Independent Work : Homework and Class Work for ENG IIA

Homework and Class Work for
2nd Pd:
4th Pd: Scott Johnson
Wednesday, August 14, 2013
5th Pd: Cheyanne Simmons
Independent Work :
Pick up the handout "Metaphors of Reading and Writing" from the bookcase at the front of the room. (You will
need to obtain a copy of this handout from the teacher as a digital copy is not available.)
Complete #1-6.
1. The worksheet is to help you think about what reading and writing has been like for you. You've already started this
process by answering #1-6. Now I want you to think about reading and writing as a metaphor.
2. Look at the following metaphors as examples, then complete #7-8 on your worksheet. When you are through re-fold
your paper in half and wait until everyone is finished.
Reading is a steep hill that is difficult to climb.
Writing is an experiment with the whole universe as its apparatus.
Reading is exploring a new world.
Writing is a game in which some rules are strict and some rules are lax.
3. The class was divided into groups to complete the assignment. You should read the directions on the back of the
4. The purposes of the assignment:
a) allows the class to get to know each other and create meaning through the conversations they have about reading
and writing
b) this is a way for students to express their feelings about reading and writing nonverbally - school often focuses on
only the verbal and it may be easier to express this in another way
c) it is the beginning of a conversation we to try to finish their posters by the end of class in preparation for
presentations tomorrow. All members of each group will stand and present their groups' posters. The beginning of
class will be used as a practice time to present for another group before presenting to the whole class.
5. If you missed class, you will need to complete a poster on your own of one metaphor for reading or writing. Then
you will need to present your work to the class.