Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact (MA) Program Description

Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact (MA)
Multimodal Literacy for Global Impact (MA)
This program offered by School of Education
470 East Lockwood Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63119
Program Description
This master of arts degree is designed for students that are
interested in integrating the areas of multimodal literacy within
an international framework along with an understanding of
various languages and cultures in order to have a global impact
on various forms of educational programming. The degree is
grounded in the theory that various forms of communication
skills, along with strategic communications within an international
framework, are needed in order to promote the exchange of new
and promising educational and entrepreneurship programs around
the world. This particular degree would be helpful for students that
are interested in working with various non-profit organizations,
business enterprises, and national/international agencies to
promote educational programs for global impact. Six credit hours
of electives can be selected as long as they are at the 5000 level
or above.
Completed application files will be reviewed by the Department of
Language, Literacy, and Leadership.
This program is offered online.
Learning Outcomes
Students will:
• Integrate the use of visual media and Interpersonal
communication skills for the design and promotion of
educational programs.
• Apply an understanding of various languages and cultures in
the design and implementation of educational programs.
• Integrate the appropriate forms of technology into the design
and delivery of educational programs.
• Integrate the various forms of media communications within
an intemational context to promote and deliver effective
educational programs.
The 33 credit hours required for this degree include the following
courses (27 hrs.), plus 6 hrs. of electives:
COMM 5199 Teaching Writing (3 hours)
COMM 5270 Visual Communications (3 hours)
COMM 5290 Interpersonal Communications (3 hours)
COMM 5350 Language and Culture (3 hours)
COMM 5631 Literacies and Technology (3 hours)
MEDC 5000 Media Communications (3 hours)
MEDC 5310 Media and Culture (3 hours)
MEDC 5360 International Communications (3 hours)
MEDC 5370 International Media Literacy (3 hours)
Students who are interested in applying to this degree program
should also see the Admission Section of this catalog for general
Admission Requirements
• Undergraduate grade point average at least a 2.5 GPA.
• Official transcripts of previous undergraduate coursework..
• Essay: What motivated you to seek this program? Based
on the degree's program description and candidate learning
outcomes, how do you think your participation in this program
will help you accomplish your personal and professional
Send all required documents to the following address:
Webster University
Office of Admission
Webster University 2016-2017 Graduate Studies Catalog DRAFT