Statistics 330A Midterm Exam III

Spring 2015
Statistics 330A
Midterm Exam III
(100 points)
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• There are 5 questions with parts worth a total of 100 points.
• To earn partial credit you must show your work. No credit will be given to
an answer that is a single number, even if that single number happens to
be correct.
• In many cases, a line or two of justification is enough.
• The questions are roughly in the order in which I presented the material, so
they are not necessarily ordered easiest to hardest.
• If you get stuck on one, it may be a good idea to move on and come back
to that question at the end.
• You may use your prepared formula sheet, tables I provided, and a calculator
• IMPORTANT: You must state the random variable and its distribution in
every case where a probability, expectation or a variance is calculated.