Media Literacy Minor 18 credit hours

Media Literacy
Media Literacy
18 credit hours
This program offered by School of Communications/
Communications and Journalism Department
• All courses for a minor must be completed at Webster
• Courses completed with a grade below C- do not count
toward fulfilling the requirement for a minor.
• Courses used to fulfill a major may not be used to fulfill a
requirement for a minor.
• No course counted toward a major can also count toward a
minor. If a student pursues a minor that requires a course
also required for the student's major, the student should
contact his or her advisor or the department chair to discuss
an appropriate substitution.
• Students may have a major and a minor within the same
department in the School of Communications; they may nor
major and minor within the same area of emphasis.
Required Courses
• MEDC 1010 Introduction to Mass Communication (3 hours)
And 15 additional credit hours from the following:
MEDC 1050 Introduction to Media Writing (3 hours)
MEDC 1630 Media Literacy (3 hours)
MEDC 2630 Media Literacy II (3 hours)
MEDC 3190 Introduction to Media Research (3 hours)
MEDC 3850 Television: A Critical Study (3 hours)
MEDC 4110 Media and Digital Culture (3 hours)
MEDC 4620 Senior Overview/Thesis (3-6 hours)
MEDC 4850 Seminar in Media Studies (3 hours)
Webster University 2016-2017 Undergraduate Studies Catalog DRAFT