Cell Biology

Cell Biology
Date: 2012
Content: Plant and Animal Cell
Essential Questions/Learning Targets: The student can distinguish the difference between a plant cell
and an animal cell. The student will be able to use a VENN diagram to visualize the difference and
simialarities with the two cells.
Independent Work – establishing engagement (8-10 minutes): As part of their bell work the students
will discuss on paper the ways that animals and plants get their food in order to understand the absence of
chloroplasts and chlorophy in animal cells.
Guiding Purpose – fostering engagement (3-5 minutes): To better tie this lesson into real world
engagement. To form their own understanding with their own functions.
Interactive Instruction and Authentic Engagement – deepening understanding (25-40 minutes):
The students will color an animal cell and a plant cell and label their parts. The students will then
take the two models and construct a VENN diagram camparing and contrasting the two cells.
Closure and Consolidation – making meaning, clarify (5-10 minures): At the end of the session we
will come together as a large group and compare eachothers diagram to see if everyone has the basics.