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ENG 099
5 pages - Propaganda
Please use 12-point font, double-spaced, left hand justified. Papers that do not follow
MLA format will not be accepted, given back to the author, and considered late.
This essay is a Dividing and Classifying essay. You will choose ONE
commercial (TV, print, radio, or online) to analyze using Cross’ 13 categories of
Propaganda. You do not need to use all 13 of the tricks, only the ones that the
commercial uses. Remember the five important aspects of a successful Dividing and
Classifying essay outlined on the handout on Blackboard.
This will be considered a documented essay. The documentation is Cross’
“Propaganda” essay and the commercial analyzed. Use MLA citation guidelines, as
outlined in your textbook and on the Purdue Owl.
When you hand in your essay, you are required hand in ALL work done on the
essay, including outlines, peer-reviewed drafts, feedback, and the final version. This
needs to be handed to me in a two-pocket folder. Again, if it is not handed in this way, I
will give it back to you, and consider it late. On the last class before the final paper is
due, I will go over exactly what I expect in the folder. Any missing items will result in a
missed homework assignment or in-class assignment.
On the back of this sheet is a checklist for your essay. These are the BASIC
questions I will be asking when grading your paper. Do these then things and you will
PASS the paper. Do these things well, you will get a good mark on the paper. Failure to
fulfill one of the requirements does not mean automatic failure. Two missed criteria,
however, means that you did not follow directions, thus did not meet the requirements for
the paper, and will therefore fail the assignment.
ENC 1101
Dividing and Classifying Essay
1. Do I have ONE clear commercial that I am analyzing?
2. Do I have a clear purpose, explained in my introduction?
3. Have I effectively divided my categories?
4. Have I clearly explained/defined each category?
5. Is my paper organized logically?
6. Am I using effective transitions?
7. Do I have a Works Cited page with two sources (Cross’ essay and the
commercial) formatted to MLA standards?
8. Do I quote Cross and acknowledge my sources in the essay (MLA
9. Is my entire paper formatted to MLA standards?
10. Have I used proper grammar, tone and punctuation in my essay?