The term “Old or Ancien


The term “Old or Ancien

Regime” has come to refer to :

(What are) Huguenots:

King Henry IV stunned

France, Spain and the Pope by (doing or stating what):

(throughout history) French

Nobles and Clergy were technically responsible for payment of which tax?

There were essentially two types of taxes in France, the

Taille (a money tax) and the

Corvee- which was what kind of tax

One could say that during

Louis XV’s reign, that this person really ran France:

The first Estate of the Estates General was made up of the:

At the top of the peasant’s cahiers de doleances

(notebooks of complaints) presented to the king was (what was their number one complaint):

The Tennis Court Oath refers to an oath taken by the (who took it):

(what was the greatest fear in Paris) During the Great


The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen were declared by (what group):

Louis XVI was condemned to death on the charge of?

Robespierre got the Law of 22

Paririal, passed on June 10 of

1794, and it permitted:

(What did) The Concordat


The Battle of Trafalgar

(produced what fallout) for