Science Fair Project

Science Fair Project
Your science fair project should be something you are interested in so that you will want to
stick with it and investigate it until the end. The following need to be included in your project.
1. Question: Your question should be testable. You should not do a research project. You
should have variables and controls. Remember to change only one variable that you are
2. Hypothesis: This is what you think will happen during your experiment. This should be
detailed, and it may not be the exact correct answer, and that’s ok. Remember this is what
you think will happen.
3. Materials: List all the materials you use in your experiment so that someone else could
copy your experiment.
4. Steps or Directions: Write the steps you took to do your experiment. Be sure not to forget
5. Data: This is the information you gather. You will probably need a chart with your
information. If you do a neat job as you gather your data you can add the original chart to
your display. Your experiment may lend itself to making a graph. This can be created after
your data has been collected.
6. Pictures: As they say pictures are worth a thousand words. You will need to include
pictures of your experiment on your display board.
7. Results/Conclusion: What happened in your experiment? What did you learn in your
Display Board
You will need to display your project on a display board. You may purchase one from WalMart or you may use cardboard that you fold into a tri-fold board. Do not use poster board
because it is too flimsy. Below is a suggestion for what you may want your display to look like.
Use your imagination and be creative. Think aobut what will catch the judges attention.
Question or
Scatter pictures around to make it look nice.