow departments to identify different account numbers for regular, compensatory (comp time), and overtime for all non‐exempt new hires and rehires, similar to the SPAR. Please note that all costing changes for transfers of salaried employees will still need to be completed using the SPAR form. The following is a preliminary screen shot of how this costing change will look in PittSource: Comp Time
Project Update August 2009 In addition, identification of the supervisor information will be changed in PittSource. Currently, the supervisor name, phone number and e‐mail address are required in each request. These fields will no longer exist and there will be a new drop down field with a list of all University of Pittsburgh employees. There will also be an option of “Non Pitt Employee” which will be used for supervisors who are UPMC, UPP, etc. The new supervisor field will be located on the Position Details tab and will be accessible for all PittSource requests. There will be a new field called “Weekly Schedule” which will be required for all PittSource requests. This field will identify whether the employee works a standard or non‐standard weekly schedule. All employees who work 7.5 or 8 hour days, Monday through Friday are considered standard. Employees working all other schedules are considered non‐standard. A value of “Standard” entered in the “Weekly Schedule” field will enable the PRISM TRKS system to populate a timecard with the standard work schedule for the employee, which includes University holidays. If you have any questions regarding these PittSource updates please contact Jason Killmeyer at 412‐648‐3358 or As a reminder, you can reference previous PRISM TRKS communications as well as the June information session slides by going to